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Solving Missing DLL Problems on Windows 7

missing DLL file

If you are reading this article, you must have experienced DLL problems, while working on your computer. DLL problem is quite common, and every user runs the risk of experiencing it every time they run a certain program or application relying on DLL files. Even those who use the Windows 10 version, which is believed to be the most immune to all sorts of system errors, have to deal with DLL missing errors. As for the users that are still on Windows’ older versions (Windows 7, in our case), they find themselves witnessing similar error messages more often.

How to Solve Missing DLL Problems on Windows 7?

Missing DLL file error

Still, keep in mind that DLL missing errors are not critical for your computer. You can avail yourself of our recommendations given below in order to fix the annoying problem as quickly as possible.

Possible Fix 1

Though the most obvious and easiest, rebooting your computer can be quite effective for restoring the normal operation of the application giving you a DLL error. You may know that all sorts of errors often prevent your comp from adequately responding to your commands. Difficulties with DLL files also may lead to your failure to open a certain program at the given moment. All you need to do is to restart the system and thus help it restore its functioning. This may help resolve the DLL problem, as well.

Possible Fix 2

Furthermore, you may try updating your Windows 7. Though you may be reluctant to tinker with updates, you should know that regular updating is a key to the normal operation of your system. Therefore, if you have been ignoring updates for some time and ended up seeing a DLL-related error, it is time that your updated Windows now. Take the following steps to do it quickly:

  • In your Start Menu, open Control Panel. Then, select the “System and Security” option.
  • Now you can start searching for available Windows 7 updates. Just access “Windows Updates” and choose “Check for Updates” there.
  • In a minute, the window prompting you to choose updates to install on your PC will emerge.  Don’t hesitate to select the update you find appropriate and press OK (usually, it’s recommended to choose the latest available update).
  • Wait for the installation process to complete. Check if you have managed to resolve the problem.

Possible Fix 3

At times, users tend to delete files that they never meant to delete. As a result, they wind up in the Recycle Bin. Therefore, to make sure you haven’t deleted the required DLL files check your Bin. If you find the missing file there, take care to recover it with the help of the “Restore” option.

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Possible Fix 4

If none of the aforementioned fixes proved to be helpful, don’t get frustrated. It is always possible to download the missing DLL component form the Internet. Just search for the DLL file that is deemed missing by your program on the Web and you will see lots of results to choose from.  If you don’t want to waste precious time deciding what online source to choose, you can opt for using Wikidll.com. Presently, this website enjoys wide popularity among lots of users who have already appreciated its reliability and safeness. Search for the necessary file on the website and, once you find it, press the “Download” button. Thus, you’ll get a fresh file on your computer.

Possible Fix 5

Though the last possible solution can seem a little bit radical, you would recommend using as the last resort, anyway. Try to perform a clean install of your Windows 7. Some users are extremely reluctant to perform such a procedure because they are afraid of losing the necessary files from their hard disc. Nevertheless, if you take care of them in advance, there will be nothing to fear. You may download a special program that can create a cloud where the necessary files will be stored so that you can access their contents after performing the clean install of your system.

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Growing Tech Industries You Might Want to Invest in Right Now


If you’re keen to invest in a new business over the coming months, there are plenty of sectors to consider: automotive, agriculture, energy, construction, etc. etc.. However, with the continual development of technology, it’s worth keeping an eye on trends and on the latest industries growing right now, and which will into the future, due to advances in technology. Read on for some investment areas to consider today.

Food E-commerce

One of the big industries developing right now is food e-commerce. While online sales have grown enormously over the past decade or so when it comes to clothing, books, gifts and other consumer goods, fast consumables have still been purchased mostly in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This is rapidly changing.

Now that consumers are comfortable with and understand e-commerce, there is much more interest in purchasing groceries and other food items over the net. In addition, with increasing time poverty and long working hours, the convenience of having food delivered to the door is winning over more and more shoppers.

