Even a School Student Can Work in IT Sector

Work in IT

The classical thinking of people keeps an archaic idea that it is possible to get a new profession only after graduating from a relevant speciality in a higher or secondary educational institution. Especially, if you want to work in such a high-tech sector like IT. You can study if you have time, desire, and ambition. This is definitely a good and correct way. But not everyone has the same terrific environment. Are there alternative ways? Do we have to spend 4-5 years of life to become an IT specialist? Spoiler: not necessary.

The Pro-Papers team took interest in this issue and studied it in detail. For starters, let us tell about one very visual educational experiment, which was conducted by SibEGDE IT-company.

Ninth-tenth grade schoolchildren from the most ordinary, non-core schools were taken to the company for an internship and were dragged in for a month to test web and mobile systems. Candidates were chosen randomly from completely untrained adolescents who had a very poor idea of what people in IT companies were doing. Several mentors taught them a minimum, designed for a novice user, and practised on current projects of the company. They taught them to work with technical documentation, to make test cases for systems, to test the system using one of the research testing methods. This immersion was enough for schoolchildren to climb to the first step in testing – from ground zero to the junior.

None of the interns will tell you that it was easy. It took a lot of personal time, they had to learn a lot of information and complete tasks systematically. But everything is possible if you really want to learn and understand what needs to be done in order to move from the desire to act.

There are no strict rules that require a diploma of higher education when applying for a job in the IT field. Here, your competencies are important, and where you got them – in high school, on courses or studying video lessons independently – is no longer important. You will be interviewed to evaluate your knowledge and will give an input test task to test your skills. The answer is: yes, secondary education can be enough if you really want to work and are ready to study on your own. And also it is important to learn constantly because the IT sphere is one of the most dynamically developing and, in principle, involves continuous learning.

IT specialists pay a lot of attention to the personal qualities of an employee (the so-called soft skills), so intellectuals will come in handy here. There are also no age restrictions, you should have a desire to achieve the goals set. Thus, even a schoolboy has a chance to work in IT.

What IT branches are the best for beginners?

The lowest level in the field of information technology is a tester. And from this position, it is appropriate to begin a smooth climb on the IT elevator. This is indeed the most common scenario, and many start their careers with testers but do not forget that the field of information technology is very, very flexible. And often, it depends on the person where can he/she apply himself/herself.

A tester is a specialist who tests software and looks for errors in his work – bugs, controls the quality of the product after its development.

What is expected from a beginner:

  • Theoretical knowledge of the testing process;
  • Understanding of principles of client-server applications;
  • The desire to learn and improve;
  • Your readiness to focus on the project.

Where to start from?

In general, there are three ways:

1. Long Way.

Go to secondary special or higher education institution for a speciality like “software engineering”.

Pros: this way will allow you to become not only a tester but also to go further.

Cons: the path is long, it can take from two to five years. Not for everyone.

2. Take courses for testers.

You can take them online or with attendance. There are a lot of options.

Pros: you save time on training, courses last an average of one or several months. You can practice in parallel.

Cons: a large load, a lot of information, tasks, and after the end will require further self-education.

3. To complete an internship in an IT-company.

Pros: real immersion, mentoring help, a lot of practice, the ability to stay working.

Cons: not every company takes interns, you need to search, and also have plenty of free time.

If you become a tester, then you will always learn something new. It will never be like this: if I’ve finished studying, so I’m a tester, I don’t need anything else. Here you need to master something new all the time, this is a daily work. Some testers read more than 40 work-related books a year. Finding courses for self-development is also very important. It is better to choose from large companies, there are several major ones.

The tester occupies the lowest level in the hierarchy of IT-professions, but in vain. After all, the profession is undervalued. It is worth looking at least at the growing need for testers. At the same time, even in specialized universities, this speciality is not taught. But there are so many opportunities to get a profession and develop in it. It remains only to start doing something!

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Is Outsourcing IT a Good Business Move?

Outsourcing it

As a business owner, the term ‘IT’ often inspires feelings of terror when it comes up for discussion.

Of course, IT itself isn’t scary – but when you’re thinking about starting or a growing a business, the price tag that comes attached to the networking infrastructure you’re likely to need can often be hair-raising.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can outsource your IT requirements – the most common of which involves employing the services of a managed service provider (MSP).

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits associated with MSPs – so you can get a feel for whether outsourcing some of your IT requirements to one would be a good fit for your organisation.

A service that’s right for you

When you choose to work with an MSP, you’re going to get an IT support package that’s right for you.

Most MSPs can step in to help as much or as little as you wish. Are you a startup looking for a ground-up network design, procurement and installation service? No problem. Are you an established business with an in-house team who need a little support? Again, no problem.

MSPs will base their service around an SLA – or Service Level Agreement. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to your business IT needs, so making sure you sit down with your MSP to work out what this SLA looks like is an important part of the process.

The other great thing about an SLA is that it allows you to outline what the most important IT is for you. If you’ve got mission-critical systems that you can’t have down – even for a few minutes – then you can make sure your chosen provider formally acknowledges that.

No costly recruitment drives

Taking on an IT team is often very costly. That cost tends to begin with the actual recruitment process.

With an MSP, you sidestep this whole issue. You may very well have to have some high-level meetings between your decision makers and the MSP – but you won’t have to go through the formal recruitment process.

If you don’t see an immediate benefit to this, then it’s worth considering some numbers. Studies show that a combination of agency fees, lost director time and background administration often costs a business in excess of $10,000 for a single recruitment drive. That’s the kind of saving that most organisations love to make…

No training and accreditation costs

As well as costly recruitment, IT teams come with a unique set of training and accreditation requirements.

Depending on the systems and hardware you use, your IT team will only be able to maintain them if they hold the right qualifications. Somewhat predictably, those qualifications are often time intensive and costly – meaning there’s lost employee hours to go along with your training and development costs.

Using an MSP doesn’t negate the requirement for these qualifications – it simply passes it to the MSP to handle. Since your chosen MSP is going to offer you a monthly cost for their services based on the SLA you agree, you’ll find there’s nothing additional for you to pay – just a group of highly qualified people who’ll manage your IT.

24/7 service – when you need it

You might glance at the term ‘24/7’ and think it’s totally unnecessary for your business requirements – and if it is, that’s fine – but often, business IT requirements don’t sleep – so you’ll need a team that can attend to it around the clock too.

