Intel Staffers Taking Steps Towards Unionization

There are now more than 300 Intel workers conducting “the largest unionization drive the chipset company has ever encountered”. Engineering contender for the Oregon House

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Apple Released iPhone 13 In Green Finish

When the tech giant had its Peek Performance presentation in early March, it unveiled a variety of gadgets, along with a fresh Green hue option


Is iPhone a Brain Child of Ana Arriola?

When Apple released its original iPhone, who created it? Was Arriola, the original iPhone designer, or is there something more than it meets the eye? 

COVID Cases in China Skyrocketed in a Single Day

last week, China’s Public Healthcare Committee recorded 5,370 confirmed infections of covid-19, the most one-day rise in the whole epidemic. China’s 24 million residents in

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NASA to Launch SLS Rocket This Month

This month, the American Space agency will make a big leap ahead as it prepares the Satellite Propulsion Mechanism for its first flight marking the

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Brother and Sister Booked For Crypto Frauds

Tina, and John Barksdale, two siblings and self-described blockchain entrepreneurs released Ormeus, a coinage they created and now are awaiting criminal fraud accusations over. The

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Apple Unveils Its M1 Ultra CPU

The M1 Ultra is a brand-new high-end CPU revealed by Apple during their March 2022 product presentation. For personal computers geared at creative workers, this

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NFTs: Nothing But A Front For Money Laundering

With embezzlement, as well as tax avoidance, becoming increasingly prevalent in the nonfungible token ecosystem, it is possible that more is happening than is currently


5 Best Smartphone You Can Buy In 2022

Looking for suggestions for flagship smartphones, well! you’re in luck as we’ve narrowed down your lists to the 5 Best Smartphone You Can Buy In