The Roll Call Function Is Coming To The Messenger App

Meta, a software firm located in California, is purportedly developing a Roll Call function in its Messenger that is reminiscent of the BeReal photo-sharing application. This is part of an attempt to reestablish the social media platform’s credibility.

TechCrunch claims that the new functionality would prompt users to shoot a selfie and a group shot at a predetermined time every day. This will allow for more serendipity and genuineness by letting others know what you’re up to at any given moment. Only those who have been invited to the roll call will be able to see the replies, however.

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The function is very comparable to the widely used French picture sharing application BeReal, which requires users to upload a selfie taken with both their front and back cameras to their social media accounts every day in an effort to restore trust in the social networking sites. In addition, the article indicates that the function is a prototype used internally, and it is unclear whether the firm is considering making the feature available.

Unlike BeReal, which forces users to publish material at random, the newest Roll Call thread in Messenger may be started anytime the user likes in a group conversation. To further incentivize response, the question will include a timed countdown.


In accordance with the article, when a roll call starts, all consumers will get a message, and once users contribute an image or video, everyone can watch the remarks. On the other hand, Meta has launched innovative Instagram local stations, a one-to-many messaging service that will facilitate artists’ direct engagement with their fans on a massive scale. Users may connect to the channel in the same way that they do to a Telegram channel.

“Creators can also use voice notes to share their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments, and even create polls to crowdsource fan feedback.”