3 Ways to See Text Messages from Another Phone without Them Knowing

Sometimes we feel tempted to read the messages from our closest one’s phones. A jealous girlfriend may suspect her boyfriend of cheating or betrayal. Caring and concerned parents may want to protect their children from internet life’s harmful impact and get more information about them. In these cases, it would not be a big problem to find ways to make it real. Although these actions may be unfair, it is natural to wish for something forbidden. Nowadays, technologies go with the times so that we can get any information from any device.

The most important thing is to know the right methods to get the desired result. Nothing is impossible in modern times. Our devices provide access to the international web, but at the same time, they are the storage of our personal information. Mobile phones are smart devices, but they still have some gaps. Experienced hackers discovered how to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

Let’s have a closer look at how to read someone’s text messages without their phone free.

 1. Use special online apps.

There is a great variety of them available in the marketplace. Their idea is to access data on other phones and monitor message history. Meticulously developed software enables the option to spy on text SMS on another phone. It is an affordable and secure way to sneak into someone’s phone and get the necessary information.  Therefore, they enjoy great popularity among people. These spying apps offer many attractive features. There is a list of some of them:

  • Geolocation tracking. You can always stay informed about someone’s current location in real-time without the risk of being caught red-handed.
  • The ability to control another phone from a distance. It means you can take screenshots or photos without accessing the phone directly.
  • Access to deleted data. You can check out photos and files that were deleted earlier.
  • Guaranteed safety and security for the spy. Every spy wants to stay anonymous when it comes to such top-secret affairs. You can be sure that your spying activity leaves no footprints behind.
  • Keeping track of social media. You can get into someone’s private life on such popular apps as Facebook or Instagram.
  • You can record voices and calls remotely.
  • Monitoring browser history. Find out what secrets in search history your target person has
  • You can download it on your device for free. It does not matter whether you have iPhone or Android device. Spy apps are available for all purposes and interests.
  • No excessive charges and a free registration process
  • The ability to link the phone of the person you are spying on with a computer.

2. Log into Apple ID

All you need is to add your email address to Apple ID on another phone. This way, you can read the messages from iMessage from another phone. In addition, you will have access to iCloud storage. If a person you are spying on is connected the gallery to it, it gives you access to a lot of confidential data. Moreover, it is possible to make purchases at a distance by accessing someone’s Apple ID. Everyone decides whether it is fair or not. The key thing about it is to be aware of all possible ways to reach the goal.

3. Synchronization action

All iPhone owners have a special Message Synchronization. This feature was created to connect several Apple devices together to share data on all of them. It means that text messages are being sent to the server. Basically, iCloud is a storage for all messages.

To activate this special feature, you need to know someone’s Apple ID name and password. Then you can easily use iCloud storage of your target and all perks it can offer.


New developments in technology are impressive and surprising. For example, the ability to get into a private zone blows everyone’s mind. So, now you are armed with useful information about spying and know how to see someone’s text messages. Three effective methods will help you reach your goal. You can choose one of them that suits your needs.

There is no need to question their reliability because many spies have already ensured safety and security. Now you can keep an eye on important things that are going on in someone’s private life. It can be beneficial to spy on someone’s mobile phone for many reasons. For instance, you can prevent unpleasant situations, reveal secret information, or get to know your kids’ social life.

It has never been so easier to gather information about people without them knowing. It feels like you are a talented, experienced spy who does something impossible. Try these spying methods and find what you are looking for.