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Why Custom Silicon Is The Future Of Tech

From Apple’s own silicon projects to Google’s Tensor devices and Samsung’s Exynos family of mobile processors, it’s apparent that bespoke silicon is increasingly getting ubiquitous.

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Is MagSafe’s Return To MacBooks Good?

In 2016, Apple made a rather major redesign of its laptop lineup. The new MacBooks are much slimmer and exclusively use USB-C for connectivity, ditching

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Researchers Develop Tiny Robotic Crab

Northwestern University scientists recently constructed miniature robots that resemble the peekytoe crab. The world’s tiniest remote-control creatures are the half-millimeter “crabs.” As a result, they

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How does a fingerprint scanner works?

In today’s world, the computerization of society requires us to consider a variety of strategies for restricting access to information held on computers. In addition,

Tech innovations in healthcare 2018

5 Cool Healthcare Tech Innovations in 2018

It’s more than halfway into the year 2018, and a plethora of innovations have been seen in several scientific domains. Healthcare has not been left