How to get an Oculus Rift for free on DrakeMall?


Just as the news comes up, hardcore gamers from all over the world are getting addicted towards the Oculus Rift. There has been already a big buzz on the Oculus Rift and people from all over the world are getting addicted towards gaming and now the Oculus Rift is proving its worth. If you are willing to experience real gaming with the best VR kit available in the market today, the Oculus Rift is definitely one of the most preferable choices that you can get. The Oculus Rift comes along with a special ability to give you the appropriate feeling of dynamic gaming. So with this gadget, you can not only play your favorite game, but you can live the game!

Current Design

Comparing the Oculus Rift with most of the other VR kits, you may find only a few differences at the first glance. The gizmo composes of a similar visual with the shining black body. Apart from this, it is quite idea to the usual VR Kits in the looks. The Oculus Rift comes along with a very impressive outline known as the Crescent Bay. Also, the head tie has three different parts to ensure that you can get a comfortable fit. The weight of the product is very low and it is practically just around 1 pound. So you can ensure to carry or wear the product at any point of time. You can get headphones also connected with the product for better experience of your favorite games.


So, let us now compare the specifications of the Oculus Rift. Overall, every expert will find the Oculus Rift to be more seasoned VR than most of the individuals. It will definitely make you wipe out. Unlike the usual VR Kits, the Oculus Rift completely removes the eliminating judder. Apart from this, the product also comes along with an OLED screen and thus, it saves up a lot of energy as well.

The product also comes along with a more interactive pair of goggles to make it interesting. The internal specifications seem to be much more phenomenal. This is the reason why purchasing the Oculus Rift will only get you to the game and without any effects at all. It has an analyzer so that you can create the changes in visuals manually. Officially, any children above the age of 13 can use the Oculus Rift to play their favorite games. Most of the people will definitely try to get involved with the Oculus Rift for better options.


How DrakeMall Works?

The landing page of the site never neglects to inspire the clients with its effortlessness. Your initial move towards winning wonderful treats is to enroll yourself. You will have the capacity to find the Sign-Up button in the top-right corner. If you don’t wish to make another username or secret word simply signs in with your Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account.

A total of 8 virtual cases will be introduced to you once you sign in. Each case will have a different arrangement of products. Post additions of assets simply select the case which you want to open and run with the spin. As mentioned over, fortunately, a prize is guaranteed for each spin.

You certainly are correct. Drakemall has dealt with this major right to win an Oculus Rift. For viewing the things in the coveted case you simply need to tap on the ‘Open Case’ button and you will be diverted to a page where you can see the rundown of marvelous things contained for the situation along with their market costs.

On the specific same page, you will see two buttons.  Yes! You can really attempt few spins first before going for the real ones.

How to Get Oculus Rift on DrakeMall?

If virtual the truth is something you’ve for a long while been itching to attempt, there’s no better option for newcomers on the market. How to get an Oculus Rift for almost free than anywhere else? It’s as basic as you’d like! Follow our instructions: sign in, include the required measure of assets, select the “Gamer Case” and snap “Open case”. That is it! We offer an awesome chance to get Oculus Rift for only $29.99. If not, you can at present get other extraordinary prizes from a similar case. Simply try it out and check how it works! is the best place to know how to get an Oculus Rift! Visit for more!


Every single spared prize that you can find in your inventory and offer whenever convenient for you. For things that you truly want, there is a conveyance option. You can ask for conveyance on the page of your account by applying your shipping information and paying 5 credits for each enrolled product. The help administration will contact you when you request it, and then you simply need to pause. Ordinarily, conveyance takes two to four weeks, depending on your location. The Support Group will likewise notify you of any changes in the conveyance status and will notify you of the tracking number. You can likewise contact them if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Email Address Validation: What It Is and How It Helps Your Business

email marketing

What is an email address validation service?

Email validation plays a major role in what emails you or your clients and people on your mailing list receive. It is a system that determines exactly where an email is coming from in order to authenticate it. An example of how this works is your spam folder. If an email’s source cannot be definitively verified, it will end up in the spam folder or may be blocked which is known as a hard bounce. In worst case scenarios, your entire email account may even be blocked by email providers. Suffice it to say, this has a negative impact on your online presence and reputation and could cost you, customers.

email marketing

Email address validation services such as ZeroBounce are there to ensure that this does not happen to you or your company. They take care of your email list to guarantee delivery by concentrating on four main focal areas of email validation; an email bounce checker, spam trap and abuse email checker, A. I. email scoring, and catch-all validation system, and an email address list append function.