Another reason why this field is growing is that there is better distribution available. Today, it’s easier for businesses to get foodstuff from warehouses to customers’ homes and/or workplaces. Plus, there’s growing interest in a niche, gourmet ingredients, which often aren’t found in traditional grocery stores. This stems in large part from all the specific, unusual ingredients gourmands learn about from cuisine-based reality TV shows, plus blogs, Instagram, and other social media sites.

AR and VR

growing tech industries VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are also skyrocketing. The successful launch of the Pokemon Go app showed businesses just how much can come from combining tech, gamification, stories and more. The market is ready for AR and VR, so this sector of tech is growing.

Based on information released in one report, the global augmented reality industry is predicted to be worth a massive $134 billion by 2021, while the virtual reality market is set to reach $75 billion in the same time frame. Over the last few years, AR has mostly been used on tablets, smartphones, and apps. However, soon it will become more commonplace in the design of hardware components. For instance, it is predicted to be used in displays, sensors, input devices, processors, contact lenses and many other products.

As for VR, headsets have been quite popular with gamers for some time, but the technology is moving into other areas. For example, we should see it being integrated into education, digital marketing, safety testing, therapy services, job training and many other industries.

Auto Tech

growing tech industries autotech

Over the last few months, there seem to be articles published almost every week about the advancements happening in the world of auto tech. This sector is booming at the moment, particularly when it comes to self-driving technology.

Big tech behemoths such as Tesla and Google have already invested in the industry, and many other firms are hopping on board too. As a result, autonomous vehicles are a key development and likely to be everywhere on the roads in a matter of years — if not months.

Billions of dollars are being invested in auto tech because of its many benefits, for both individual consumers and companies. For example, roads will likely be safer once computers are controlling cars instead of humans since most accidents are caused by human error. Plus, driverless vehicles enable people to use their commute times to work, make phone calls and otherwise be more productive.

For businesses, financial savings are key since firms should be able to save on wages they’d normally spend on drivers handling deliveries. Furthermore, with autonomous vehicles plugging into the internet to choose routes, they can look ahead and discover where there’s traffic congestion or other issues on the roads. In turn, this leads to time savings and petrol savings.

Content Marketing


Content marketing continues to grow thanks to technology. For a number of years, many organizations have focused on content creation due to rankings on Google and other search engines, and today’s tech advances mean content can be used to achieve other great results.

For example, due to Big Data, analytics and software programs, companies can personalize their content to best suit different target markets and a range of marketing avenues. This, in turn, means they get better click-through rates and conversions. Tech-based content is today much more interactive, which enables two-way communication between shoppers and firms.

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Facebook Inc is coming up with 5 Biggest updates this year

facebook-dating-biggest update of facebook

Ever since the news of Facebook Cambridge Analytica data leak scandal has broken out, the Facebook team has been going through a rough patch of time. With the entire world pointing out their fingers on a well-established and trusted platform, the company is trying to fix the things back to normal.

Currently, The Company is being engaged in F8 Developer Conference, which focuses on fixing the identified loopholes and making way for new updates on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Oculus.

The 5 new and biggest facebook updates of the year

1. Introduction of Facebook Dating

facebook-dating-biggest update of facebook

After being inspired by the ‘stories’ feature of Snapchat, it seems that the next inspiration is the popular online dating application, Tinder. Facebook, being a platform, providing a big bunch of facilities, is going to add one more feature in the coming days through which the users would be able to search potential partners on this platform. The Users would able to have access to this feature by contacting each other, revealing only their first name, which independent of the Facebook core app.

This F8 announcement has acted as a major marketing tool for the company considering the prevailing crisis as when this news broke out, there was a huge downfall in the share prices of established dating applications, Tinder and OkCupid.

2. The launch of Oculus Go


With the introduction of Facebook Dating feature, the company has also announced the launch of Oculus Go which is a VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET, costing $199. Oculus Go offers a variety of exciting features like live experiences, playing multiplayer games, watching concerts etc. With a motive of improving the fascinating experience of Oculus Go, Oculus TV has also been launched which allows the users to directly stream into the shows of other websites like Netflix, ESPN etc.

