What is Technotification?

Technotification is a smart, intelligent, and quirky content portal that targets people interested in computer programming, open-source software, artificial intelligence, inventions, cybersecurity, and the latest tech news and updates.

Technotification is becoming a reliable source for technology news, information & resources for the connected generation. Technotification reports on the importance of digital innovation, open-source software, and cybersecurity and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.

A bit of a history

Such a long and unpopular name right? Why did we choose the name of our website Technotification?

Back in Nov 2013, we, a bunch of online friends on Facebook, were discussing the possibility of a Facebook page that can share interesting tech news and updates. The ultimate goal was to learn new stuff every day and share it with people. The idea was to educate ourselves as well as the audience.

We were all hyped and started discussing the name of this Facebook page. Golden Meshgo, a South African friend among us suggests the name Technotification for the Facebook page.

The Facebook page was created the next day and became really popular. Following its popularity, we created a website with the same name technotification.com

How popular is Technotification?

Our more than 500K+ monthly unique visitors and a million social media followers are making Technotification one of the most engaged technology information networks in the world. Our stories inform, educate, and entertain the audience across a number of domains.


The Technotification.com team aims to track the planet and bring the “you must know about” technology, science, invention, hacking, computer tricks, and the important news and updates straight to you.