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Top 5 Gaming Industry Trends of 2021

New forms and norms are evolving in the gaming industry every year. The technologically advanced gaming tools have made gaming a wide-ranged phenomenon where we

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How Has Technology Changed Online Gaming

Every aspect of a consumer’s life has been transformed by technology. There are currently over 4.4 billion internet users worldwide. To put it another way,

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Top 5 Podcasting Platforms

Ready to launch a podcast? Even future hosts with the biggest plans will have to tackle a few tough problems before launching their show. Aside

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5 Best Apps for Your Mac PC

macOS offers you the same features as Windows or Linux. It lets you use programming or editing programs, and watch any videos. You can make

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Inside the NBA’s VR Venture

Slowly but surely, augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming standard forms of entertainment. Though the cost of headsets and VR subscriptions are still prohibitive