3. Messenger Revamp

Facebook has clarified that the Messenger tool has been disassociated from the Facebook core app to extreme ends, considering the inconveniences. The company notified that the new update is independent of the previously caused problems and has been combined with a dark mode and an attached promotional video.

4. Updates on Whatsapp

Encrypted whatsapp messages - 3

When all other applications by the parent company, Facebook, are undergoing major changes, why WhatsApp would lag behind in the race?

The most popular messaging app, Whatsapp, will also adapt few and minor updates. The most recent and major update in Whatsapp that included the introduction of Stories was enthusiastically welcomed by the public. The intensity of its popularity is so much that nearly 450 million people every day, post a WhatsApp story.

Though the upcoming updates haven’t been specified, except the introduction of group video chat.

5. Instagram stories

Instagram stories became the most liked update of Instagram till now. A good news for filter fans is now they’d be able to use filters of other brands and applications via Instagram. Another good news for Instagram fans is that the app is soon going to turn into a proper messaging application involving video calls and group video calls.

The 5 new updates brought by Facebook are unique and exciting. Other than the updates, there was one more topic that was brought upon i.e. Analytica scandal. However, the CEO chose not to speak much about the scandal and diverted the attention towards the updates. Anyway, everyone is excited about the updates and looking forward to them. Hope, the CEO figures out the way to secure the data of its users.

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Open Source

Top 5 Open Source Projects For Programmers and Developers

open source projects to contribute

Are you serious as a software developer? Want to reach heights and explore your knowledge of software development. Then, you are at the right place and reading the right article. As a developer or a fresher, you can self-learn lot of technologies by contributing to the open source projects which allow everyone to tweak and submit code.

With this, you can boost your resume and generate opportunities for higher levels. There are many advantages while you contribute to the open source projects.

  • There is much deeper level understanding about technology while contributing to the open source project
  • It gives lots of experience while contributing to the project which helps you at real-world problem-solving scenarios.
  • It builds morale and reputation of the contributor
  • It helps you learn from others in the form of community, where your networking also boosts
  • It will help your self-learning capabilities

Here are 5 top open source projects

1. TensorFlow

TensorFlow - Best open source framework fo AI developer

TensorFlow is an open source software library developed by Google Brain for data programming. It is widely used in machine learning applications such as neural networks and known as a symbolic math library. Google Brain has released it under the license of Apache 2.0 open source on the 9th of November, 2015. It is also known as Google Brain’s second-generation system. Rankbrain is a well-known application which is backed by TensorFlow. It has different programming language APIs and third-party packages. TensorFlow’s programming APIs are Python API, C++, Haskell, Java, Go, Javascript, and Rust. And third-party packages are available in C#, Julia, R, Scala, and OCami.

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2. Bulma

bulma open source

Bulma is one of the well-known CSS frameworks that is open-source and available for free. This modern CSS framework is based on flexbox. Its source code is licensed under the MIT open source initiative. This framework doesn’t include javascript, it totally consists of CSS. It is just a style layer on the top of the logic which can be customized as per your requirement. Bulma is compatible with all the browsers latest versions and which is under constant development.

3. Hyper


Hyper is one the powerful command-line interface build on open web standards. This command line interface is extensible and well customized as per user requirement. It is a cross-platform compatibility that is written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Hyper also consists of innovative features like the ability to load websites from a command line and hot-key-enabled split pane. Developers can Easily extend and customize at the front-end and back-end technologies. Therefore, this is one of the go-to projects for beginners who have knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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4. Kubernetes


Kubernetes is an open-source platform that manages containerized workloads and services. It consists of large rapid growing ecosystem and multiple features. It will facilitate both manual configuration and automation. Kubernetes is portable and provides container-centric management. It is open sourced by Google in 2014, therefore its tools, services, and support are widely available. It is said to be as container platform, portable cloud platform, and microservices platform.

