how to build a successful fintech startup

How To Build a Successful Fintech Startup

“How to build a successful fintech startup?” This is the question that’s plaguing the mind of every young or aspiring entrepreneur. In today’s digital age,

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Why Fintech Is Important

Fintech, short for “financial technology,” refers to the use of electronic and informational systems in the financial sector in order to streamline and modernize traditional


How to pay using UPI123Pay?

The Unified Payments Interface or UPI payment system literally shook up the Indian fintech industry since its launch. Before UPI, Indians had to use banking

commercial loans

Pros and Cons of Taking Payday Loans

Payday loans are small soft amounts of money ranging between $100 to $ 5000. The loans can be used to sort out your emergency financial

AI in fintech

How Quality Assurance in Fintech Done Right?

In any software development project, whether it follows Waterfall or Agile, there is always some level of quality assurance (QA) that is performed. QA is