top google chrome alternatives

How to install Chrome in Ubuntu Linux?

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the world’s most popular web browser. It is incredibly fast, secure, feature-packed, and extremely user-friendly to provide you with the best

best linux distros for programmers in 2019

Pros and Cons of Linux Programming

Like Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows, Linux is an operating system that allows communication between hardware and software. Being an open-licensed system, it’s developer-friendly, which

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Three Best Bots In Discord For Your Servers

Discord server administration is achievable sans the need for external bots, however, in this scenario, moderators will be constrained by the platform’s in-built functionality. Additional

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Best Substitutes For TeamViewer and AnyDesk

Teamviewer is by far the most widely used software for providing remote computer help. The program’s homepage claims as much, at least. In the beginning,

Top 5 Best linux distributions for newbie

Top 5 casual games for Linux

With steam deck getting released for the rest of the world, Linux has finally been getting the much-needed love it deserved for gaming. For all


What is the KDE Editor in Linux?

Using a Linux distribution that uses a KDE desktop, you will see a couple of options concerning text editors. The KDE project will officially support

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What is the Vim Editor in linux?

If you are working in the command line mode, you may need to become familiar with a text editor that will be operating in a