Email bounce checker

ZeroBounce email address validation service keeps your email list in good condition by removing invalid addresses which boosts your emailing reputation. By removing these unwanted addresses, your list is clean and therefore you are perceived as a trustworthy source for emails to come from. This, in turn, reduces the bounce rate, meaning more of your emails not only go through but end up in the regular inbox instead of the spam folder. The lower the bounce rate, the more of your emails will be read.

Spam trap and abuse email checker

Spam traps are used mainly by internet service providers. They are email addresses that appear to be real but do not belong to real people. Their function is to identify spammers in order to block them, meaning that if your email falls victim to a spam trap, it may be blocked. Abuse emails come from email complainers or abusers and can also negatively affect your email verification. By removing these two types of email addresses from your list, your emailing reputation is protected.

spam email pic

A. I. email scoring and catch-all validation system

This system uses artificial intelligence is used to rate the value of your emails. Email validity is scored according to the activity level to pinpoint risky emails based on their quality score. This gives you a better understanding of your email hygiene and saves you time and money.

Email address list append

This feature is there to add missing data regarding your email recipients. From basics such as name, age, and country to IP address, having more details about who receives your emails helps you know your audience better.

These four systems of email address validation work incredibly well to improve your email ratings and reduce your bounce rate. This is particularly important in email marketing, as you want to reach the largest possible target audience. Get full validation coverage by visiting and build your brand credibility. After all, the healthier your email list is, the more hits you will get.

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How Online Payment Methods Revolutionized the Betting Industry

online payments

The betting industry was initially a little slow to react to the rise of the internet but once the early adopters showed signs of success, there was a scramble for supremacy in the marketplace. Never before had the industry seen such a drastic change in the basic way that it operated.

Betting shops were no longer the focus of attention as bettors switched to the convenience of online betting portals. And with that change came new ways of paying.

For their online services to be a success, betting companies needed to give customers convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Initially, bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers were used. Some betting companies even sent out winnings by cheque!

But technology companies specializing in e-commerce identified that these methods were all designed for use in the physical retail environment and set about developing new streamlined payments methods tailor-made for online transactions.

A gap in the market

The idea of an online specific payment system was first floated by engineer Jeff Knowles in 1996. At the time, the number of people using the internet for everyday purposes barely justified such a system but with worldwide growth predicted, there was a rush to be the first to offer such a service.

Knowles’ system, Authorize.Net, was the first to be described as a payment gateway and is still used today handing $149 billion in transactions every year. Originally, it operated by collecting payment details via email or fax and processing them through third-party software.

The rise of PayPal

In 1999, the market was transformed by the introduction of PayPal. This was an even quicker system that allowed users to send money directly through the platform. Transactions could be completed almost instantly and funds could be withdrawn straight to a bank account.

PayPal becomes the payment method of choice for users of the online auction site eBay. The sharp rise in internet use around this time propelled PayPal to the forefront of online payment systems.

However, the betting industry was not quick to adopt the PayPal system. Instead, the need for high security and encrypted transactions made payment wallets such as Skrill and Neteller popular with bookmakers. These are still accepted today by bookmakers and online casinos such as Voodoo Dreams.


Image source: Pixabay

These systems became popular with punters with multiple betting accounts because they offered increased security, and payment details would only be held by the wallet provider, not by the betting companies.

The next wave of currency

Numerous other payment gateway systems have since appeared on the scene many bookmakers have now started accepting payments from cryptocurrency wallets. This means punters can now deposit and withdraws funds using bitcoins while enjoying the security and anonymity provided by the blockchain system.

Meanwhile, new financial technology companies such as Trustly and Zimpler continue to pave the way in developing faster, simpler and more secure payment gateways. Customers can now shop, send cash and wager online at just the click of a button from wherever they are thanks to the mobile implementation of these new payment systems.

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Why Log monitoring matters for better customer service experience

log monitoring

67% of customers are more than willing to switch lanes and move to other service providers immediately they have a bad customer service experience from your business. This means an issue such as your online platform taking painfully long to load without any changes will push customers away from transacting with your business. While it is mostly regarded as an afterthought, log monitoring can help reduce the instances of losing such customers.


A log is simply a digital footprint left behind after an interaction with your online network or even server systems. Depending on how you use the data, the kind of information contained in the logs recorded by your company can either make or break your business. For a wise company, investing in log monitoring solutions could mean a bright future for the business.

