Why is it Best to Get Certified in the Year 2022

Today, IT certifications have several benefits but several costs too. Certifications provide you a chance to learn the required skills, and being certified is a quick way to show the employers that you possess those skills. But you may have to put in a lot of effort, and it can cost up to several hundred dollars to get certified. If you are new in this field or don’t have any past work experience, an IT certification can take you a long way.

Why Should You Get Certified?

There are many compelling reasons as to why you should get a certification but mainly because-

  • You’re just starting out in the IT sector- An IT certification helps you to learn more about a topic while studying for the exam and improve your technical abilities. It is a way to show the employers that you have an industry-recognized credential showing you can profoundly impact their business. The certification syllabus is enough to get the foundational knowledge you need. You must know basic data storage and security principles to qualify for higher roles. 
  • Gaining experience- Certifications can help you to move forward in your IT career. If you are trying to learn more about cyber security, then studying for and taking a cybersecurity course may bring the required practical training to expand your current status. Certifications can help you achieve your goal faster.
  • Boost in your salary- Certifications and a developed skill set are correlated with a higher salary. It does not guarantee a raise, but most IT professionals get a hefty raise in their salaries after developing new skills and acquiring the related certifications.

What Certifications are the Most Popular?

In 2021, as everything has turned towards technology, IT certifications related to cloud computing and security are correlated with higher salaries. This is most likely because cybersecurity courses are rapidly gaining popularity, and cloud computing is a growing field that demands professionals, but the supply is really low.

For several reasons, a degree or certification in cyber security has been chosen by many beginners since the pandemic. With the increasing amount of cyber threats, the demand for cybersecurity online courses has also increased. The shortfall in quality professionals is the primary objective as to why people are opting for cybersecurity as a career. The irresistible income offer that comes with the job opportunities if you have cybersecurity course certification is another motive as to why cybersecurity is chosen by many different people.

Benefits of Pursuing Cyber Security Course: 

Numerous benefits are associated with the cybersecurity certification offered by the EC Council. A few of them are listed below-

  • Job security- The time to get into the cybersecurity field is better than ever now. Cybercrime and threats have been growing drastically, and the requirement for cyber security professionals is therefore increasing rapidly. It has surpassed the limited supply. If you become a cybersecurity professional, you will receive guaranteed job security.

Experts say that there will be over 5 million data security job openings in the future, but out of those, only around 4 million qualified professionals will be able to fill those places.

Over the last few years, the already existing cybersecurity experts have gotten a 30% increase in their pay. The cybersecurity course eligibility criteria are mostly similar to other certifications. You don’t require any professional prerequisite, but you may need to pass a written exam.

  • Rewarding Portfolios- Because of the limited number of skilled cybersecurity engineers, these professionals are among the most highest-paid individuals in the IT sector. The job prospects are extremely amazing as salaries are impaling and the demand is expanding. But to earn the best jobs with the top reputed companies, you need to have a good level of education and a degree or certification in cyber security. 
  • Cost of education- The cyber security certification is like any other engineering certification and falls in the high-cost category. With guaranteed high income, you can invest in a degree as you’ll be able to recover the money spent on education from your salary and benefits. The cybersecurity syllabus gives holistic information on the need and use of defending computer systems.
  • Growing Faster than Other Sectors- The growth rate of the cybersecurity sector is 32%, greater than the other sectors of engineering. Due to this, you don’t have to face layoffs and recessions in the sector. The education level that is needed for these job roles is high. You can receive the perfect opportunities with the right education and experience.


Certifications have a huge advantage in your career. You can get some certifications in just six months, while others can take up to a year. These act as proof to potential employers that the individual has quite an understanding of their respective field of work and that you hold the required hard skills. Acquiring certifications in certain industries such as IT, marketing, etc., have huge benefits. Certifications such as cybersecurity courses are in high demand