Three Best Bots In Discord For Your Servers

Discord server administration is achievable sans the need for external bots, however, in this scenario, moderators will be constrained by the platform’s in-built functionality. Additional functionality may be added by installing specialized bots. I won’t only be covering the fundamentals of how bots are used in practice; I’ll also be covering more specialized bots that may be incredibly valuable to those who run niche server communities.

1. MEE6

Discord Bots

Naturally, we should begin with the most well-known bot, which has become well-established in the international Discord community. This bot significantly expands the server’s capabilities, allowing for the creation of anything from custom greetings and bulletins to the administration of user roles and permissions and even the addition of your own custom actions.

The server is administered from the canonical bot portal. In order to add MEE6, users will have to sign into your Discord profile and go to the server they wish to join. The next screen will show you a bewildering array of options and customizations.

2. Apollo

Discord Bots

Unlike its predecessors, Apollo is dedicated to a single task—planning and coordinating a variety of events and activities for the server’s users. The reality is that it is difficult to arrange polling or contact server users about an activity to ask whether they would attend or not sans the aid of third-party technologies in Discord. Apollo addresses this issue by providing a suitable instrument with user-friendly settings.

You may build an event by calling the bot with a specific request, then giving it a label, explanation, and start and end time. Anything from a live telecast to a conference to a rally to a siege in an internet game fits this description.


Discord Bots

Dedicated to facilitating interaction between users of different platforms, Discord has a number of servers for this express purpose. Such actions are needed for immediate help and the generation of tickets for questions and complaints. is a bot that steps in when Discord is lacking in necessary features, such as the ability to automatically receive complaints and questions. It is responsible for managing the systems that handle technical help and user comments.

4. Xenon

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There is one more helpful resource that would be important for big servers with a significant volume of groups and regular content changes. Admins won’t be able to record the present status of the server in their account or in the Discord cloud unless you use a bot that provides that functionality. Although permanent copying is a possibility, it is hardly a backup solution. Xenon includes a customizable automated backup that protects your server against intrusion and unintentional data loss.