Here are four aspects that make log monitoring an essential part of conducting business:

Proactively Handle Upcoming Issues

In most cases, problems can be spotted from miles away. It is only when you aren’t paying attention that they might be the detriment of your system. By studying the logs of your online applications, routers, firewalls among other areas, you can identify any problem areas before they turn into a pain.

For instance, if you are monitoring your cloud-based applications using Amazon Cloudwatch and you notice a surge in the number of events produced, then this should raise alarms. The normal rate or events might be 300-400 messages meaning that recording 500 messages might be a red flag. You can choose to dig deeper into this issue and probably find looming problems such as viruses and react to them immediately.

Handle Customer Complaints with Some Insight

Complaints are among the most vital tools for perfecting your craft as such feedback allows you to cover any loopholes in your line of work, according to Survey Monkey. However, when not attended to immediately, the complaint can spawn an angry customer who might even spread the word about their dissatisfaction. Luckily, you can study complaints through logs.

Since the logs act as digital fingerprints, you can identify where the source of the problem is and the most probable remedy. Instead of using guesswork, the logs can help you study different trends in your business that can save you from havocs such as data breaches.

Improve Your Business

No matter how well your business has been doing, there will always be room for improvement to create more range between you and the competition. For instance, in case your website experiences a drop in traffic levels during Sunday mornings, finding a solution to reverse this will further work to fortify your business. With log monitoring solutions by your side, you can easily identify such loopholes.


Tactical and strategic business decisions will typically have to rely on well-informed research, and logs can provide you with just that. In fact, some records will offer you a fresh perspective of handling day-to-day operations in your business.

Regulatory Compliance

For companies that work in regulated industries, sticking to the set rules is paramount to avoid any legal issues that could affect their credibility as a business. For instance, if your company deals with medical devices, then holding medical data private is paramount, as noted by Info Guard Security. To monitor your company’s compliance, some regulatory systems might strongly recommend the use of log monitoring solutions.

The extensive recording and monitoring of your logs can provide the regulatory bodies with valuable details about any discrepancies in your compliance. Regardless of whether you conduct business in a regulated industry or plan to venture into one, investing in log monitoring solutions will help you stay complaint as well as build your brand credibility.


Happy customers will always mean booming business for you. Luckily, putting smiles on your customers’ faces is as easy as monitoring your logs to deliver tailored services. Consider investing in log monitoring for the above and more benefits.

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Evolution the Key to Gaming’s Future

gaming evolution

The original video games and video game systems were limited in reach and scope out of sheer necessity. While these first instances of games, even from the era of Pac-Man, proved to be incredibly popular, there simply did not exist the technological infrastructure to broaden their reach or to effectively combine their games with specific media outlets. Over the years, however, gaming has diversified and synergized into an enormous force which even exceeds films in terms of sheer profit, making $70.4 billion in 2017 vs the box office’s $35.9 billion. How have we reached this point, and what might we expect from these components of gaming going forward?

The First Steps

Diversification in media serves an important purpose, it helps generate additional interest in intellectual properties while at the same time adding its influence to another. Most commonly we have seen this with events like sponsored promotions, the types of which you would commonly see with a themed McDonald’s Happy Meal or toy range. As technology has continued to evolve, especially owing to the age of mobile as a viable media base, the range of potential diversification and synergism has increased to a level never before possible.

happy meal

Happy Meal?” (CC BY 2.0) by Nelo Hotsuma

Where We Are

At this point in time gaming is as synonymous with our daily lives as television was to our parent’s generation, and this is a pattern which can be seen through not just through traditional media diversification, but also through a growing trend of combining both hardware and media platforms. In broad terms, we have seen this in gaming with the concept of consoles and console exclusivity, but this is only the beginning. As illustrated by the forward-thinking but ultimately ill-fated Nokia N-Gage, a more advanced form of hardware and gaming cooperation was only a matter of time. Browser games have also grown vastly in popularity, with racing titles like a common go-to for curious players.



Today, this increased level of collaboration is perhaps best exemplified by the gambling sector. As one of the most consistently current forms of media, as we have seen with their rapid adoption of the internet and mobile based media, casino based games have never been shy to take a risk in jumping forward and, unlike the N-Gage experiment, this sector has been largely successful. Game developers are now pushing into untamed territory in their close relationships with actual parlors and the hardware within, as we have seen with Playtech’s games and their synergistic relationship with real-world business Buzz Bingo.

