domain names

IT.COM Explains: How a Domain Name Impacts SEO

Entrepreneurs and newbies often wonder if some domain directly influences the results of online promotion, getting to the TOP of search results, and overall positioning.

bitconin crypto

Understanding Token Burn Mechanisms

Token burning has become a popular concept in the world of cryptocurrencies. This mechanism involves permanently removing a certain number of tokens from circulation. Token

cloud secure

How to Keep Your Data Secure in the Cloud

Cloud storage has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. It offers the convenience of accessing data from anywhere, at any time,

best linux distros for programmers in 2019

Pros and Cons of Linux Programming

Like Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows, Linux is an operating system that allows communication between hardware and software. Being an open-licensed system, it’s developer-friendly, which

email marketing roi

Best Practices for Email Header Design

In today’s digital landscape, creating an engaging email header is crucial. It helps in capturing your recipient’s attention and encouraging them to dig deeper into