Is The Future Cheap Because of Technology?

The cost of technology has increased significantly in recent years. Having the newest and best of everything is pricey, either we’re referring to the most recent and advanced smartphones, cars, or even simply a decent motorcycle. While this is correct to some extent, I think that technology will make living more affordable in the long run.

To explain, these are the reasons why:



Our modern technologies can almost fulfill all of our imaginable needs, whether we are using them to participate in a teleconference, browse Netflix, write an Excel spreadsheet, play a song, or, place a call. Rather than requiring people to go shopping and buy many products to satisfy a specific level of living, thanks to technological advancements we can simply expect that people make one nice investment that will serve them for a few years.

While increasing the number of services and features available on our devices won’t solve the problem of rising prices, it will assist. In the long run, this will mean that fewer individuals will be required to invest as much of their hard-earned cash on luxuries. Provided you don’t go out and buy a brand-new technology every 6 months, that should be obvious now.



Consolidation is preferable, but it’s not feasible for all products and services currently available. It would be awesome if a few lines of code could let your smartphone do all the cooking and cleaning for you. Accordingly, I anticipate automation to become one of the most transformative technologies in terms of an improved standard of living.

Consider the weekly mowing routine followed by the typical American lawn. There’s unquestionably nothing amiss with enjoying the outdoors, but mowing the lawn might be a significant time-sink for the typical individual. I believe we’ll begin to see at least some precious lives being restored to them once automatic lawnmowers take the big stand, which are essentially grass-mowing robots. 

Final Thought


Even if there are more pressing issues facing society, I have a staunch belief that with a rising populace, it would be crucial to provide an opening to as many individuals as feasible, and technology will undoubtedly be one of the means by which this becomes a reality.

I’d want to know what you think about my predictions for how technology will enhance human well-being over the next several years.