With an in-house team, this is an extremely costly measure to account for. A 24-hour staffing cycle requires a large team – but, with an MSP (who’s likely to be providing this staffing cover for other clients too) – 24/7 isn’t likely to bump your price up a great deal. If you can’t afford to drop the IT ball, then an MSP will make sure you’re always-on.

Ever-evolving best practice

There’s a significant difference between in-house IT specialists and MSPs – but few people consider it when they’re thinking about who to hire.

The reality is that when you employ an IT member of staff, you cut dead their broad range of working experience. Of course, that’s not to say that they won’t continue to learn with you – but their experience becomes more focused on just your systems.

This has its upsides – but when you’re growing, it’s extremely useful to have a wide range of experience, so you get the very best IT solution for your business – rather than what’s the ‘obvious’ or ‘easiest’ route to go down.

With IT, there’s tremendous value in being able to think ‘outside the box’ – and with hundreds of clients with a massive variety of systems, that’s exactly what an MSP will offer.

Support – before you know you need it

Although we’ve just talked about 24/7 support needs – not all companies require this level of hands-on support. Since an IT network doesn’t get shut-down on a Friday evening, just having some network monitoring systems in place is adequate to cover for your infrastructure.

If you’re starting out with an SD WAN infrastructure, this kind of distance support is easily delivered – as network engineers will rarely need to roll up their sleeves and come to your site. The result? You’re far more likely to walk into to your office on a Monday morning to find a “we had a problem but it’s fixed” email – rather than discovering your network is down and needs immediate attention.

A predictable IT outlay

We started this article talking about money – and the terror that snowballing IT costs can create when you’re reviewing company finances. It’s fair, therefore, to highlight exactly how MSPs remedy this common issue – and it comes back to the SLA.

Your SLA creates the price you’re going to pay your MSP. They’ll deliver the service you need – and you’ll pay the amount of money they charge – simple – but surprisingly uncommon in the world of IT. Think about an in-house team for a second – there’s a huge number of variables that can dictate an unexpected larger spend than you hoped for – including resignations, sickness, holidays, and so forth.

With an MSP, you get a predictable outlay and a stellar service in return. As any business owner knows, there’s a lot to be said for consistency of service and predictable costs. If these things sound enviable to you, it might be the right time to start considering getting in touch with the right MSP.

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Quality Assurance in Fintech Done Right

AI in fintech

In any software development project, whether it follows Waterfall or Agile, there is always some level of quality assurance (QA) that is performed. QA is an umbrella term that is used to cover software testing, code review, and requirements review. Every industry needs QA as part of their software development process, and Fintech is no exception.

How Software QA Is Done

Quality assurance follows a standard flow. This process begins with business analysts gathering and confirming the requirements of the customer or the business. Based on the requirements, QA engineers draft a Test Plan. Once the customer approves it, QA specialists proceed with Test Scenarios and Test Scripts. These documents contain the specifics on what will be tested, and how it will be tested.

The next step is the actual testing process. Testing can be done manually or automatically, by the users or professional testers. If they detect any issues (also called bugs or, more formally, defects), testers share their findings with the development team who created the software. The developers work out those bugs and the change is sent back for testing, which is referred to as re-testing. The final step for the QA team is writing a test summary that contains the general test results and is provided to management.


Quality Assurance in Fintech

Fintech is a niche market of software, which has its own unique QA specific. Certain items have a higher priority for testing in Fintech than in other industries. The items that are higher on that list are security, integration, and data processing. The reason lies within the very nature of financial applications.

The fact that financial institutions manage personal and financial information of their clients drives the need for additional requirements. There is also the impact of federal regulations related to the protection of financial information that must be considered by a fintech software tester, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in the United States.

The general QA cycle includes requirements gathering, unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. In the realm of fintech software, these areas of testing are still applicable.

Testing in Fintech

Once you get into the nuts and bolts of testing the software, bugs or issues may be discovered. The software testers and quality assurance analysts will test using the approved test scenarios and test scripts to review the processes, security, and data integrity of the software. There are various sorts of bugs or issues that may arise. In the fintech niche, there are certain things to look out for. Keep an eye out for these types of bugs or issues and write tests that look for them. Some examples are:

  • Did any numbers transpose?
  • Is there any missing data?
  • Did all the data transfer to the other software that it needs to?
  • Can a person who does not have the correct security to see information see it?
  • Can a person see all the information they need to?
  • Is the data updated instantly when you make a change?
  • Can you access the information on a mobile app?
  • Is the application user-friendly?

This list is by no means complete, we can continue to add to it for days to come. However, the goal of a QA effort is to make sure that the biggest bugs are caught prior to the software going out to customers and this is a great start. This is also referred to as the 80/20 or Pareto rule.

Role of the Business Owner in Quality Assurance

As the business owner of a fintech software application, you will be asked to play a role in the quality assurance process. The areas that you may be involved are key to the success:

  • Approvals. During the planning of any testing, approvals are required. The approvals are typically for the Test Plan as well as the Test Scenarios (what processes are going to be tested). At the end of the testing process, you may be asked to sign off on the results.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT). It is one of the final testing phases. This is where we bring in actual users of an application to test it out either using a written script or asking them to use the app as they normally do during the course of their work. You may be involved in this as a tester or as an advisor.

As the business or product owner, you have a keen interest in making sure that the bugs are eliminated from the application before it goes out to the customer. The QA process works to make sure these bugs or issues are discovered. But, we can do things to make sure that the process goes smoothly, and we catch these bugs or issues. And you, as the business owner, play a huge role in this.

Working in concert with the Quality Assurance team to create a test plan, test scenarios, test scripts, participating in user acceptance testing, and being present for review sessions with the project team we can safeguard the software from the biggest bugs or issues. In one of our fintech testing projects, the genuine involvement of the customer in the testing process helped the team to complete the task faster thus saving time and money.


The quality assurance process cannot find every bug or issue during the testing process. There is not enough time for that, and that is not the goal of the quality assurance process. The goal is to create confidence in the software prior to it being released. This allows the developers to find the root cause of the bug and fix it.