Primed for the Future

As is often the case when it comes to technological evolution, major developers can tend towards caution until the waters are fully tested. As newer examples of diversification and synergistic evolution not only work with developing the infrastructure but prove to be both successful and profitable, it is only a matter of time until these sort of relationships become standard.

Arcades, for example, or rather adult versions of what we consider classical video game arcades, have been making a comeback recently, aided by partnerships with breweries and game developers both. With the environment for this level of cooperation being healthier than ever before and the recent explosion in popularity in the internet and mobile-based media, the future is poised to achieve a new and revolutionary standard.


Arcade” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sumeetjain

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LED Lights – The Silver Lining of Jewellery Stores

LED Lights - The Silver Lining of Jewellery Stores

A jewellery store means so much more to the customers who enter it with big expectations. They could be looking for a wedding ring or an anniversary gift for their parents; each one with their own celebrations and festivities. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the jewellery stores to offer an ambiance that is both welcoming and relaxed.

While there are various factors that can enhance the ambiance, none can add a silver lining the way lighting does to a jewellery store. Perfect lighting not only illuminates the store but also creates a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere that boosts the mood of customers as well as the employees.  However, achieving perfect lighting is not an easy task. There are plenty of lighting solutions varying from pendant lighting to recessed lighting with each one of them having different functions. One needs to have knowledge about the suitable lighting solutions and how to utilize them to get the best output.

To help you understand the basics, here is a brief lighting guide offering important tips and suggestions on what kind of lighting solutions should be opted for specific spaces in a jewellery store. Read on!

Display Window

They say that the first impression is the last impression. While we cannot generalize the statement, but this one does matter when it comes to jewellery stores. The display window is an area which attracts customers by a mere look. Hence, one needs to put special emphasize while choosing lighting solutions for this area. To grab the attention of the customers, one can play with a creative mix of displayed products and the interior. Spotlights and recessed lights are perfect for display windows as they offer great visual details while keeping contrast on the windows intact. The high contrast creates an interest that can encourage and make the customer enter the shop.

Billing Desk

Another crucial area in the jewellery store is the billing desk which needs effective illumination that keeps up with the aesthetics of the surroundings and also improves the productivity of the employees. Pendant lighting can be used in this area to bring an aesthetical touch and infuse a stylish yet elegant atmosphere. If there is a table showcasing jewellery near this area, warm ambient lights can work magic in giving a comfortable feeling to the customer and they might a few more items to their shopping bag.

Light for Gold

Lighting options not just depend on the area but also on the products they are supposed to illuminate. One cannot use same LED lights for all types of jewellery. Gold, for instance, reflects light like a mirror and hence if small LED lights are directed at gold jewellery, the sparkle can create disturbance. To avoid this, one should choose luminaires that offer wide light distribution and give a natural illumination. It is advised that one should use a warm colour of light, around 3000 K, as it works great for illuminating gold jewellery.

Silver, Chrome, and Glass

Unlike gold; silver, chrome and glass jewellery need natural white light or colder light from 4000 K or higher, for attractive illumination. One can also use blue filters to enhance the icy feel of the glass jewellery. As they also reflect, choosing a combination of wider light distribution can be a good option. There are various brands in the market like Wipro Lighting that offer aesthetical LED lights that are in sync with the modern technology and give the best possible output.

Good lighting not just adds a dramatic touch to the interior of a jewellery store but also affects the mind of the customers. It makes them stay longer in the store and lead to higher sales and profit. Moreover, if one opts for LED lighting solutions, they can also cut costs as LED lights are highly energy-efficient.

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What Are The Penalties For Violating HIPAA Rules?


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been the law of the land in the United States since 1996 when it was enacted to help streamline the movement of medical records from one health care provider to another as people switched jobs.

In addition, HIPAA created a set of patient rights designed to protect people’s right to privacy in regards to their medical records. In 2003, HIPAA was amended by the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which outlined protected health information (PHI). HIPAA was further amended in 2005, by the HIPAA Security Rule. That update introduced new safeguard provisions for information stored or transported electronically.

HIPAA is governed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS). The Office for Civil Rights, a unit of HSS, enforces the rules and determines the financial penalties for violation, while the Department of Justice has jurisdiction over criminal penalties.

Protecting Patient Privacy

To fully protect that privacy, healthcare organizations were tasked with investing time and money in to not only putting safeguards into place to ensure that patient privacy was being respected. It also meant investing in education around the new HIPAA guidelines to make sure healthcare organizations were in strict compliance.

While HIPAA has had a definite impact on both healthcare organizations and their patients, it has definitely created an additional sense of security as it relates to patient privacy. Maintaining that security entails very real penalties if HIPAA rules and guidelines are violated.

