Altcoin SideKick Review: All-In-One Place To Learn About Cryptocurrency

Ever wondered how to keep your cash safe and earn profits at the same time? After Bitcoin hit the clouds, a lot of investors started to show interest in investing in cryptocurrency. It is not only a safe way to invest your money but a simple one too.

To meet the needs of the investors, many companies came up with investment platforms to make the process much easier. However, if you are fairly new to the industry, How will you know where to invest your money?  Or, How will you keep yourself updated with the continually updating field of cryptocurrency?

Well, Altcoin Sidekick makes this process easier. It is a website devoted to working in the field of Cryptocurrency, keeping its users up to date with information about cryptocurrency. In this article, we reviewed Altcoin Sidekick, a leading information provider for Cryptocurrency investors.

What is Altcoin Sidekick?

As the name suggests, Altcoin SideKick is a sidekick for your cryptocurrency needs. It is a cryptocurrency guiding site that features blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. The website is updated continuously to cope with the demands of the modern and ever-growing field of cryptocurrency. Various bloggers of the financial domain post the content on Altcoin Sidekick.

The subjects here are written in Layman’s terms so that even a person starting fresh in the field could understand them. On this specific website, you may know about blockchain, crypto assets, supply, demand, and a lot more information on the crypto market. All the posts on Altcoin SideKick will guide you perfectly through the layers of the digital currency market. So if you want to know more about cryptocurrency then log on to Altcoin Sidekick.

You might be wondering what makes Altcoin sidekick so unique. Well, there are indeed many websites that post updates in the field of cryptocurrency. However, Altcoin Sidekick offers a lot more exciting and unique features.

Special features of Altcoin Sidekick

This fantabulous blog site has a lot of exquisite perks to offer you. They have several series of discussions and also several articles, TLDR, podcasts. Some unique features of Altcoin SideKick are-

  • Experienced and knowledgeable people in the field of Cryptocurrency make the content on Altcoin Sidekick. Even though the content is personal biased and not a financial analysis, the content is accurate to the word and provides much information.
  • For easy understanding and to have many engaging sessions, the website releases videos and vlogs, which are very helpful and time-saving.
  • Podcasts of Altcoin SideKick are also very helpful in understanding the market demand of cryptocurrency.
  • The crypt tool section of this blog site can help you to understand the basics of cryptocurrency.

In addition to these exciting features, after you register with them, you are also offered a free 50-page E-book introducing you to the elements of Cryptocurrency.

Components of Altcoin Sidekick

Altcoin SideKick has several exciting elements on the website. The blog is decorated with different sections like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, crypto tools, etc.


If you go into the blog segment of the site, then you can find different blog posts on the circumstances of the world monetary market. All the information about cryptocurrency and the inflation of crypto assets can be found here. The contents on Altcoin SideKick do not insist you invest in cryptocurrency; rather, it helps you to learn about the risks of using cryptographic currencies.

The information presented on this website, as already mentioned above is not a financial analysis but a personal opinion. To be precise, this website acts like your buddy guiding you through the risks, advantages, and various options of investing in cryptocurrency.


Video blogs are earning vast popularity nowadays. It is easy to understand something in a visual medium rather than in reading one. So a large number of vlogs are posted on Altcoin SideKick every week. All the blog posts are also posted in the vlog division simultaneously. It is more like a TL: DR (too long: didn’t read), the boring words of blogs are converted into engaging graphics content.


Podcasts are a series of a substantial number of episodes of audio or audio-visual files. The events may be posted online on a weekly or monthly basis. The podcasts of Altcoin SideKick are published each week. You can get a quick insight into crypto assets through these podcasts.

Crypto tools

Altcoin SideKick offers you various crypto tools to keep you informed about the cryptographic currency market around the globe. There are many such tools available on this blog site, which can show you the live ups and downs in the tradings. You can also compare numerous cryptocurrencies using these tools. The Crypto Tools provided by Altcoin Sidekick are explained below.

Top 100 Live Altcoin Prices

This tool shows you the top 100 Crypto coins and their prices. This tool is beneficial when you want to check out various crypto-coins for investing. This tool is accessible from the Crypto Tools option on the website.

Compare Coins

This feature lets you compare various cryptocurrencies in the market. You can see the comparison graphs, price, investment volume, and much more useful comparisons using this tool. This specific tool makes the process of investment quite simpler than having to go through a tiring episode.

Coin Trade History

Coin Trade History gives you scatterplots for the required coin. The plots are based on MarketCap Rank and Rank by Volume to make the currency easily understandable.


The field of digital currency is not mainly a comfortable one for beginners. Altcoin Sidekick is much like a guide that shows you the way in this field. The contents on the webpage are more fun to read and provide knowledge at the same time. Usually, it is difficult to find all the features that Altcoin Sidekick is offering at the same place, which makes the website unique.