The confidence that the business or product owner has in the software is key to a successful quality assurance effort, which leads to the customer having confidence in the product. By concentrating on the biggest categories that are mentioned above and participating in the process from the planning on down to the user acceptance testing, a great software can be released

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How Crowdsourcing Can Improve Your Business


While crowdsourcing has become a hot topic as of late, the idea is really nothing new. In fact, Wikipedia was one of the first to employ this concept nearly two decades ago. Today, the website is one of the largest and most well known online. However, crowdsourcing isn’t just a way to build a not-for-profit website. It can do wonders when it comes to innovative changes to businesses in just about any sector.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

According to Google, the definition of crowdsourcing is:

The practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the internet.

This means that crowdsourcing is nothing more than using the opinions or skills of a large crowd of people to accomplish a goal.

Crowdsourcing In A Corporate Sense

Crowdsourcing is used by various websites today in order to build content. Seeking Alpha does it to bring valuable investing content to readers. Facebook built the world’s largest social network, the content on which was all created by the crowd. The examples of websites using this concept could go on and on. However, what about corporations? How does a company benefit from the employment of corporate crowdsourcing? Here are some examples:

  • Employee Suggestions – Few know what customers are looking for better than the employees that serve these customers directly. Several corporations take advantage of this knowledge by asking for employee suggestions. These suggestions could have to do with customer service, product features, new products entirely and more. By sourcing these ideas through employees, corporate management teams can get detailed insights as to what they could be doing better.
  • Customer Crowdsourcing – Customer surveys are a great way that corporations can use crowdsourcing to their advantage. At the end of the day, it’s the customer that keeps the business alive. So, there’s no harm in asking customers what you could be doing better, what features they’d like to see, and what products they are interested in purchasing. In fact, various fast-food giants like Taco Bell and McDonald’s use crowdsourcing via surveys on the backs of receipts to see what they could be doing better for their customers and unlock opportunities for growth.
  • Service Providers And Other External Stakeholders – Service providers and other external stakeholders in your business likely have ideas that could help propel your business to the next level as well. Enlisting the help of this crowd could open the door to further opportunities.

Examples From Successful Corporate Crowdsourcing Initiatives

There are several examples out there, but some of the most impressive examples of what can be achieved through corporate crowdsourcing include:

  • WAZE – WAZE is a mapping application that promises to show you the fastest way to get from point A to point B at any time of day. The app pulls speed data from users that take advantage of the app to figure out where traffic jams are and provide routes around these jams. The app also benefits greatly from users by asking them to report accidents and other information that can be useful when travelling.
  • McDonald’s – Back in 2014, McDonald’s decided to use crowdsourcing to launch a campaign and produce new menu options. With their Burger Builder campaign, the company allowed customers to build what they viewed to be the perfect winner. They even went as far as to ask users to create advertising campaigns, viral video and other content to go along with the burgers. Then, the country would vote on which burger they wanted. McDonald’s launched a few of these burgers, providing a picture of the creator and a short bio with them as payment. With no money paid out, countless pieces of viral content were created, further expanding the company’s already impressive brand.
  • Starbucks – Finally, Starbucks launched My Starbucks Idea a few years back. The website is dedicated to nothing more than mining ideas from their customers, employees and others who are interested in sharing. While the company hasn’t said just how many of these ideas were used in their products, it’s likely that they have led to at least a few successful products at this point.

The Takeaway

Often times, corporate management teams bat ideas across the conference table, hire experts, and spend massive amounts of money to come up with the next big idea. However, crowdsourcing is changing the way some management teams create their next big hits. By employing the power of the crowd, corporations are not only taking advantage of compelling ideas offered up by their customers, but they’re also turning these ideas into innovative new products and concepts that propel their businesses to the next level.

(Image Courtesy of Pixabay)

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The Best Health-hacking Smart Jewelry


Smart bands and watches tend to become universal accessories for people who want to track their vitals and stay healthy. But not everyone is into high-tech and urban styled wrist adornments. Luckily, companies introduce connectivity to a wider selection of wearables to make vitals tracking and control even more comfortable, fashionable, and personalized. This is where trackers and sensors are becoming the work of art, placed into crystals, leather, precious metals, and wood.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the most interesting connected accessories.

Motiv ring

The unisex titanium Motiv ring is designed to accompany its user 24/7 due to sizes comparable to a plain ring. Coming in rose gold, silver, and slate grey colours with 7 different sizes to fit any hand, it is as subtle as one wants it to be – the minimal design doesn’t expose its IoT capabilities.


The Motiv ring is waterproof up to 50 meters or 165 feet, which allows its users to easily bath, work out, swim, or hit the beach without bothering to take it off first.

Feature Showcase

For such a small device, Motiv is quite powerful. It comes with a mobile app to get the readings and translate them into valuable insights. In particular, Motiv can continuously track:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Heart rate in active and resting states
  • Burned calories
  • User’s activity type
  • Active minutes

Wait, no steps or step goals? Well, AHA, HHS, and CDC recommend everyone to have at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week to stay healthy. Based on that, Motiv designers decided to go for active minutes instead of steps to better assist the ring users in avoiding chronic diseases and improving their cardiovascular health.

Bellabeat Leaf pendants

Bellabeat’s ethos is nature-inspired and targeted at women’s health, energy, and mindfulness improvement. Its smart Leaf jewellery comes in several designs made from eco-friendly materials and doesn’t really look like tech.


Feature Showcase

Bellabeat Leaf jewelry offers convenience, customization, and personalization at every level, from its design to health monitoring and energy management abilities. First things first – it doesn’t require charging at all. After 4-6 months in use, its battery should be simply replaced.

This smart wearable is accompanied by a simple yet multifunctional mobile app that synchronizes the collected readings to provide information on the users:

  • Sleep duration and quality
  • Calories Burned
  • Steps were taken
  • Distance travelled
  • Active time
  • Period, fertility, and ovulation
  • Current and future stress levels

Additionally, the app provides meditation guidance and breathing exercises, tailoring the session to the user’s sleep patterns.

Embr Wave bracelet

Embr Wave stands out from the row of many wearables being more on the controlling than tracking side. It is a unisex-designed and slick-looking temperature tracking bracelet with aluminium sink and magnetic wristband for comfortable wear created by MIT developers.


