Samsung’s New Bug Bounty Program With Rewards Upto $200,000

Recently many big tech companies are launching Bug bounty programs and now Samsung has joined the list. Samsung announced that they are ready to give rewards up to $200,000 to anyone who can find vulnerabilities in their products. This latest Mobile Security Challenge covers a total of 38 Samsung mobile devices which are still getting their share of monthly and quarterly updates.

The devices which are eligible for this reward include Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy J Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab series. Along with these, the S8, S8+, and Note 8 are included.

Samsung announced that they will reward those who can find vulnerabilities in Bixby, Samsung Account, Samsung Pass, and other services, Samsung Pay and other services.

The prize money starts from $200 and the amount depends on the severity of the bug and the ability of the researcher to provide the proof of concept.

Recently Microsoft has also offered a bug bounty with a slightly higher prize money of $250,000 for those who can find the security bugs. Facebook also paid the security researchers for rectifying the bugs.

Apple launched an invite-only program which gives rewards of up to $200,000 and Google also runs a program. All these bounties are to helping the hackers make millions legally, like how a single researcher has made $225,000 just by hacking browsers.