Student Use ChatGPT To Write Ethics Paper

NBC Bay Area claims a pupil in an AI ethics course utilized ChatGPT to collaborate on a paper they were supposed to write independently.

Professor Green claims that a student in his “Ethics in Artificial Intelligence” class utilized ChatGPT to generate an essay that was then submitted as the student’s own. Green has announced that, beginning with this semester, the culminating assignment for his Ethics in Artificial Intelligence course will not be an essay but rather a live presentation.


NBC reports that academics from several Bay Area institutions have gathered to debate the ethical ramifications of creative chatbots that can write papers in seconds.

“The irony is very clearly there”. The essay in question “wasn’t exactly on topic and, also, it had a very kind of, honestly, a robotic feel to it in some ways.”

The media has been covering the cheating weapon of the century for quite some time, and this is just the most recent revelation. The New York Post reported on Friday that a ChatGPT cheating scam was “erupting” in a gifted children program in Florida. Both instances of cheating were easily identified because, well, news flash. Your instructor will notice if you deliver an essay written in ChatGPT since it doesn’t seem like the others you’ve submitted in the past.


If reports are to be believed, when confronted by their professors, the Florida cheats acknowledged to their wrongdoing. One educator told the New York Post that she was “heartbroken” to learn that her generally diligent students had resorted to such a lazy plan to avoid doing their schoolwork.