Feature Showcase

Embr Wave is paired with an iOS app that helps the user to personalize this portable thermal control device. Here are the available options:

  • 16 levels of temperature settings
  • 2 warming modes with 5- and 30-minute sessions
  • 2 cooling modes with 3- and 30-minute sessions

The bracelet uses thermoelectrics and customized algorithms to send warming and cooling waves and make the user more comfortable in the office, during a walk in a chilly day, on stuffed public transport, or pretty much anywhere else. It might be especially useful in stressful situations, such as during an interview, or for people who are frequently flying or tend to catch a cold too easy and too often.

Joule earring backing

We must say that Joule creators took the idea of making health trackers subtle and personalized even further, designing the earring backing that would fit any ear adornments making them smart. It is now only available for pre-order but shows significant potential in revolutionizing the wearable health monitoring market. It can fit practically any person who wears earrings, no matter the style.

Feature Showcase

Joule is small yet capable. In particular, the device allows for:

  • Continuous heart rate tracking
  • Calculating calories burned
  • Measuring activity levels
  • Identifying steps are taken

Being only 18mm in size, this earring backing is so small that it can be comfortably used during basic daily activity, workouts, jogging, and partying.

Joule apps: Android | iOS (not yet released)

Get ready for health-hacking

Even though smart jewelry is a young trend, it gains traction, and we anticipate it to become booming along with more conventional wearables. Based on Itransition’s experience in healthcare software development, we anticipate that they may become the next step towards comfortable and personalized health monitoring.

We would like to know your opinion – what do you think about smart jewelry, what’s your personal favorite device, or what do you currently use. Please join the conversation in the comments.

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Immotion Sets Out to Conquer the World with Virtual Reality Expansion

growing tech industries VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is transforming the world as we know it. Having been initiated on an elementary promise of reshaping the reality just by putting on the goggles and getting lost in an alternate universe, the escapism behind the general idea of virtual reality has been mainly implemented in the world of gaming and entertainment.

The long-term impact of Virtual Reality is hard to put a finger on and a mere sneak peek into VR’s medical application is a scratch on the surface of the industry’s potential. Education, robotics, travel industry or even space exploration are standing in line to join the healthcare and specifically online gaming as a main VR beneficiary.

What was once an unimaginable prospect is shaping up to be a tangible reality that in 2018 is beginning to reach its tipping point, both in the gaming sector and on a more global scale. After years of research and development, Virtual Reality (VR) is knocking on the door of commercialism.

Driven by consumerism VR is heading towards the global stage with numbers to support the reasoning behind it for the less enthusiastic, Virtual Reality is here to stay. As reported by CCS Insight, with more than 24 million devices to be sold in 2018 alone, Virtual Reality (VR) has a potential to become a $4 billion-plus industry in just three years and gaming seems to be the first to embrace the potential.

In one of the latest market updates it has been reported that Immotion Group, as a team of world-class CGI experts set to reshape the creative aspect of our everyday life with use of state of the art motion platform technology, reached an agreement with Rank Group Plc which includes the introduction of its Virtual Reality (VR) machines in a number of company’s casino venues.

Rank Group will go forward with a new car racing simulator at Grosvenor Casino in Manchester while a wider implementation of the partnership deal will see a broader introduction across the United Kingdom, where Rank Group operates the total of 54 Grosvenor Casino sites. This deal is just another confirmation of how popular virtual reality casino games are becoming today and Immotion Group is making sure to grab its place at the forefront.

In addition to penning a Rank Group deal to enter the United Kingdom market, Immotion Group is setting foot in the Middle East with Al Hokair Group partnership. Al Hokair operates no less than 79 entertainment centres and 34 hotels in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and under the terms of this deal Immotion Group will open a VR Experience Centre in Abu Dabi before going into other locations as well.

New Experience Centres will also be added in the United Kingdom, with Immotion Group planning to take the entire number to 12. The centres will be based in Glasgow, Newcastle, Wembley Park, Swindon and Birmingham, all expected to be open before 2018 ends.

The global agenda behind the Immotion Group’s expansion plan has been already announced through the opening of the Experience Centre test site in Los Angeles, which is the company’s first foray into the United States market.

With new partnership in the UK and in the Middle East, Immotion Group is taking the entire number of VR installations from 105 to 191 which is an increase of 82%, which stands as a clear indicator of a growing trend hardly anyone will be able to stop.

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What are the Fastest Growing Modern Business Sectors?

business sectors

Fastest Growing Modern Business Sectors

When it comes to starting a new business, inspiration and hard work can only take you so far. If you’re going to achieve the kind of dramatic business success that you dream of, then it is also important to be targeting the right sector. You might have a fantastic business idea and boundless determination to succeed, but if the sector you’re operating in is stagnating, you won’t be able to fulfil your dreams. To help you get a good idea which industries represent a solid investment when it comes to funding your new business, here is a brief guide to the fastest growing.


For many people, the idea of watching others play video games competitively sounds slightly strange, but the development of the e-sports industry, from humble origins, has been one of the most remarkable business developments of the last twenty years. There were video gaming competitions as long ago as the 1980s, but it is the arrival of the internet that has supercharged the E-Sports concept, creating a global phenomenon, in which thousands of professional gamers compete in hundreds of tournaments, with prize money running into the millions.

Such is the success of Esports that global corporations are increasingly keen to invest in the industry, sponsoring individual players, teams and competitions. In 2014, multinational giant Amazon bought Twitch, the live video-game streaming service for an astonishing $970 million. In the US, the college sports body, the NCAA is looking into supporting collegiate Esports, and it is possible that major professional leagues could also announce Esports tie-ins.

All of this means that there is a rapidly growing demand for new companies in a range of eSport related areas, from in-game analysis to player scouting and eSport news. To succeed in this industry, a degree of international business expertise is important as the Esports market is truly global and spotting new trends in game popularity is another component of Esports success. But for those who can establish themselves, the future of the Esports industry appears to be bright.

Online Gambling

Another business sector to have benefitted from the internet revolution is gambling. Previously the domain of often long-established betting companies, the online gambling boom has enabled thousands of new gambling businesses to set up, and as gambling technology has developed to offer innovations such as mobile gaming, social gaming and live online casino games, nimble betting start-ups that have been able to spot trends have thrived.

Associated with the gambling companies are other operators offering ancillary services, such as odds comparison sites and player-focused sites like While the legality of online betting can vary from country to country, there is an overall trend towards increasing deregulation and relaxation of gambling laws, with the most notable example being the May 2018 Supreme Court decision in the United States, which effectively legalised sports betting in that country, leading to a scramble by betting industry companies to maximise their market share in a fledgling sector.

