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incognito window

If you take Privacy seriously, Incognito isn’t enough

What would you do when you want to access the internet securely? How do you make sure that your email credentials are safe when you...
Game.of.Thrones.S07.06 Episode Leaked Online

HBO and Game of Thrones Facebook and Twitter accounts Hacked

Social Media accounts of many popular HBO shows like Game of Thrones and Veep were hacked on this Wednesday by the famous hacker group...

Difference Between Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat Hackers

The word hacker has many meanings and in the computer world it refers to "Someone who makes a device work in a way it...
Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language

Facebook Plans to Fight Fake News With Its New AI

Facebook is planning to step up its efforts against the fake news by sending more suspected news to fact checking and check their publications online. Facebook wants...

FBI Arrests Security Researcher Who Stopped WannaCry

In May, the WannaCry ransomware brought massive loss with its destructive power and cripples thousands of computers world wide. The WannaCry went on a...
Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language

Facebook Shut Down AI After It Invented Its Own Language

Just days after the announcement of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk that AI is the biggest risk, now Facebook went as far to...

How to create a Bootable Windows USB Flash drive

We use USB flash drives most of the time to save important data we need, but that's not to forget the other main use...
russia to ban tor and vpns

Russian Parliament Passes bill to Ban Tor and all VPNs

The Russian Federation Council has approved a bill that makes the usage of VPNs, Proxy sites, Tor and any other anonymous mobile messaging services...
Top Linux Distributions

Top 10 Most Popular Linux Distributions for Everyone

The world of Linux is expanding at an exponential rate. After dominating the server world, it's time for Linux to rule over the PC...

A Decryption Key is now available for the Original Petya Ransomware

The master key for the popular trouble making ransomware Petya has finally been released. This is not the latest Petya/ExPetr which created havoc in...
china panda shaped solar farm

China’s Latest 250-Acre Panda Shaped Solar Farm is Amazing

A Chinese solar power company just went overboard and made a huge 100MW solar power grid that looks like a panda. The company that made...
Credit: Caltech/Hajimiri Lab

Researchers Made An Amazing Camera that Doesn’t Have a Lens

Engineers have developed a type of camera that doesn't require any lenses. They're replacing the curved glass with something that does the same job...

What is BIOS in Your Computer and What does it do?

The word BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output. A BIOS is a lot more than the name suggests. It is one of the...

5 Private Search Engines that Value Your Privacy

Privacy is of the highest concern in 2017. We know that Google has a prying eye on every user and keeps a track of...

What is a Ransomware and how does it work? Explained

Ransomware has become one of the major topics of discussion these days with the huge attacks on government offices, schools, and hospitals. Let's have a...

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