Violations of HIPAA rules and guidelines are taken very seriously, and penalties include civil and criminal remedies. The Enforcement Final Rule added to HIPAA in 2006 also introduced financial penalties.

Defining HIPAA Violations


Spend any time around any healthcare organization, and you are sure to hear the phrase “HIPAA violation.” But what actually constitutes a violation of patient privacy rights?

Simply put, a violation occurs any time a HIPAA-covered entity fails to comply with privacy, security or breach notification rules. An individual or entity does not have to knowingly have breached protocol to be found in violation of HIPAA. Knowledge does have an effect, however, on the severity of the punishment.

A HIPAA-covered entity is any company or organization that transmits PHI.

  • Healthcare plan administrators
  • Healthcare clearinghouses
  • Clinics
  • Psychologists
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Nursing homes
  • Pharmacies
  • HMOs
  • Medicare and Medicaid

Penalties can be issued for any violation. Typically, violations are resolved through voluntary compliance, technical guidance or the acceptance of an entity’s updated plan to address the source of the violation.

HIPAA Financial Penalties

Violations of HIPAA to be punished through fines are defined by a set of classifications determined by how serious the offense is. They are broken down into four categories.

  • Category 1: A Minimum fine of $100 up to $50,000. Usually, the result of an unknowing HIPAA violation.
  • Category 2: Minimum fine of $1,000 up to $50,000. Category 2 violations deal with reasonable cause violations.
  • Category 3: Minimum fine of $10,000 up to $50,000. This category involves infractions due to willful neglect, but that was corrected within a certain time period.
  • Category 4: A Minimum fine of $50,000. These fines involve willful neglect that went uncorrected.

Fines can be enforced on a daily or per-violation basis, meaning that even Category 1 fines can add up if allowed to persist over time.

HIPAA Criminal Penalties

Just like the financial penalties, criminal punishments for HIPAA violation are separated into tiers.

  • If a healthcare-related entity knowingly obtained and disclosed PHI, there’s a possible one-year prison term and $50,000 fine.
  • If an entity or individual working for that entity lied in order to obtain information to be used inappropriately, there’s a possible $10,000 fine and 10-year prison sentence.
  • For any violation involving the intent to sell, transfer or use PHI for personal or commercial gain, or to do malicious harm, the fine can total $250,000 and 10 years in prison.

Criminal cases involving HIPAA violations have been exceedingly rare. The OCR usually chooses to directly address the causes of the problem in order to help organizations return to compliance.

For example, in January of 2018, there were over 170,000 HIPAA violation complaints registered with the OCR. Those complaints resulted in 871 compliance reviews, with 53 cases meriting civil financial penalties.

Avoiding HIPAA Violations

One of the best ways to avoid HIPAA violations is through automation. Taking the chance of human error out of the PHI communication equation is perhaps the best way for organizations to stay compliant.

Being completely transparent as to where patient data resides, and how that data is encrypted is also important. Organizations should also be upfront about who has access to PHI data, and how those privileges are maintained.

Author Bio

ken-lynch-reciprocity Ken Lynch is an enterprise software startup veteran, who has always been fascinated about what drives workers to work and how to make work more engaging. Ken founded Reciprocity to pursue just that. He has propelled Reciprocity’s success with this mission-based goal of engaging employees with the governance, risk, and compliance goals of their company in order to create more socially minded corporate citizens. Ken earned his BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.  Learn more at
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How Technology is Forcing the Evolution of Forex

blockchain programmer

The forex industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, as the online trading of commodities and currencies continue to rise in popularity. As such, the structure of the market has been forced to evolve, as a result of increased participation in the industry, highlighted by the rising number of brokers operating in the forex space. Execution within the market has also changed, as the forex market was traditionally dominated by dealer-to-dealer trading.


New technology, new products

We can expect further changes to take place in the future with more stringent oversight from the key global jurisdictions. The market nevertheless continues to be lucrative. Even with stricter regulations coming into force, we will inevitably see a number of new products developed in line with technological advancements in the area.

The fact that it’s so much easier to enter the forex market is largely down to the increasing number of services and platforms. This has partly been supported by advancements in technology, which have decreased trading costs, improved transparency, and increased the speed of transactions. As a result, electronic trading activity in the forex market has played a pivotal role and now accounts for 70 percent of daily turnover, compared to just 30 percent a decade earlier.