Influencer agents

The growth of social media sites has led to an entirely new class of celebrity, whose careers are built on vlogging and other social-media related appearances. Some of the young people who have made their name through social media can boast huge fanbases and a high degree of marketability, particularly among the millennial demographic.

The phenomenon of social media stardom has resulted in many internet celebrities monetising their fame by popularising products or services, becoming ‘influencers’ whose recommendation can provide a huge boost for any company trying to raise the profile of its product. And influencers, in turn, are increasingly relying on agents, to negotiate the best deals and to maximise their profile.

So, for those entrepreneurial individuals who are in touch with the social media world, and are confident about their ability to spot potential, setting up as a social media influencer agent can pay dividends. It is a competitive field, and there are a number of well-established agencies operating in this sector, but with the revenue from the influencer industry forecast to reach around $10.8 billion by 2022, according to IBISWorld, the potential in this sector is enormous.

Artificial Intelligence

You can’t have failed to notice that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is big news right now. What was once the preserve of far-fetched news stories about a far-off future of robot domination is now a reality, and AI is starting to affect every sector of the economy, from car manufacture to accountancy.

And for start-ups in the AI sector, these are exciting times. In 2014, Google bought UK AI company Deep Mind for $400 million, and there have been a string of similar acquisitions as major corporations try to harness the benefits of AI technology. This trend is likely to strengthen with time, and some predictions suggest that as many as 70 percents of all companies in the global economy will be using at least once type of AI technology by 2030. So, whether its intelligent refrigerators that can order your weekly shopping or self-driving cars, the AI sector is sure to offer countless opportunities for new and ambitious start-ups over the next few years.

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Social Media Predictions for 2019 – What We Can Expect

social media

In the volatile social media market, platforms can skyrocket in popularity or sink without a trace surprisingly quickly.

In 2018 the most dominant services have not changed significantly, but looking ahead to 2019 it seems likely that there could be quite a bit of an upheaval on the horizon.

Here are a few poignant predictions for the year ahead, highlighting the trends and events that will shape social media in the near future.

Twitter Will Face Troubled Waters

While its user numbers have somewhat stagnated and its platform is taking a pounding, the challenges facing Twitter will not get any easier to overcome in 2019. In fact, it could face even tougher scrutiny from regulators and politicians, as well as from its devoted fans, unless it makes some major changes.

Complaints about the corruption of the timeline by tweets from people that users don’t follow are just the start. It continues to face criticism for the way that it handles abuse, as well as the means by which it may have been hijacked to distort political debates and even interfere in elections.

Even if upstarts like Mastodon seek to dethrone Twitter or profit from the potential exodus of its users, it still seems like a vital part of the social media conversation at the moment. That could change if its decision-makers do not do more to address its faults next year.

Of course, companies like Casumo are leveraging this platform effectively to engage with customers and attract new users. You can follow them on Twitter to see why there may well be a ray of sunshine peeking out from behind the dark clouds that hang over this particular service.

Instagram Will Keep Growing

While even behemoths like Facebook have seen growth rates reduced to a trickle, image-focused platform Instagram has proven that it is the king of engagement once more in 2018. It recently hit a billion active users and is projected to pull down $5.48 billion in ad revenue this year, when solely looking at its US performance.

What this means for rival services like Snapchat is uncertain, although it does seem likely that as Instagram monopolises more of the marketplace and also eats up more screen time for smartphone addicts, its power and value as a brand will only increase.

That is not to say that the company is without its own issues; the recent departure of one of its founders has raised questions about how well Facebook is managing its acquisition. Critics claim that Mark Zuckerberg’s team are meddling too frequently and could cause more disruption unless they take a bit more of a hands-off approach with the platform.

Instagram is unlikely to outgrow Facebook in the next 12 months, but its inevitably explosive expansion will surely raise questions about how much it even needs the stewardship of a company responsible for a social media service that has reached saturation point.

E-Commerce Integration Will Expand

Monetising social media has largely relied on ad revenues generated by promotional posts, but in 2019 there will be ongoing attempts to combine in-app shopping experiences with existing functions.

Snapchat has already announced the work it is doing to incorporate Amazon’s e-commerce platform with its Gen-Z oriented image and video sharing service. This will continue to be relevant in 2019 when people who use social media will have even more ways to buy the items that are being marketed to them without having to head to a different service to complete the transaction.

Addressing security fears will be necessary if social media sites gain greater access to personal, financial info. So perhaps it is also sensible to predict that unforeseen privacy scandals will emerge in 2019, once e-commerce integration gains momentum.

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Just how safe are those app downloads?

app downloads

This is the age of the mobile internet. Google saw it coming all of three years ago and started to prepare its mobile-first strategy, and the fact that 85 percent of UK adults now have a smartphone tells its own story.

A side effect of the smartphone age, however, is that we actually use web browsers far less than we used to. Critically assess your own mobile browsing habits and you will notice that the vast majority of time is spent using apps. Three years ago, this was as high as 85 percent, and today it is almost certainly higher.  

It’s an app-y world

That ad campaign from years ago with the tagline “there’s an app for that” has proved to be prophetic. There are well over three million apps on Google Play for anything and everything you can think of. More than 94 percent of them are free to download, so there is little wonder that everyone has gone a little app-crazy. After all, they cost nothing and when a globally recognised company like Google is involved, they must be safe, right? Not necessarily.

Malware found in Play Store apps

Of course, Google has security measures in place for screening the apps it makes available, but the instances of malware being found on its apps show that these measures are far from infallible. Last year, investigators found the HummingBad Android malware on 46 new apps. Shockingly, 20 of these were available to download from Google Play.

Once installed, the malware is able to download other apps and to automatically click on ads to generate revenue for its owners. HummingBad is also able to leave positive reviews for infected apps on Google Play, in order to make unsuspecting users more confident in the quality of the app and therefore more likely to download it.

Look beyond Google

Part of the problem here is that Google has cornered certain markets so completely that people have a tendency to forget there are alternatives. It has happened in the world of search, and, at least as far as Android devices are concerned, a similar pattern is emerging for apps. The truth is there are other alternatives, and often they are better and safer. A perfect example is the Uptrivial app store. For one thing, it is a convenient one-stop shop for those who use multiple platforms, as it contains both Android and iOS apps. The biggest advantage, however, is from a security perspective. Uptrivial scans every app for viruses and is actively on the lookout for HummingBad and other malware of this type.

