Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality and Its Applications

XR (extended reality) has become a common feature of our contemporary environment. VR, AR, as well as mixed reality are all helpful and fun, regardless

iphone e

Why You Should Shift To Wireless Charging

Cellphones with wireless charging are already commonplace in high-end as well as mid-range models, and the technology is gradually spreading to lower-end models. Wireless charging

CASB Solutions

What Is a Cloud Access Security Broker?

Owing to the surge in workplace flexibility, there has been an increase in both unlawful cloud exploitation and Shadow IT or the utilization of technology

TikTok “Clear Feature”

What Is TikTok New “Clear Feature”

A novel ‘Clear Mode’ functionality is being tested on TikTok, which will allow viewers to watch videos with no distractions. It was discovered by media platforms

Deepfake Training

Google Shutters Deepfake Training

Google’s Colaboratory computing platform would no longer let customers create deepfakes, the company said quietly. As of 2017, Colaboratory (also known as Colab) is a

Representation of a Residential Proxy Server

How Do Residential Proxies Work?

VPNs have been popular in recent years as a way to unblock geo-restricted material, but the proxy service is still used today as its forerunner.


WEB3 and the Concept Behind It

The term “Web3” has grown in prominence in past seasons, and you might have heard it. You may be curious about what it is, what