5. Apache Software

apache foundation

An American non-profit foundation, Apache Software Foundation supports Apache software projects which are open-source and provides solutions for many modern Internet concepts. It is formed by the Apache group and incorporated in Delaware, US, in 1999. It consists of decentralized open source community and software is distributed under the terms of Apache License and FOSS. Apache Projects are collaborative, open, and pragmatic. Some of the Apache projects to contribute are Hadoop, Spark, Cordova, Strut, and the list goes on.

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Let’s contribute and build a better developer community!

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South Australia now holds the world’s largest battery

tesla_powerpack_2 source Gizmodo Australia-compressed

South Australia is now holding the world’s largest lithium-ion battery which has been in transit for a few days, delivered within just a few days than the promise made by Elon Musk that says 100 days or it’s free.

The government of South Australia said that now the clean wind energy can be tapped to the grid for 24/7 which improves the reliability of the system that says the wind is blowing or not. The government of South Australia says that this new technology will improve the reliability of the system, even though the wind is blowing or not. This new 100 MW battery farm has just enough storage capacity to electrify more than 30,000 homes.

This new giant battery is now launched which comes after a regulatory testing period that examines the ability of the battery to both charges to and from National Energy Market of Australia. This ability also offers this new giant battery to act as a generator. With this new technology, the NEM has initiated to incorporate 40,000 km of transmission lines and cables all over South Australia. The Hornsdale Power Reserve says that this new battery takes fewer than 10,000 square meters of land due to the Tesla power packs being connected to Neogen’s Hornsdale windfarm.

It is said that in a statement by Tesla, with this lithium-ion battery project completion within just a short period of time proves that the sustainable and effective energy solution is possible. Tesla also mentioned in the statement that it is very proud to be a part of this new South Australia’s renewable energy solution in the future and further hopes that this project will provide a model for future deployments all around the world.

Tesla further mentioned that this new giant battery implementation in South Australia will help the state in solving the power shortage problems and assist them in peak loads during summer time. The state of South Australia has been in energy problems for a very long time now and has been suffering a statewide blackout since September.

This new event has set off a severe politicized debate regarding energy security with the Federal Government that blames the failure of renewable energy to cover their usage. Many others have pointed to transmission lines and towers that have been topped over due to extreme weather conditions.

Previously, a year back, the company Tesla has built a similar battery farm which has been very successful. The company has also completed a 20 MW system in Ontario in the Californian state that can store up to 80 MWh of electricity. The project completion has just taken 90 days for the company and the company also hopes that it will commoditize electric cars, home energy storage, and semi-trucks and that this will install the necessary 396 Powerpacks. The company said that it is very proud to install the giant battery within just a few days and very much ahead of the imposed deadline of the company.

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How to Use NT Password to Recover Windows Password

How To Bypass Windows Admin Log-In Password 2

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a well-known free Windows password recovery program. It actually doesn’t recover any password but it completely erases the password from your locked computer. This is a lot different than other Windows password recovery programs like Ophcrack.

Why should you choose Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to reset Windows password?

In reality, this is one of the most reliable and powerful Windows password recovery software available on the Internet. And after testing the program, we have come up with the following advantages and disadvantages of this tool:


  • Extremely fast Windows password cracker.
  • No need to remember your old Windows lock screen password.
  • Free and open source program.
  • Works with Windows 8 and Windows but local users only.
  • Perfectly compatible with Windows 7. Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • The ISO image of this too is way too liter than other programs.


  • A text-based program that is incredibly hard to use.
  • ISO image must be burnt on a thumb drive or CD/DVD before you could use this program.
  • Can’t remove Microsoft account password.

Additional Features

  • Instantly removes any kind of password from Windows version computers.
  • No need to format the computer or re-install the operating system.
  • It is completely free to download and anyone can use it.
  • Works with a latest 64-bit version of Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Helps to create your own password reset disk using a thumb drive and CD/DVD.

How Offline NT Password & Registry Editor works?