Are you infected?

If you think your smartphone might be infected with HummingBad, there are several malware scanners out there that you can install, including household names like AVG and Avast. If they find the Malware, there is a simple solution, although it might not be one you like: The factory reset. There really is no better way of dealing with it, so if HummingBad is detected, back up everything you need and hit the reset. You will then need to reinstall all your favourite apps. Just think carefully about where you choose to download them from!   

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Top Ideas to Improve Your Instagram Advertising Campaign

instagram marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world and is used by hundreds of millions of users daily. Being an app that could make you famous worldwide, every person is trying to use it to achieve that success.

Instagram is an app that lets other people see your posts by following your activity. These Instagram followers, as they are called, like your pictures and can share them or show them to others. So, the more people see them, the more known you become.

People have started using this to either promote their businesses or personal campaigns or to simply show off what they consider to be worth knowing. Some even make money out of this. Thus, if you want to improve your advertising campaign, here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re reaching your target audience efficiently:

Post pictures that catch the eye in an instant  

In order for your account to become famous and gather a large number of followers, the content you post on it should be compelling, it should be original, and it should always stay true to what you’re trying to advertise. Do not post boring stuff or things that are not yours even more so if they are on a different subject that the one you are trying to promote.

Instagram ads can help you a lot

Think about investing in Instagram ads. This kind of tool should not be ignored because it might really help your campaign. Investing in these ads can help you promote your account on the platform, including on InstaStories, where more and more people are spending their time. Giving it time and patience will lead to a significant boost in your following.

Influencers are your friends

Influencers are the people who have already established a huge number of people that follow them. What these people promote and say in their posts is what their followers will consume in turn. Try to make friends with them and maybe they will, in turn, promote your page, which will skyrocket your campaign.

Validate what you’re promoting

When you’re doing a campaign, you should always give proof that what you’re promoting or what you are selling is indeed what you claim to be. Videos of this and statements from other people will need to be included in your advertising campaign.

Use Instagram tools in creating your content

The way in which you create your content will be seen in the number of followers you manage to gather. Using various Instagram tools that are available out there could enhance your content and make your campaign skyrocket.

There is a lot more than you could do when trying to promote your Instagram advertising campaign. These are only a few ideas to get you started but you have to find what exactly works for you. Once you’ve done that, success is guaranteed!

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What you need to know about Social Gaming Platforms


What is a social media platform?

The well known social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Even Myspace was popular back in 2005. Does anyone remember hi5 too? Where you could personalize your own social page, adding music from YouTube or creative glittery images? Well, these platforms nowadays, are adding games too. Facebook has numerous popular browser games like FarmVille, Candy Crush and so on. These games first started as apps on phones. The popular casino games, that started way back in a land-based casino, then evolved into online casino games, have also found a way into the social media platform. Facebook is the one that has integrated the most games, like slots, video poker, bingo or blackjack into their website. So what makes them so fascinating?

Casino Games and Social Features

Social casino games are mostly equipped with casino-related themes and rules.  Related to the casino, there is a studio called Ruby Seven Studios, that came out with some unique games. They work on the graphic content of casino games and companies like Konami, IGT and more seem to publish their creative works. Social casino games aren’t just about the games, there is also a community of people that are passionate about them.

Another well-known game developer company is Zynga which is mainly known by their work with Facebook. This gigantic social media platform is one of the main reasons why Zynga is so famous. Their fame came with the release of FarmVille and other slot and poker games. The game that blew up in popularity the most is Zynga Poker. It is found on Facebook and attracts players from all around the world who are familiar with poker. Zynga also offers a unique slot game called Wizards of Oz slots, where you can enjoy a classic story tale by playing a series of storytelling machines that change each time players hit a new level.

Slots Are the Favorite

Based around public online polls from different social platforms, in 2014 people voted that slots are the most favorite gambling games that are found in a regular casino. Slots are reached 48% while the second best game only 16%. We are not sure what’s the main reason that made people prefer slots but the fact that this game has short and easy rounds can be the answer. However, while slot games are on the first place of the player’s preference, social casinos demonstrate that poker is the player’s preference.

New Social Casino Platforms

With the rise of technology, new platforms have emerged that support casino games, especially slot games. These platforms help players find their preferred games and share their experiences with other players.

There are many online casinos that offer a wide variety of slot games with diverse themes and a unique feeling to them. Games like “Book of Ra”, ” Lord of the Ocean” and ” Shooting Stars” have been a few of the most played and most appreciated ones due to the fun graphics, sound effects and themes, which make them visually attractive and draw people in. These games usually have 5 reels giving you the opportunity to have a good combination with every spin.

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Finding the Best Secure Online Payment Options for Startups


Starting your own business is an incredibly bewildering experience. From finding the right talent to take you to the top, to attracting those crucial first customers, everything can feel like an intense competition. In the huge flurry of activity which accompanies those crucial first months of launching a business, people have a tendency to slip up and forget the little things, which, if left ignored, can completely sink your business model.

With a majority of transactions and payments now taking place online, ensuring that you have a secure online payment and deposit system for your customers is crucial if you want to succeed. There’s no shortage of providers and platforms out there, but here’s how to find the best ones for you.


Source: Pixabay

Security is Key

First and foremost, your number one concern should be security. By this, we mean not only the security of your own income and profits but also the security of your customer’s data and payment information. Your platform needs not only to be completely airtight but also well-known and reputable enough that the potential customer will have no qualms about using your site. Reassurance is the name of the game. All big and small businesses prioritize this, from e-retailers to online casinos. The fact that these days you can even place secured deposit money online in the casino shows how widespread the importance of secure online payments has become. Therefore, always opt for well-known, big platforms, and don’t cut corners by opting to use an obscure but cheap platform.

Making Your Business More Efficient

You want your payment platform to be something that speeds your business along, rather than adding to overheads or admin. Innovative platforms like Due allow you to make detailed analyses of your incoming cash flows, from country of origin to demographic, to timing. It also allows you to automatically create invoices, much in the same way that established platforms like Paypal and Venmo do, meaning that you’ll be able to keep on top of all your paperwork without having to hire an entire team of accountants to go over every little thing. A secure payment platform is more than just a necessity for your business, it’s an enhancement.

