Which is the Best Magento Hosting Provider?

Magento platform is very popular for large online stores with a large number of products (from 500 and more). It is the most flexible open-source CMS system for editing, which allows you to integrate any third party or authoring application. If WordPress is more suitable for a blog or image site, then Magento will be the best solution for online store selling.

Magento positions itself as a professional environment for developing online stores, and it is not easy for beginners to understand a huge range of tools. But every interested user will be able to become a member of the professional Magento community and gain invaluable experience in creating selling websites.

The only drawbacks of this CMS are weak support with “local” payment systems and focus on foreign users. Also, for the efficient and correct operation of the site on the Magento platform, you need high-quality hosting. Today there are platforms that offer their own hosting along with the engine (for example, Shopify), but with this option, you will have difficulties when switching to another CMS.

If you have made the decision to create an online store using the Magento platform, you should choose proven and reliable hosting. Our company offers Magento custom extension development to everyone at competitive prices.

SiteGround – productive and safe

SiteGround offers clients, in addition to hosting, a full range of related services: from cloud storage to managed plugins. All plans include email services, CloudFare CDN licenses, SSL security certificates, and many tools to improve storage security.

Reliability is based on LXC technology with the unique architecture of autonomy. In practice, your files will be isolated from unauthorized access. This also means that other clients will not be able to take up space on your server and negatively affect your site’s loading speed.

SiteGround provides users with many plugins to optimize site structure on the Magento platform. These features significantly increase page loading speed and simplify website management.


DreamHost provides reliable and high-quality hosting for your website to work. Hosting services are distinguished by a relatively low price and integration with many well-known platforms. Also included in the price of hosting is the cost of the domain and many tools to tune the performance of the site. To manage the content of a web resource, cPanel with advanced functionality is provided. Each user can choose the best price/volume ratio for data storage.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting (“green hosting”) meets all the standards of international hosting companies. The service centre of the hosting centre guarantees the user the trouble-free operation of the servers, and the advantage of the service lies in the best data processing speed. In case of difficulties, the client can use the support service, working 24 hours a day.

When it comes to security and performance, A2 Hosting offers a wide range of tools and out-of-the-box solutions. All tariff plans include unlimited storage, which allows any scaling of your software products. The company also offers most of the standard options: data backup, free migration services, SSL certificate and free domain name.

The main advantage of A2 Hosting is optimized servers capable of operating 20 times faster than any analogues, while all data will be protected by a modern security system.


GoDaddy is better known in the web services market as a domain registrar. The provider and hosting services are provided by the company relatively recently but have already received a large number of positive responses. This hosting provides file management using cPanel with tools familiar to many users. Applications are available for an online integration with WordPress, Magento and many other platforms, which provides the installation of a CMS system in a few clicks.

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