Why should a gamer upgrade to Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a new version of Microsoft Windows that no one saw coming. Windows 10 was supposed to be the last of every Windows with lifetime support from Microsoft and no expiration date. But to everyone’s surprise, Windows 11 was unveiled and it did not receive much praise due to a new learning curve added to the UI interface, its obvious bugginess, and the feeling of an incomplete feature set.

For gamers though, Windows 11 is a huge upgrade in many aspects when compared to Windows 10. You gain noticeable upgrades in performance and a boost in battery life for laptops. To justify this, We have compiled a list of reasons as to why you should upgrade your pc to Windows 11 right now:

Windows 11 is a step up for gaming

One of the main features that Windows 11 provides is the removal of historical clutters unnecessary code bits of previous Windows versions. It also brings new gaming technologies to PC only available to Xbox consoles. The new features give small to big improvements even though no optimization has happened for present games to fully utilize the raw potential of Windows 11.


Gaming consoles had a giant leap in their performance due to a technology called DirectStorage. How it works is simple, the graphics card directly loads assets from the SSD drastically reducing loading time and increasing in-game performance.

Up until now, PC games had to add transition phases to the games to load the next parts of the game to provide an illusion of seamless transition since it is unable to take advantage of the speeds of the SSD. Windows 11 brings the technology necessary called DirectStorage. It’s a feature of the operating system that lets the GPU accelerate transfer speeds of assets between itself and the SSD relieving the CPU of that burden, which means more CPU power for gaming hence more FPS.

Auto-HDR for Existing Games

This feature adds HDR to games that only support SDR. Using some fancy computer magic it converts SDR content into HDR-like content. It might not be like the actual HDR content but will make the content close to HDR giving a burst of clarity to SDR. Games will pop out more than normal and provide more immersion than what was possible before due to this feature\

Improved Performance and Efficiency

Windows 10 includes a “Game mode” which promises to boost the performance of PC games. But the prioritization and task management are unpolished and the performance and efficiency gained is lackluster.

Windows 11 learns for it and improves the “Game mode” significantly. Now, Windows 11’s deprioritizes non-game processes to a greater degree to get the most out of PC hardware. While not perfect like consoles, it will provide necessary improvements to Improve the Performance and Efficiency of your system.

Next-generation CPU Support

The newest Intel chips contain a Big-Little style chip design called hybrid architecture. This means intel chips have performance cores and efficiency cores. The performance cores deal with heavy tasks and the efficiency cores deal with background and light tasks. Windows 11 have a special schedular that is more productive and reliable at distributing tasks for better performance and efficiency. For gaming applications, every performance core will be prioritized to gaming while background tasks will be handled by efficiency cores.

This feature is only applicable to 12th gen intel CPUs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a hardcore gamer then feel free to upgrade to Windows 11 to enjoy all these exciting features.

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