8 Ways to Avoid Delays When Moving Out of State

There are few things more stressful in life than packing up your entire house and relocating to a new state. Moving can be a headache and half even under the best of circumstances, but leaping state lines adds complications to the process.

Because the process of relocating is so stressful, you want to spend as little time as possible in the transitional phase between your old home and your new one which may be at the apartments near Washington. Here are eight ways you can avoid delays and help your out-of-state move go off without a hitch.

Book in advance

Everyone wants to know how far in advance you should book, and the answer to that is “as soon as you know you are moving.” A better assessment is to figure out what season you want to move in. Summer is the busiest season, fall is the least active, and the volume during spring and winter can vary wildly. Pricing and availability will fluctuate with demand.

Booking as early as possible is also crucial if you are shipping cars from state to state. Shipping your vehicle is an excellent idea to ensure it arrives at your new home in one piece, but it is also one more puzzle piece to keep in mind. Book early, and you can enjoy a pothole-free auto transport experience. You can also search for the cheapest car transportation available in your area.

Develop a plan

It’s virtually impossible to pull off a relocation by the seat of your pants. Even if you could accomplish an interstate move without ever setting pen to paper, sketching out a plan is sure to save you a stress ulcer or two.

A solid moving strategy helps you manage every component in the process and keep tabs on your progress. That means that you can more easily address bottlenecks and slowdowns, mitigating the risk of catastrophe.

Use professional movers

Unless your job title says “professional lifter,” you should hire professional long distance movers to help you move.. DIY moving carries risks of injury for you and loss or breakage for your belongings. It may hurt your pocketbook now, but you’ll be grateful you went with the experts later.

Set up a packing schedule

Packing an entire apartment, condo, or home is a tremendous undertaking. You cannot do it well in just a couple of weeks. You should give yourself at least three months to organize, pack according to your plan, and earmark everything for the new place.

Make an inventory

An inventory lets you see what you have, estimate what you will need to move it all, and assess what you can shed. Inventory as you pack and make a habit of asking yourself whether each item has a place in your new home.

By giving yourself plenty of time to pack and create an inventory, you are helping yourself when it comes time to unpack. Remember to segment your inventory items according to the rooms in the new place and pack accordingly.

Label everything

Whether you write on masking tape, print your labels, or go nuts with a portable label maker, it’s impossible to over-index. Every box should have a label stating what is in the box and its destination. Remember to place the label where movers can easily find it.

Say goodbyes early

The earlier you can say goodbye to family and friends, the sooner you can focus on moving. Starting your goodbyes early also gives you plenty of time to process the emotional impacts of your relocation.

Send the kids to the grandparents

If the grandparents are around, it might be wise to give them the kids for a couple of weeks. Having the kids out of the house is your perfect opportunity to pack while children enjoy in-person time with their family members before switching to long-distance communication.

Final Thoughts

Moving is a big venture, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a nightmare. If you follow these tips, you can work with your moving calendar rather than against it.