Microsoft Places Daily Limits on Bing AI Conversations

Early feedback on Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven Bing search engine, Edge web browser, as well as integrated chat function has been overwhelmingly positive. Improved search results, more comprehensive responses, and content-generation capabilities have been seen in over 169 countries thanks to the new functionalities. Specifically, the chat function has attracted a sizable audience, with individuals asking many questions within a single session in an effort to learn more.

People have said that the conversation is simple to use and friendly, with a decent distribution of informative answers. Users have given Bing’s AI-powered responses an enormous “thumbs up,” at 71%. Notwithstanding the good replies, Bing might become monotonous and useless in extended conversation periods of 15 or more inquiries. Microsoft has made adjustments to better facilitate conversational flow in an effort to resolve this concern.

bing copilot ai chat response

Hence, there is now a limit of 50 chat turns every day, with a maximum of five per session. Once five rounds have passed in a conversation; individuals will be asked to initiate a fresh discussion. Once each conversation ends, the model’s memory will be wiped to prevent confusion. Users may begin again at any time by clicking the broom symbol to the left of the search bar.

Microsoft’s new functionalities are always being refined in response to customer input. For inquiries that need real-time information, like live sports statistics, the business intends to enhance the underlying data. To further personalize the response to the user’s inquiry, Microsoft is thinking of including a switch for control over the balance between accuracy and imagination in the answer.


Furthermore, Microsoft is considering including a feature that allows users to either begin from scratch or reload the current context. Microsoft strongly recommends that customers keep contributing feedback and suggestions for the new Bing interface. Microsoft is dedicated to constant development and enhancement, and will keep you abreast of any new developments by issuing periodic updates.