3 Risks of Technology the World Faces Today

Technological advancement in the previous several decades has been phenomenal, and for good reason. Everywhere in the world, people are undergoing a digital transition and

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Why Everybody Hates the Metaverse

The reaction to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that Facebook will be rebranded as Meta and enter the metaverse was muted at best. A large number of

VR Technology

What Is Virtual Tourism?

Your future vacations may look quite different thanks to the rise of virtual tourism. This breakthrough will have far-reaching effects on the international tourism sector. 


Is The Future Cheap Because of Technology?

The cost of technology has increased significantly in recent years. Having the newest and best of everything is pricey, either we’re referring to the most


Passwordless Future is Here

Don’t like dealing with a lot of usernames and passwords? The best part is that passwordless access to the internet is now a reality. You


How Apple Silicon Saved Apple

It’s official: Apple’s Silicon processors have slowed down the whole planet. Apple was able to provide a solution that effectively addressed all of the issues

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Why Custom Silicon Is The Future Of Tech

From Apple’s own silicon projects to Google’s Tensor devices and Samsung’s Exynos family of mobile processors, it’s apparent that bespoke silicon is increasingly getting ubiquitous.


How will 5G Effect Application Development?

The digital community is becoming more dependent on robust connection, accessibility, convenience, and speed. The customers are, too. Despite the fact that 4G is adjusting


‘realityOS’ Might Be Apple’s New OS

Although Apple’s augmented, or virtual reality headgear may not be released until 2023, developers have found fresh mentions of the upcoming “realityOS” that just might