Best Electronic Gadgets Everyone Must Own

I can’t get enough of my electronic toys. That’s why I’m going to tell you about the top  tools I keep on my workstation. All

What Is The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence AI

The Bridge Between Artificial & Human Intelligence

The term “artificial intelligence” is used to describe robots and computer networks that can perform activities with human-like intelligence by following preprogrammed instructions. The military


Student Use ChatGPT To Write Ethics Paper

NBC Bay Area claims a pupil in an AI ethics course utilized ChatGPT to collaborate on a paper they were supposed to write independently. Professor


Microsoft Places Daily Limits on Bing AI Conversations

Early feedback on Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven Bing search engine, Edge web browser, as well as integrated chat function has been overwhelmingly positive. Improved search results,


After Twitter, Meta Now Opting Membership Plan

Meta Revealed, its own membership model like Twitter Blue, has officially launched, as verified by the company. The ability to receive Instagram and Facebook verification


Tesla Will Be Calling Back 360,000 Electric Vehicles

Because of problems with the industry’s self-driving technology, Tesla is presently withdrawing over 363,000 electric cars. An notification made by US regulators suggests that many

Google Photos App Installation in iPhone

iOS 16.3.1 Causes Google Photos to Freeze

If you possess an iPhone and would rather use Google Photos than Apple, you shouldn’t install iOS 16.3.1. 9to5Mac claims Google Photos often crashes on

tips to extend iphone battery life

Tips for a Safe and Effective Phone Charge

Smartphones have a common component: the battery. Neither the battery’s nor the phone’s performance will degrade over the course of many years of use, and