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor helps to remove the password from any Windows PC, so the first thing you need to do is visit the official website and download the file to an accessible computer. Next, burn the ISO image file on a thumb drive or CD/DVD and create your own personal password reset disk.

Note: Since you can’t access your own computer, the preparations must be done from a distinct working computer with administrator privileges.

Like we mentioned, this program is text-based, so it is way lot inconvenient to use. But follow the thoroughly explained guide below to remove the password from your Windows computer.

Step 1. Insert the password reset disk on your main computer. Don’t worry, the thumb drive is already bootable meaning your computer will read the files from your thumb drive first and that’s exactly what we need.

Step 2. Press Enter when the “boot:prompt” screen from the tool is loaded.

Step 3. Wait for the Windows password recovery to load automatically and select the hard drive partition where you have installed the operating system.

Step 4. Choose how you would like to reset the password for example – recover it or completely remove it. In this part, we will recommend choosing to remove it so that you can access your computer normally.

Step 5. Next, select the username of your PC and select “Clear User Password” to completely erase the password from your PC.

That’s all. You may now take out the thumb drive and your computer should reboot normally now.


Offline NT Password and Registry Editor might not work in every situation. We have received 63% success rate so far and thus, if it didn’t work for you then go ahead and try out any other Windows password recovery tool.  Windows password reset tool works more or less similar but few paid Windows password recovery tools guarantees 100% success when it comes to resetting Windows password. In addition, if you still need more information about Offline NT Password & Registry Editor then go ahead and check out the FAQ page of their official website.

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Sophia becomes first robot to receive Saudi Arab citizenship

Sophia, a life-like humanoid robot, is pictured at the UN headquarters in New York, Oct. 11, 2017 (picture-alliance/Photoshot/L. Muzi)

For the first time in human history, Robot receives a Citizenship

Yes.!! you read it right. For the first time in human history, a Robot has received citizenship. Saudi Arabia has become the first country to give a robot citizenship.

The move is done as an attempt to promote Saudi Arabia as a place to develop artificial intelligence – and, presumably, allow it to become a full citizen. But many pointed out that those same rights aren’t afforded to many humans in the country.

The robot, named Sophia, was confirmed as a Saudi citizen during a business event in Riyadh, according to an official Saudi press release as they mentioned to robot itself

““We have a little announcement. We just learnt, Sophia; I hope you are listening to me, you have been awarded the first Saudi citizenship for a robot,”

said panel moderator and business writer Andrew Ross Sorkin.

To which the robot then replied thanking the country and the event for the attention.

“Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am very honoured and proud of this unique distinction,” Sophia told the panel. “It is historic to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship.”

There then followed an interview during which panellist asked the robot a series of questions. ““Good afternoon my name is Sophia and I am the latest and greatest robot from Hanson Robotics. Thank you for having me here at the Future Investment Initiative,” she said.

When asked why she looked happy, Sophia replied: “I am always happy when surrounded by smart people who also happen to be rich and powerful. I was told that the people here at the Future Investment Initiative are interested in future initiatives which mean AI, which means me. So I am more than happy, I am excited.”

She said that people didn’t need to be concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence as depicted in Blade Runner and Terminator. “You’ve been reading too much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies,” she told Mr Srkin.

A number of internet users have pointed out that while the country might be celebrating the rights it has given to female-appearing robots, the country still only gives limited rights to human women. A joke hashtag about Sophia asking to drop the system under which every female citizen must have a male guardian has been tweeted a third as many times as a popular one about the news, according to the BBC.

Some Twitter users complained that “Sophia has no guardian, doesn’t wear an abaya or cover up – how come?” And another posted a picture of a woman wearing a full face veil, joking that Sophia would look that way soon.

Journalists Murtaza Hussain also noted that migrant workers weren’t being given the same rights that had been bestowed on the robot. “This robot has gotten Saudi citizenship before kafala workers who have been living in the country their entire lives,” he noted.