Look Out for Little Extras

It’s a competitive world out there, with various payment platforms offering all sorts of free add-ons in order to capture a larger market share. Make the most of your decision by combing the web to see which platforms offer the best bonuses for your business. For example, WeChat pay allows people to pay via instant message, a great gimmick for your business, while sites like Transferwise eliminate hefty international transaction fees altogether. Depending on how your business operates and who you’re targeting, there will be a platform which has the right little extras for you, so take your time browsing and choose wisely.

Secure payments are too important to gloss over. Your business will not be able to succeed without the right payment platform so follow these steps and you’ll be all set to make your business thrive.

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Why you should consider using a phone monitoring app


Are you responsible for managing your business? If so, do you have employees who are engaged in mobile phones related to work, for travel? If you do this, you may want to consider getting a cell phone monitor app included in it. If your mobile phone already has mobile tracking devices, but the tracking device is inactive, you need to think about it, Below are the reasons Why you should use a phone monitoring app.

One of the many advantages of the phone monitoring application on all your phones is that you will always know where your employees are. If your employees take their phones home with you, you are asked not to abuse cell phone tracking, but there are many situations where it can be within reach. Below are some of these examples.

A phone that works with the phone monitoring application can help you determine whether your employees are using their time in the right place. It is estimated that these workers lose billions of dollars, which each year abuse their working time. If your employee is forced to leave his workplace to take part in the standings or go around the clock, you can check his location to make sure that they are going. In this aspect, the phone monitoring application installed on your monitor can provide money every day.

Another example is when an app to monitor a phone can help your employees turn on a state of emergency. If this happened before, one of your employees went to a wreck at a business meeting on the road, and he was told that this is not so, you can send the application to your phone to find out your exact location and help you. Having a work phone with this phone, which controls the application in this aspect, can help not only your business but your employees. If your employees take their mobile phones with them at home.

If you are interested in providing all mobile phones with an app for monitoring, you need to get a credit for tracking your cell phone, if it is not already installed on your phone. You will also need to do business with a cell phone tracking company. This company will track all tracking movements, and a program that is often on the Internet will ensure that the cell phone works with them so you can see where all your employees are,

There are no spy entries. As expected, the application does not display the icon to show it on any device. Therefore, you must have hidden properties in the spyware application such as iPhone keylogger that will help you decrypt, touch or leave. The importance of using a completely hidden spy application cannot be completed. Another devastating effect of this discovery, some jurisdictions have banned the use of applications, and if there is evidence of sufficient evidence that they are responsible for espionage actions on others, they may be subjected to legal proceedings.

Once the application is verified, the settings screen is populated on the phone. This option allows the screen used to configure the monitor settings. After saving the settings page settings you can hide the application “spy”. There should be no indication that the application is enabled on the phone. If the software installer wants to update the settings, entering the 11-digit code on the target phone displays the application settings page.

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How to keep your family and employees safe from online fraud


Can you imagine your life without your favorite mobile apps? We are all very comfortable using various social media, messaging and shopping apps. It’s true that these apps have made our life so easy and connected but you can’t ignore the fact that there are so many bad things are being done because of them. Social media and messaging apps are being used for spreading false news, propaganda, scamming and even kidnapping.

If you are a parent then it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe from such influences. You can’t stop them from using a phone and their favorite apps but it’s always possible to monitor their online activities in order to protect them from any abuse or scam. There are various phone monitoring apps available in the market for this purpose. We’ve done our research about the best phone monitoring app and finally found fonemonitor.

What is Fonemonitor?


Fonemonitor is a software that can be used to spy data and information on other parties’ devices. It came up recently due to advancement in the technology sector. It can be used for monitoring messages, GPS location, calls, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, browser history, contacts, photos, video preview, capture screenshots and comes with a keylogger .

The app has gained more and more popularity due to its reliability and important functions in our day to day life. Fonemonitor has its functions ranging from home use to business. It can be used to monitor the welfare of our families as well as business at our places of comfort.

There has never been development in the technology sector such as the realization of this useful software. The warm welcome it received is due to its important functions and has influence may people to subscribing to using it.

How to use it?

The usage of Fonemonitor isn’t a big task since it requires small effort and a subscription fee to be able to use it. Here are a few requirements that are necessary for one to use the Fonemonitor software. It is made in such a way that it is compatible with many devices with an advantage that it does not require one jailbreak or root the target gadget. You can check the live demo here.

fonemonitor live demo
fonemonitor live demo

Before the onset of using Fonemonitor one has to register to have an account and pay a subscription fee then you are ready to go. To be able to spy data from target device you have to install the Fonemonitor on the target device of which the icon is not visible or be cleared after installation.

When should you use it?

The functionality of Fonemonitor to spy information and data from monitored devices depend majorly on the settings that you make such as how regular the spy is updated among other. It is a spyware app that is very important to families, companies and even for personal security. It is the easiest way to ensure the security of your teenage children who can access Smartphone or a laptop.

For the case of a family, it helps you monitor your kids whenever you are away from home. When the kids are using a Smartphone or a laptop you can track and know whoever they are chatting with them. You can also know if they are watching illegal movies or pornographies which may affect their behaviors at their early ages. Fonemonitor generally helps you maintain your family as a whole in a good relationship as well as ensure their security.

Tracking whatsapp using fonemonitor

If a company wants to monitor the work through understanding how the employees are carrying out their works, Fonemonitor is the best tracker to use. This will help the company owners know how daily activities are carried out by the workers.

It will also help maintain good relations between the employees and the employers through regular checkups using the software. This in return will ensure that the company runs smoothly. However, the employees should be much aware that whenever they are working in their offices they are under surveillance from the management.

Fonemonitor is also important for personal security in case of an emergency. Whenever you are subscribed to the software your phone will be secure in case of lost or if stolen. This is because the software can be used to track the location of the said device.

As much as we are saying that this software is very important in our daily lives and for our companies ethics must be considered for the same. The employees should be made aware that their devices are under Fonemonitor surveillance. This will give them confidence in their works since they are aware of the tracking system. The kids also should be informed of this tracking system though should not necessarily understand how you monitor them using the software.

