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Vicky is an entrepreneur at heart who has made his hobby turned passion, his profession now. Becoming a blogger, was the most important part of his journey
Basics about Online Shopping in India

Basics about Online Shopping in India

 Basics about Online Shopping in India Surprisingly, Indian customers have accepted a different portal for money investment. Earlier, buyers were seen buying what they...
gadgets to make your bedroom smarter

Top gadgets to make your bedroom smarter

Top gadgets to make your bedroom smarter For anyone who thought that our bedrooms were the last refuge against the onslaught of the digital revolution,...
recover deleted files on android

How To Recover Deleted Files on Android Internal and SD CARD

If you have mistakenly deleted a file, picture or audio from your android smartphone in the past, then you can understand the feeling of...
Windows is better than Mac

5 Reasons: Why Windows PC is better than MAC

There has been a long debate about which is better "PC " or "MAC". Both are great in their own ways and can outsmart...
Things you need to know before installing linux

10 things You Need To Know Before Installing Linux

You might be tired of the constant security problems that you are finding on Windows today. Hackers will try hard to steal your personal...

Gigabytes, Terabytes, & Petabytes: How Big are These sizes?

Everything you need to know about Terabytes, Gigabytes, Petabytes and Other Storage Metric terms. What is a terabyte? How many gigabytes of storage does a...
Game.of.Thrones.S07.06 Episode Leaked Online

HBO Hacked : ‘Game Of Thrones Season 7’ Content Leaks online

According to the recent news published on Entertainment weekly, HBO has confirmed that recently, the network experienced a major cyber attack. The attack allegedly...

How do computer games deal with probability?

Anybody who has ever spent time developing even the most basic computer games will know that there’s a lot of fun to be had...

How to Hide Files and Folders on Android Without Third Party...

We often share our smartphone with people for some reasons. At the same time, we have to protect the privacy and security of the...
VPN vs Proxy

Should You Use a VPN or Proxy to Protect Your Data?

The more advanced technology becomes, the more we put our information at risk. As the internet of things broadens, household objects become hackable devices....
habits that stop you from being a good programmer

5 Habits that Stop You From being a Good Programmer

In my previous articles, I have talked about many skills and programs that can help you become to a good programmer or a hacker....

Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

iSkysoft, as a company, has grown to be among the top favorite brands in the field of computer and technology today. The company is...

​Create a Password Stealer Pendrive to Check Your Data Security

I have written plenty of articles on Technotification to increase the interest of my audience towards ethical hacking and you are probably one of...
Interesting Notepad Tricks

These Interesting Notepad Tricks will make you feel like a hacker

Windows Operating system allows you to do more interesting things on your computer you probably didn't know before. We have shared some articles related...
Thermal Imaging Camera

The Thermal Imaging Camera Market Is Thriving

The Thermal Imaging Camera Market Is Thriving, and Activity Within The Infrared Imaging Software Sector Is Forecast To Rising Over 10% by 2021 Cloud-based services...

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