If you take Privacy seriously, Incognito isn’t enough

What would you do when you want to access the internet securely? How do you make sure that your email credentials are safe when you are using public internet sources? well, most of us are used to using the privacy mode in our browsers and assume that it is safe and doesn’t store history. Well, chances are that incognito mode or privacy mode in our browsers which we have trusted for so long is not as safe as we assume them to be.

Many researchers have tested Chrome and Firefox several times and came to a conclusion that both of them are actually retaining a part of the browsing history. Moreover, the incognito mode doesn’t completely hide your internet traffic.

Your Internet service provider, the websites you visit, your office or school management can still have an eye on your browsing history. This means if you truly wish to stay hidden, mere incognito is not at all sufficient.

If you seriously want to safeguard your data while working on various sites, you might have to go with some special browsers like Tor Browser or Epic Browser. Tor Browser is a famous browser available for all platforms, and the Epic Browser is only available for the Mac and Windows. Both of these browsers not only ensure your browsing history will not be leaked but also work with the help of a proxy system to keep your browsing private and encrypted.

So, if you’re looking for the highest level of security in a browser, look away from the likes of Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and turn your sites on Tor and Epic. Both of these browsers are surprisingly easy to use and will go a long way to keep your data safe. Are they perfect? Are the superior to what you’re using now? Chances are, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.