6 Best AR And VR Games For IOS & Android

These days, people use their phones for an average of five hours a day by either playing games or being on social media. Those who love games will find themselves using phones for more hours, mainly because of the new technology that has allowed phones to have Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Games.

Augmented Reality games involve creating a playing field within an existing environment. With AR, you can view the physical, real-world environment with applied computer-generated images where the perception of reality is changed. For instance, you can point to the wall of your sitting room using your Android, and a black hole appears. Or point it to your studying desk, and a vast mountain will appear. 

For Virtual Reality gaming, you will need a VR headset or hand controller and an android or iPhone to experience and influence the game environment. It’s a game where you get a first-person perspective of game action. 

Best AR And VR Games For IOS & Android

If you want to get started on playing either of them, here are some of the best games you can consider getting on your phone.

Pokemon Go: Free, Google Play store

You probably have heard of Pokemon Go from your neighbors’ kids, your grandmother, friends, or even dad and mom. It’s a popular AR game that was developed by Niantic and became a catchy game. People from all over the world were looking for cute, cuddly critters from the long-running Japanese franchise. All this was done in reality using AR. 

Pokemon is straightforward to use and even has tutorials that should enable you to begin the game. However, it’s not even a must for you to see the tutorials because you can follow the tips and easily overcome the tricks. Additionally, it makes use of your GPS to know your location. 

The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead game is also a popular AR game that has won the Webby Award and People’s Voice Award three times. The game involves zombies where the players are supposed to survive by fighting and then go to the next step. 

Additionally, the players can have games where they are supposed to fight the zombies to save their world. It’s very addictive, significantly because one can upgrade by having better-fighting weapons such as guns, and better players. 

Knight AR: Free, Google Play Store

Starting this game is quite a challenge, mainly because it uses medieval battles for its setting. It requires ample space, which should be interactive in your house or office to register to play. After this, the game places a large landmass down for you to battle off against formidable enemies. 

When it comes to playing the game, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is point and shoot either by archers or catapults. But you will need to keep adjusting your perspective after some time as it may refuse to continue playing. The game is delightful yet straightforward. However, it’s a short game and feels like a model that could ultimately turn into a wholly-fledged game. 

VR Space Stalker

This is a fantastic game that involves space fights but has the following story where you go from one adventure to another. You are supposed to blow up your challengers before they come to you and ensure your shields remain up. When you finish missions, you are given a chance to select new weapons, but it depends on your level. Your missions will also consist of filling out puzzles and examining ancient artifacts. This game is simple to comprehend and very enjoyable. 

InMind VR

If you are the kind of person that enjoys science-fiction stories like shrinking into microscopic size, this is your game. In InMind VR, you get to play as a person who is supposed to help a person suffering from a depressive disorder. The exciting part is that you will be treating the individual from the inside. You are turned into a microscopic size and then taken to the patient’s mind to battle the red neutron so your patient can be cured. 

VR Noir

VR Noir is a private eye game. Here you take Veronica Coltrane’s role as a divorced mother who is fighting with her ex-husband. You are forced to place a shop to play as a detective after being kicked out of the police force. You will have to know what to do and how far you can go to solve the case. 

This game is very addictive, mainly because the story is interactive, and you have many decisions to make along the journey. It’s basically a movie with real individuals and settings. You will want to know what will happen next. Hence you will keep playing. 

After a long day of work, playing either AR or VR games can be relaxing and help you take your mind off things. So consider installing these best games and have an exciting experience.