Microsoft Discontinues Support for Classic Internet Explorer

This is where version 11 of Internet Explorer has been laid to rest. There was a time when it was the most popular browser available. It has since passed away. Microsoft said on Tuesday that it would stop supporting its older, no-longer-maintained Internet Explorer browser in an effort to enhance the user experience and encourage businesses to switch to its newer, more secure Edge browser. Microsoft acknowledged that “some versions of Windows 10” are affected by this.

Example IE to Edge Redirection Message

“With a growing number of websites no longer supporting Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge offers a faster, more secure, and more modern browsing experience that can still open legacy, Internet Explorer-dependent sites when needed,” Microsoft issued a statement.

As per Microsoft, as of Tuesday, any computers that had not been moved from IE11 to Microsoft Edge would be. Internet Explorer was once the undisputed king of browsers. It dominated the search market in 2003, with 95% of the share.

Although IE was once the dominant browser, its days are past, and Microsoft has switched to Edge. Both Bing and Edge have seen a resurgence in popularity because of Microsoft’s efforts to incorporate the enhanced AI version of Bing into Edge.

The public’s response to the announcement that Microsoft was discontinuing Internet Explorer last summer was both heartfelt and amusing. South Koreans gave the browser its own gravestone, and Internet Explorer memes were everywhere.