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NASA Was Never Meant To Study Oceans

The percentage of people wondering why they are met with blogs concerning why the American Space Agency has ceased studying the oceans when they do

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Apple Agrees to Pay $50M to Settle Lawsuit

A class action litigation filed against the tech giant over the Butterfly keyboard used in certain MacBook variants from 2015 and 2019 has been settled

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Student Developers Are Thriving in 2022

For students, GitHub’s developer pack is a fantastic way to gain exposure to a wide range of programming tools. Over the last three to four

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How to Find My Lost iPhone?

Because you’ve spent a lot of cash on it, losing your iPhone may be significant pain. There are times when you risk having sensitive material,

Tech Stocks Crashing Burning

Why Tech Stocks Are Crashing and Burning

This year, the IT sector has been savaged by the sharemarket. The stock prices of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft have fallen by 19%,

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Google to Sideline Recording Applications

Google sometimes lets anything get into the Android application market, even applications that could remotely jailbreak your device with a quick flick. To the advantage

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How to Use Replit For Website Hosting

Here, I’ll describe to you how to utilize replit to host as many static websites on your own domains. What’s the snag, then? No strings

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Reasons Behind Identity Theft?

What are some of the most prevalent reasons people commit online crimes like identity theft? In the United States and across the globe, cybercrime is

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YouTube Began Rolling Out Surround Sound

The promises of surround sound for YouTube TV have officially been fulfilled, thanks to Google. After months of waiting, the capability is now being made

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History and Evolution of IMAP

When a local client wants to contact a server far away, the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is the standard protocol used to do so.

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Facebook Can’t Fix Spreading Fake News

I’ve been attempting to juggle two stories at once. Biden’s comment about Facebook spreading vaccination disinformation as though it were “killing people” was the first

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Network Carriers To Shutter 3G Services

The very first 3G connections were launched 20 years ago, while most cellphones were only used to make and receive calls. Using applications, Gps, as