Linux Appears To be More Reliable Than Windows And macOS

According to a new study, Linux is far more reliable compared to Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s macOS. Windows, as well as Mac OS X, are often considered to be more secure systems than Linux because of their frequent system upgrades and fixes. Nevertheless, a new analysis claims that Linux may really outperform both of them. Given the ubiquity of viruses, security breaches in operating systems, as well as other applications, are a big concern.

To make matters worse for civil rights organizations, lawmakers, reporters, and other media professionals focused cyberattacks are on the rise. It is critical for software developers to fix security flaws in their services as early as feasible since computer hackers often aim for the general public.


Many have come to believe that Linux is intrinsically less secure than commercial operating systems like that of Windows and macOS because of the numerous exploits that have been discovered over the years. There’s some evidence that suggests otherwise. Analysis by Google’s Project Zero group has shown that Linux engineers are the best at addressing security vulnerabilities. Although Google’s very own private groups working on Chrome, Chrome OS, and Android seem to be outperformed by these third-party developers.

The Investigation Took 3 Years

Researchers studied the speed at which different organizations corrected their security problems across a three-year time starting from January 2019 and ending in December 2021. Open-source developers, in general, solved Linux faults in only 25 days, as per the findings. Microsoft spent a stunning 83 days to remedy security flaws in Windows, whereas Apple delayed 69 days to complete security issues in macOS.

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According to the findings, mobile os security flaws are often fixed in the time it takes for developers to implement fixes. In this case, the outcomes are much more in sync. Even though Mac received considerably more error complaints compared to every other Android developer, the research said that the company was able to deliver iOS updates quicker than any other Os developers.


A total of 76 bugs were reported to Apple, and they were addressed in 70 days on average. In the very same period, Samsung got ten complaints of security holes, whereas Google garnered six. It took both companies, on average, 72 days to remedy the issues.

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Oracle took a long time to patch issues, averaging 109 days. Furthermore, just three of the seven issues had been addressed by the company’s teams by the end of the 90-day timeframe. How long it takes to provide a remedy to consumers depends on the product architecture, development procedures, update cycle, as well as general protocols for reporting security issues.