Top Non-Surgical Med Spa Treatments to Watch Out For

The beauty world was once dominated by anti-aging and active ingredients, but now, it’s all about med spas in the new millennium. Technologies such as lasers are now achieving optimal results without the need for surgery, with even simple treatments such as laser hair removal expected to increase in popularity at a rate of 20.6% between 2021 and 2028. From removing hair to firming skin or tackling active acne or acne scarring, lasers are a select choice for those into effective treatments with very little downtime. If you are into non-surgical beauty with highly effective results, the following med spa treatments may be right up your street.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

In a modern medical spa, you can look forward to finding much more than a plethora of facial treatments and soothing massages. One treatment that is proving to be tremendously popular is that of vaginal rejuvenation (Votiva), which uses FDA-approved radiofrequency technologies to firm up and remodel the vulva and labia. This treatment addresses a bevy of issues—including stress urinary incontinence, laxity, pain or discomfort from labial hypertrophy, and reduced sensation.
Micro-focused Ultrasound Therapy for Collagen Production
Modern-day med spa treatments are not only used to lend skin a firmer, smooth appearance but also to tackle aging from the inside out. Micro-focused ultrasound (Ulthera) is used to heat the deep layers of skin. This process creates a ‘microtrauma’ that the skin works to heal via the formation of new collagen—one of the skin’s building blocks. This treatment can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.
Fractional Radiofrequency for Skin Resurfacing
There are many aspects of skin that can wrest from the beauty of its appearance—including acne marks, lines, pigmentation, sun damage, and stretch marks. Fractional radiofrequency is currently being used to address all these issues via the use of microscopic pins that deliver heat to the deeper layers of the skin. As is the case with Ulthera, ‘microtrauma’ caused by heat promotes the formation of collagen and elastin and the result is younger, smoother skin. This treatment is used alone or after liposuction. In the latter case, it can help reduce the skin’s retraction and elasticity after the volume has been reduced via surgery.
Fat Freezing
Fat freezing enables therapists to target specific areas such as the tummy, thighs, back, double chin, and indeed any area containing ‘stubborn fat’ that is impossible to reduce through diet and exercise alone. FDA-approved treatments such as CoolSculpting are safe and produce similar results to liposuction. Fat freezing essentially involved the application of a cool apparatus to the area of the body being targeted. Fat cells are ‘frozen’ during a lunchtime treatment with no downtime at all and are eliminated through the urine over several weeks.
Med spa treatments are growing in popularity owing to the superior results they deliver. These treatments target aging from the inside out, using lasers and heat to stimulate the production of the skin’s building blocks. They also offer body contouring treatments such as fat freezing, which deliver similar results to liposuction without the need to go under the knife.