Instant access

Some of these platforms do more than simply enable trades and market research. For a new trader looking how to trade forex, for example, there are plenty of resources online such as IG’s trading academy. IG, which is essentially a trading platform for forex and other financial markets, offers an academy to help people learn before they trade. That’s another way in which technology has helped, as, rather than attend one forex seminar after another, many just repeating the same information, new traders can now learn in the comfort of their own homes, or even on the go on their mobile devices.

The Bloomberg Business Mobile App is another great example of how technology is helping to make today’s Forex trader more informed. It provides access to the global financial market, portfolio tracking tools, and market price data.

Technology can be expected to play an even greater role in forex in the future. The degree to which brokers adopt the very latest technological developments will be significant as they seek to increase their market share and grow their client base.

A mobile world

mobile world

“Apps iOS / iPhone” (CC BY 2.0) by microsiervos

In line with more general advancements in technology, the industry has shifted towards mobile trading, with more and more people using mobile apps. Developments in web-based payments are further facilitating the trading process. New technology has also enabled the frequent introduction of new products to the market, putting brokers in a good position as they can frequently increase client offerings and so essentially stay one step ahead of the competition.

With regards to regulatory changes, this is a positive development for the industry. More regulation means that regulated brokers who are proactive in following these procedures receive more credibility. They also offer benefits to the client, due to the increased protection and transparency within a regulated forex market. Ultimately, by embracing the very latest in technological advancements, brokers can offer their customers state-of-the-art platforms and advanced tools, giving them an efficient, fast, and continually improving trading experience.

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A Brief Look at Some of the Best Mobile Gaming Sites


Does the modern person really have the time to sit down and enjoy a casual game on their next-gen console or PC after a hard day at work? The recent data would suggest the answer to this question is no – the popularity of mobile gaming is on the rise and this is in part down due to the convenience associated with being able to enjoy your favorite games from your device on your daily commute or when you have a spare bit of time in your lunch hour.

However, with a plethora of mobile games floating around the internet and readily available at your fingertips, where do you start? Luckily, we’ve got the answer to that question covered too and below is a quick rundown of some of the best sites to visit where you can enjoy your gaming on the small screen.


This popular site has undergone quite the transition since it was set up in the early 2000’s but thankfully, the interface is now a lot more mobile friendly and is supported by most of the well-known browsers. In order to download one of many hundreds of games available (they’re free), you do have to register a username but it’s certainly worth it, especially if you’re looking to reconnect with a few older games from your past. After all, what is gaming without nostalgia? Right? Right.

Slots Heaven

For those who enjoy the innovative gameplay and an other-worldly style of graphics, this is certainly the site for you. As is explained in a professional opinion about Slots Heaven, there is a library full of progressive-themed slot games such as Silver Bullet and Batman and Catwoman Cash, while those who enjoy the more traditional games such as roulette and baccarat can enjoy higher wager contributions than other sites, as well as 100% bonuses and numerous welcome bonuses for new users. What’s more, the full compliment of banking options and other features are now all available on mobile and so your casino experience will simply feel like a miniature version of the one available on your desktop computer.

Home of the Underdogs

With a database which boasts over 5000 unique games, Home of the Underdogs may well be one of the most complete mobile gaming sites out there. Fans of classic, “out-of-print” games will especially love this site, with a number of retro games including Star Fleet and Age of Wonders available and ready to play on demand. Although the latest edition of the website doesn’t seem to allow game downloads, there is a handy search option which lists the places where you can download a certain title should you want to do so. Pretty neat.

Scouring the Net is Your Best Chance

With the modern mobile device now boasting the kinds of graphics and memory which can put some laptops to shame, there’s really no reason not to game on the go. However, we appreciate that some sites and games such as online slots may not be for everyone so it’s up to you to have a good look around and find an online game which best suits you. Good luck.

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Some of the Popular PC Games of All time

3 Best Mobile Games for your Smartphone

Today, there are many types of games that can be enjoyed on different platforms. But the thrill of playing video games is without equal! Over the years, many video games have been released, but some of them stand out and have become the all-time favorites of gamers. Below, discover some of the best video games of all time.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Released in 2002, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a popular name in the gaming realm! Based on blockbuster movies like Scarface and Miami Vice, it takes you to the heart of Miami where violence and all types of excess prevailed in the 80s. Back then, it was all about gangsters, heaps of drugs, sportscars and briefcases full of cash. This action-adventure game is published by Rockstar Games and is playable on different platforms like Android, PlayStation 2, 3 and 4, Microsoft Windows or iOS.


