10 Best GTA V Roleplay Servers in 2024 (Updated)

GTA V is one of the best games for roleplay. If you like to play roleplay games, GTA V has many mods and supports many platforms for RP servers. FiveM and Rage MP are platforms that allow players to create and join roleplay servers. On these platforms, there are thousands of servers for GTA V modes. Roleplay mode is the most popular of all modes.

Top GTA V RP Servers

1. NoPixel

nopixel rp

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: 128
  • Entry: Whitelisted

Developed by Koil, NoPixel is one of the most popular GTA V RP servers in the world. If you watch Twitch RP streamers, it’s highly likely that you watch many NoPixel streamers. NoPixel has built a reputation for serving quality roleplay and setting the standards for the GTA RP community.

When it comes to features, NoPixel utilizes the full potential of GTA V modding techniques. The scripts, mods, assets, and UIs of NoPixel are inspirations for many other RP servers. Many servers try to copy NoPixel by copying its style, RP rules, and content but can’t replace the originality of the NoPixel server.

NoPixel developers don’t mind sharing their work online. Most of the devs stream on Twitch while scripting or developing the assets.

That being said, you may want to play in NoPixel as well. For that, you’ll have to visit the NoPixel forums website and fill out the form to get whitelisted. The staff will then check the form and see if you’ve answered all the questions according to the general RP rules.

However, it may take weeks or sometimes months for the staff to check your application as there are many people who apply for whitelisting. In this case, you can pledge some monthly donations to get your application higher in the priority queue.

2. TwitchRP

Twitch RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: 256
  • Entry: Whitelisted

If you are not getting whitelisted in NoPixel or looking for an alternative for any reason, you can always apply for TwitchRP. TwitchRP is also a popular RP server where fellow players value quality roleplay. Like NoPixel, TwitchRP is also full of popular twitch streamers and amazing roleplayers.

TwitchRP doesn’t ask many RP-related questions but asks a backstory when you apply. The admins judge the roleplaying ability based on a backstory of the character decided by the participant. This way only the good roleplayers get whitelisted and make the whole server a better place for RP.

TwitchRP is also full of RP streamers who you can watch to get inspiration and entertainment. To apply for TwitchRP, go to the TwitchRP website and click on the apply button. It’ll ask you to create a user account. Once the account is made, you can apply for whitelisting.

3. GTA World

gta world rp

  • Platform: RageMP
  • Slots: 1024
  • Entry: Open

Don’t like VoIP-based RP? Are you an OG who roleplayed in SAN ANDREAS MP RP servers with text? GTA World is a text-based GTA V roleplay server that has up to 1,000 player slots for players.

The server has many unique features and gets regularly updated with more.

The GTA World server runs on Rage MP which is a powerful, free-to-use GTA V multiplayer client and is considered one of the best clients available for GTA V. It has No lags and no sync issues.

The server has more than 100K registered users for roleplay. To play on this server, download the RageMP client, go to gta.world website, and follow further instructions.

4. DOJ Roleplay

DOJ roleplay

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: Unknown
  • Entry: Whitelisted

Department of Justice Roleplay is an amazing English GTA V RP server. The server is known for its quirky RP community and top-quality GTA V mods (Vehicles, Clothing, and MLOs). After all, when you are playing GTA V, you expect good custom cars for driving around or for RP.

DOJ RP also follows strict RP rules for realistic and professional roleplay. You can not just go around without having a proper character progression. For people interested in COP and DOJ RP, this is one of the best NoPixel alternative servers.

To apply for  DOJ RP, go to the DOJ RP Forums and sign up. After that, you’ll have a link to fill the for whitelisting.

5. New Day RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: Unknown
  • Entry: Whitelisted

A popular GTA V RP server that runs in tandem with its sister server from Red Dead Redemption 2, Wild West RP. Players must maintain their roleplay characters throughout.

After ensuring you have GTA V and the FiveM client, players need to set up a New Day RP account, link their Steam and Discord, and follow other setup instructions.

6. Mafia City RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: 256
  • Entry: Whitelisted

Mafia City offers a unique blend of criminal underworld roleplaying. The server boasts a dedicated staff, engaging scripts, and a community that’s passionate about heavy roleplay, making it an excellent choice for those interested in the darker side of Los Santos.

7. HighLife RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: 200
  • Entry: Open with a priority queue system

HighLife RP is known for its relaxed environment while still maintaining a high standard of roleplay. It has a mix of serious and light-hearted RP, making it suitable for a wide range of players.

8. Eclipse RP

  • Platform: RageMP
  • Slots: 200
  • Entry: Open
  • Join Link: Eclipse RP website

Eclipse is one of the most extensive servers on the RageMP platform. With a structured economy, a vast array of jobs, and a large player base, Eclipse RP offers something for everyone.

9. BlueBird RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: Varies
  • Entry: Whitelisted

BlueBird is an emerging server with a dedicated community. It provides a balanced RP experience with immersive scripts, making it a hot pick for players who want something new. The server is Australian-based but has attracted international players.

10. Badlands RP

  • Platform: FiveM
  • Slots: 250
  • Entry: Open

One of the older servers, BadlandsRP offers both an in-depth legal and illegal RP. The server has regular updates and maintains a high level of community involvement.

How to Play GTA V RP?

If you want to roleplay in GTA V with other online players, there are many FiveM and RageMP servers that can allow doing that. For example, NoPixel is one of the most popular RP servers where hundreds of Twitch streamers play regularly.

However, if you want to get into any GTA V server then you must follow all the rules, and sometimes you may have to pay to register.

To play GTA RP you’ll need to:

  1. Download and Install GTA V
  2. Download and Install FiveM or RageMP
  3. Search for the RP server and Click on Join

How to Join GTA V RP Servers?

The biggest problem is when you have to choose a better RP server. It is really important to join an RP server with proper RP rules because it takes a lot of effort to build a character and its backstory. You also have to make sure that the server ping is minimal and that the server is well-optimized for your PC hardware.

Many GTA V RP servers are poorly scripted and hosted in far locations. It results in bad latency and FPS which reduces the overall roleplay experience and irritates the player. So you have to look for a server that has minimal ping, better code, and proper RP rules.

Once, you choose the RP server, the next thing you should do is to get whitelisted. All good RP servers are whitelisted. They only allow players who know proper RP rules. Also, most servers can only handle up to 128 players at a time. Some servers charge for getting whitelisted while some servers are free but you have to first fill out the form and give an interview.

Once you are whitelisted, the server admin will ask you to join either a discord channel or an internet forum. There you can find all the details about the server IP and whitelisting process.

Final thoughts

All these RP servers are popular and very well-optimized in terms of scripting. The community of these RP servers understands the importance of roleplay. These roleplay servers are a whole new world in themselves. You can wear the identity of a fictional character and act like her or him. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun roleplaying on these servers.