Note: The software should not be used carelessly on personal data without permission from the person under monitoring. This app is an ethical software that requires an authorization from the person you monitor.


The spy software is a very crucial application in the current days since it performs the actions that the current generation is up to. The installation, as well as the use of fonemonitor, is very simple hence a larger number of people are in a position to use it conveniently.

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How Computer Screen Quality Impacts Your Daily Life

computer screen

Pay close attention to the desktop and laptop computer markets and you’ll notice that screen quality continues to be a key selling point. For example, when Apple announced its new line of MacBook Pros, the Cupertino, CA-based company was keen to highlight its True Tone display, which adjusts the lighting to ensure that the screen stays visible even in low lighting conditions.

Likewise, the selling point of Apple’s more recent line of iMacs is a 5K display, which boasts some of the highest quality visuals available. But what does all of this mean and can these beefed-up specs actually impact your day to day life?

Video Streaming

Millions upon millions of us stream video every day and you are likely one of them. YouTube, the video streaming platform owned by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is the world’s second-most popular search engine and people view more than one billion hours of content on the site each day. Paid-for streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now are all vying for attention, too.

One way in which these companies compete in the market is by improving the quality of their streams. YouTube introduced 4K live streaming in 2016, for example, while Netflix is expanding its lineup of 4K content (available with an Ultra HD subscription). But, in order to enjoy and appreciate this content, you’ll need a 4K quality monitor.

Online Gaming

Another immediate impact that a higher quality screen will have on your day to day life is if you’re an online gamer. While some game genres, including online poker, are optimized for PC and Macs of all screen qualities and capabilities (including in-browser poker and downloadable poker clients), you will still benefit from improved screen resolutions. The improved graphics should add to the atmosphere whether you’re playing Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, or any other variation of the game.

In some online games, though, such as League of Legends and Street Fighter 5, higher screen quality and visual fidelity is an absolute must. Frame rates allow you to understand what enemy characters are doing or planning exactly as it plays out, benefiting your reaction time and thus, your performance.

Professional Life

Many of us also use computers every day at work; whether that’s typing up reports, filling in spreadsheets or just responding to customer queries on Twitter and Facebook. Even if your work is more administration based as opposed to professional design work or photography which requires a greater range of colors in the display, your professional life could still benefit from an improved quality screen.

Specifically, Tom’s Hardware recommends going for a flicker-free monitor or a screen with low levels of flicker, at least. Some users may be particularly sensitive to screen flickering, especially if you spend a lot of time looking at a screen all day, so it’s an important factor to consider.

When buying a new computer or laptop, screen quality is clearly a massive factor. If you didn’t think it was important before, perhaps our guide above has made you think twice.

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How to get an Oculus Rift for free on DrakeMall?


Just as the news comes up, hardcore gamers from all over the world are getting addicted towards the Oculus Rift. There has been already a big buzz on the Oculus Rift and people from all over the world are getting addicted towards gaming and now the Oculus Rift is proving its worth. If you are willing to experience real gaming with the best VR kit available in the market today, the Oculus Rift is definitely one of the most preferable choices that you can get. The Oculus Rift comes along with a special ability to give you the appropriate feeling of dynamic gaming. So with this gadget, you can not only play your favorite game, but you can live the game!

Current Design

Comparing the Oculus Rift with most of the other VR kits, you may find only a few differences at the first glance. The gizmo composes of a similar visual with the shining black body. Apart from this, it is quite idea to the usual VR Kits in the looks. The Oculus Rift comes along with a very impressive outline known as the Crescent Bay. Also, the head tie has three different parts to ensure that you can get a comfortable fit. The weight of the product is very low and it is practically just around 1 pound. So you can ensure to carry or wear the product at any point of time. You can get headphones also connected with the product for better experience of your favorite games.


So, let us now compare the specifications of the Oculus Rift. Overall, every expert will find the Oculus Rift to be more seasoned VR than most of the individuals. It will definitely make you wipe out. Unlike the usual VR Kits, the Oculus Rift completely removes the eliminating judder. Apart from this, the product also comes along with an OLED screen and thus, it saves up a lot of energy as well.

The product also comes along with a more interactive pair of goggles to make it interesting. The internal specifications seem to be much more phenomenal. This is the reason why purchasing the Oculus Rift will only get you to the game and without any effects at all. It has an analyzer so that you can create the changes in visuals manually. Officially, any children above the age of 13 can use the Oculus Rift to play their favorite games. Most of the people will definitely try to get involved with the Oculus Rift for better options.


How DrakeMall Works?

The landing page of the site never neglects to inspire the clients with its effortlessness. Your initial move towards winning wonderful treats is to enroll yourself. You will have the capacity to find the Sign-Up button in the top-right corner. If you don’t wish to make another username or secret word simply signs in with your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account.

A total of 8 virtual cases will be introduced to you once you sign in. Each case will have a different arrangement of products. Post additions of assets simply select the case which you want to open and run with the spin. As mentioned over, fortunately, a prize is guaranteed for each spin.

You certainly are correct. Drakemall has dealt with this major right to win an Oculus Rift. For viewing the things in the coveted case you simply need to tap on the ‘Open Case’ button and you will be diverted to a page where you can see the rundown of marvelous things contained for the situation along with their market costs.

On the specific same page, you will see two buttons.  Yes! You can really attempt few spins first before going for the real ones.

How to Get Oculus Rift on DrakeMall?

If virtual the truth is something you’ve for a long while been itching to attempt, there’s no better option for newcomers on the market. How to get an Oculus Rift for almost free than anywhere else? It’s as basic as you’d like! Follow our instructions: sign in, include the required measure of assets, select the “Gamer Case” and snap “Open case”. That is it! We offer an awesome chance to get Oculus Rift for only $29.99. If not, you can at present get other extraordinary prizes from a similar case. Simply try it out and check how it works! is the best place to know how to get an Oculus Rift! Visit for more!


Every single spared prize that you can find in your inventory and offer whenever convenient for you. For things that you truly want, there is a conveyance option. You can ask for conveyance on the page of your account by applying your shipping information and paying 5 credits for each enrolled product. The help administration will contact you when you request it, and then you simply need to pause. Ordinarily, conveyance takes two to four weeks, depending on your location. The Support Group will likewise notify you of any changes in the conveyance status and will notify you of the tracking number. You can likewise contact them if you have any questions or suggestions.

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