Discover another video game called FIFA! It is one of the best sports game series which never ceases to delight gamers. It is annually released by Electronic Arts. The first release was in 1993 with FIFA International Soccer and the latest one was FIFA 18 in 2017. While enjoying this game, you can feel the same thrill as a football player on the pitch. Thus, expect a stimulating and immersive gameplay.

Experience the same excitement with Football Star Slots at Kitty Bingo! Brought to you by Microgaming Systems, it takes you to a stadium where the crowd is going wild during a match. On the green pitch, players of both teams are trying their best to score a goal. Join the fun too! Revisit this popular sport in a slot version on this amazing game. Enjoy it on any desktop or mobile device anytime at Kitty Bingo!

The Sims

Try another video game called The Sims! It is a life simulation game series developed by Maxis and the Sims Studio. It is one of the best-selling games of all time. It mainly consists of sandbox games where you create virtual people known as “Sims” and place them into houses. Direct their moods and satisfy their wants. Either place them in pre-constructed homes or build some for them. Enjoy this game on various platforms, like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 2 and 3 or Xbox, amongst others. Its first release was in February 2000 with the same title. The latest one was in March 2018 and was called The Sims 4 – My First Pet Stuff.

Silent Hill 2

Looking for a spooky video game? Try Silent Hill 2! Find zombies, aliens and other scary creatures on this game. Although the previous Silent Hill games were amazing, Silent Hill 2 is special as it establishes the town itself as a character. It emphasizes on horror in architecture, that is in the layout and “personality” of a space. Plus, the human psyche turns almost tangible. Explore the depths of human depravity and find out how it can affect people and places. Released in 2001 by different developers, the game has the ability to stick to your mind. Enjoy it on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360 or Microsoft Windows.

Most video games these days come with interesting themes and gameplay. These are some of the best, however, there are yet many more which are worth a try.

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ACT Practice Test Questions To ACE the Exam Fast!

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The readiness of high school students for college is measured using the ACT test. It prepares them for their careers based on the curriculum used in their schools.

The development of some or all ACT assessments on a national basis is significantly beneficial for the future of the learners as they seek instructional support from their teachers. College-bound students become aware of and exposed to the experiences of being in college thus even the underserved, middle and low-income learners join the enrollment pipeline. A preparation for college at an early stage will help them move through the studies at this level more efficiently than those who do not take the ACT test.

The general overview of the ACT test

The ACT test was developed as a competitor for the SAT test which had been considered a mainstream college admissions test. When Everett Franklin came up with the exam, he named it the American College Test to examine the cognitive reasoning of the students and also test what they had learned while in school. In 1959, the first exam was administered to 75,460.  The ACT exam during this time was divided into natural sciences, English, social studies and mathematics sections. The students were provided with 45 minutes for each section and graded on a 0-36 scale.

The ACT became popular as a test for college admission in the central and Midwestern parts of the United States where SAT had not been adopted. Besides, institutions that had not adopted the SAT tests began providing the ACT exams.

The test has undergone significant changes throughout the 20th and also the 21st century. Social Studies was replaced with Reading, the math exam began testing trigonometry and algebra while the English test focused more on writing skills.

The exam period for each test was reduced to 40 minutes. A recent research in 2014 showed that the ACT test faces the similar problems that were faced when the SAT was being administered. While only 10% of African American students pass three of the ACT tests, 50% of white students attain this level and 60% of Asian students qualify.

The ACT exams are taken either during the spring of a student’s junior or the fall of the senior year. Students are required to register for the ACT tests five weeks prior to the date when the exam will be administered. Students can also take both the ACT and the SAT exams.

Tips for passing the ACT test

When taking the English exam, the students should read the sentence carefully to identify the phrases that sound wrong. Pronoun errors, problems with the sentence structure and errors in the link of a verb and its subject are what students should begin looking for as they carry out the English ACT practice test.

As a student answers the Mathematics test, they can sketch simple diagrams to help them “see” the answers. Mathematical reasoning is tested by these examinations thus they should not spend a lot of time figuring out the answer. For the multiple choice mathematics questions, reference information is usually provided but one has to know how to use them. Plugging in numbers from the choices provided is also a wise strategy.

The three-stage method that involves previewing, reading and reviewing is a great method to approach the reading section of the examination. The test taker will identify the primary ideas of each paragraph and connect them during the reading process.

The writing test, on the other hand, requires a learner to organize their ideas using the standard essay format. An introduction, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion is the fastest way for the student to complete the writing exam. For the science reasoning test, the three-stage method can be used so that a student can understand each science reasoning passage. In the data representation passages, the test taker should focus on the relation between the variables used.

