Intel Staffers Taking Steps Towards Unionization

There are now more than 300 Intel workers conducting “the largest unionization drive the chipset company has ever encountered”. Engineering contender for the Oregon House of Representatives Matt West urged the firm to respect the rising organizing power of his coworkers at a recent business media briefing. The gang, which was gathering in secret for over a year, has requested the company to execute a neutrality pact and freely admit their informal unity (Aka a promise not to union-bust). The deal has yet to be ratified by the company.

West Voiced His Concern about Poor Practices


One of several numerous motivations West gave for uniting was the severely unpleasant workplace conditions of Intel technicians. My coworkers and I had been working 80+ hour weeks for as long as I can remember, switching between day and night hours as the need arose. Because of this, “workers require permission from a management before you can be more than couple hours away from the workplace,” he explained.

As a consequence, West’s doctor had to place him on urgent sickness absence for over four months because of emotional and bodily exhaustion after working 80-hour weeks for so long. An “official reprimand” was given to West upon his resumption to employment for not informing his management of his urgent absence beforehand.

“I once worked more than 80 hours in a week for three months straight. I only had three days off, total, in that time,” “I broke down. Both my mind and my body suffered. And at that point, my doctor mandated that I take a two-week emergency medical leave to recover.” Once he returned to work he says he “was placed on formal notice for not having warned my manager in advance about my emergency medical leave.”

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Intel, according to West, hires recent university grads since they are less prone to complain about workplace circumstances than older employees. Workers with H1B visas were particularly concerned because they feared expulsion if they complained. He also said that technicians’ promotion routes and remuneration levels were ambiguous, which deterred most employees from working extra hours. In his remarks to the media, West underlined the importance of Intel adhering to its proclaimed ideals.


There has been discussion between West’s activists and the Communications Employees of America, however, it is not apparent if the organization intends to create a separate organization or adopt a preexisting one, according to a spokeswoman for the company. US labor shortages have provided employees the leverage they required to seek improved employment circumstances and wages. With a workforce deficit, It’s possible that Intel’s workforce is inspired by Amazon and Starbucks’ ability to organize despite the obstacles.

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