Training courses for the ACT test

The ACT online prep test course is provided online for the schools that want their students to sit for the ACT exams.

Another course is PrepAway ACT practice test that provides test-taking strategies, full-length tests and also targeted exam practice. This test comes along with the ACT diagnostic test, the personalized ACT prep, and the ACT prep dashboard.

There are also lessons from the ACT experts, step by step video solutions for questions tested in the past and ACT prep reports to provide progress on the course.

Top resources for the ACT test

The ACT concepts flashcards are an effective study resource since they teach the brain to remember concepts quickly. These cards make studying an easy task since they are not heavy unlike books hence a learner can use them when they are in the field, on the bus, or as they have their meals.

The ACT Prep and Practice App that has multiple practice questions and 100 training videos to help a learner prepare for the ACT test. The videos are interesting for the learner who is able to navigate on the different sections of the application without any difficulties. Through the app, students can find reviews on the practice questions and an analysis of their answers as well.

Best websites for the ACT test

  • Number provides opportunities for the students to view tutorials answer the practice questions provided, create personalized flashcards before they sit for the ACT exams. On this website, students create accounts where they can track their progress on what they are studying and determine their skill level.

  • At, video explanations and the ACT articles together with the flash cards make it a beneficial website for the ACT candidates. The website provides quizzes on each of the subjects and feedback on the answers considered as incorrect.

Top-notch books for the ACT test

  • The ACT Prep Black Book designs the ACT test as a predictable and standardized test. It motivates the test takers to work harder and provide practical strategies to approach the exams rather than tricks. There are a variety of strategies for students to choose the best alternative that works best for them. The Black Book provides explanations for the answers to the hardest questions.

  • The official act prep guide is another book that provides the gold standard ACT practice questions. The quality of the real questions previously administered is considered better than those provided by Kaplan and The Princeton Review. The summarized tests need just 12 hours of attention from a student for them to qualify.


One can score above 60% of the overall score as long as he/she follows the provided instructions and answers multiple-choice test questions. Passing the ACT exam increases a person’s chance to join college and also teaches other skills that may not be covered in the basic school curriculum.

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How 5G Technology Will Change The World

5G network 2

Lately, more and more people will have probably heard the term 5G being bandied about. However, while they probably have worked out that it is the next step up from 4G, they may not truly understand what it means for not only consumers but businesses and the world in general. 5G is short for fifth-generation mobile networks and the main benefit that it will bring is speeds up to 100 times faster than its predecessor, but just how else can 5G change our lives?

First of all, speed is everything and 5G will have plenty of it. There are more and more of the masses playing games on their smartphones and tablets than ever before. And whether they are playing a mobile game, or even spinning the reels of their favourite slot via any casino mobile app, they will enjoy a much better and more reliable experience thanks to the increase in speed. The gaming industry values this market considerably, with studies predicting mobile gambling to grow by 19% by 2021. Game developers will also be able to create better games that are bigger in size, as well as add additional content, due to the time it takes to download being significantly reduced too.

What 5G also has the ability to do is create millions and possibly even billions more connections than ever before. Connections through the fifth generation of mobile networks will be established instantly and they will also be the most secure ever. This could see industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and emergency services profit in ways never thought of before. Doctors, for example, could attach a medical device to a patient and this could see them obtain more accurate data, faster.

What we have begun to see being rolled out around the world in a testing phase are cars which drive themselves. This is one advancement in technology that consumers are really looking forward to, and 5G can play a huge role in this too. Today’s current 4G networks are not suitable when it comes to autonomous driving due to the response speeds not being fast enough. However, with 5G reportedly kicking out speeds that are over 100 times faster than 4G, we could finally see self-driving cars on the road that are safe, with accidents highly unlikely to occur.

Eventually, due to 5G, we are going to see what people describe as smart cities created due to the low latency of 5G which means everything can literally be connected to everything. We could see fitness devices connected to gym equipment, we could even see cars connected to sensors on the road and traffic lights. It will make the world we live in more efficient and eventually we will live in a smart world where industries can connect and share information in real time to the benefit of everyone.

It’s believed that 5G technology will begin rolling out next year sometime, but that it won’t be available for possibly a further 3 or 4 years in the UK for example. By 2035 it’s expected that 5G will have a global economic impact in new goods and services that will reach approximately $12.3 trillion, proving just how integral it is set to be.

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