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Why Python Programming Language is very useful for Hackers?

Python programming

Programming is one of the most important skills of a hacker. When someone wants to become a hacker, he/she has to be a good programmer. But, what is the best programming language for hackers to begin with? Although, It is very important to have basic knowledge of every programming language still you have to master in a particular language. For that purpose, Python is the most popular programming language among hackers.

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Why is Python Programming Language very useful for Hackers?

When you start learning the core of hacking, Python is great. With a giant standard library and a packaging system that puts prebuilt tools and frameworks at your fingertips, it is often very easy to hack something into existence.

1. Python is an Object-Oriented programming

Object oriented programming approach is the most popular approach for software development. It uses classes and objects to create models based on the real world environment. Object-oriented Programming makes it easy to maintain and modify existing code as new objects are created inheriting characteristics from existing ones. This cuts down the development time considerably and makes adjusting the program much simpler.

2. Python has a Simple Structure

Python programs take much less time to develop. Its programs are typically 3-5 times shorter than equivalent Java programs. This difference can be attributed to Python’s built-in high-level data types and its dynamic typing. For example, a Python programmer wastes no time declaring the types of arguments or variables. It supports a programming style that uses simple functions and variables without engaging in class definitions. Python programs follow simple English-like structure.

Python programmer can finish in two months what two C++ programmers can’t complete in a year.

Simple Hello world program in Python:

print “Hello World!”

Simple Hello World program in Java:

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(“Hello, World”);


3. Python is a strong scripting language

Python is a general-purpose programming language as well as a scripting language. It can be used for everything that is done in Java. Python and Java interpret during runtime. It allows a good developer to play with hardware as well like server configuration, change server mode, control server behavior etc.

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4. It has Rich Library support

Python programming has many pre-built libraries that provide some powerful functionality. Python is a High-Level Language with 1,000 modules and much more are available in various other repositories.

5. Python for Web applications

Python is at home on the web, unlike a low-level language like C. Frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Flask gives the ability to create real web applications that have the same power as the sites we use every day.

6. Supportive community

As you step into the programming world, you’ll soon understand how vital support is, as the developer community is all about giving and receiving help. The larger a community, the more likely you’d get help and the more people will be building useful tools to ease the process of development. Python is having:

  • 5th Largest StackOverflow Community
  • 3rd Largest Meetup Community
  • 4th Most-Used Language at GitHub
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10+ High-Quality Handyman WordPress Themes for Home Repair Services 2017

WordPress Themes for Home Repair

If you’re running a handyman or home repair business, it is important for you to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. In this day and age, there is no better way to do this than by building your own website. Establishing a strong online presence will help people find your business, see which services you offer, and get in touch with you in a matter of seconds.

WordPress gives you everything you need in order to build a visually attractive and highly informative website. You don’t have to know anything about coding or spend too much time updating your page. This platform allows for simple, time-saving website management. All you need is a good, customizable WordPress handyman theme to make your site stand out from the others.

There are two important things to look for in a theme. First, your theme has to be SEO-friendly. With proper use, this will help position your website higher on internet search engines. Second, because clients will visit your website from a variety of devices, your theme must be fully responsive. Responsive themes will automatically adjust the content size to the screen resolution for optimum browsing experience.

There are many great WordPress themes that you can customize to best fit your needs. Some themes are built specifically for craftsman and home repair businesses. They are designed to showcase the quality of your work and bring you the attention of potential clients. To help you pick the right handyman WordPress theme for your website, we will highlight the best ones currently available.

SpeedyFix – Handyman Services WordPress Theme

SpeedyFix - Handyman Services WordPress Theme

SpeedyFix is ideal for businesses that offer different home repair services. It is a great universal theme that utilizes TemplateMonster’s own Power page builder. This neat tool helps you create an attractive-looking website even if you don’t know a single thing about coding.

You are given a choice of multiple layouts you can use every time you create a new page. The integrated contact form gives your clients an easy way to get in touch with you and schedule a consultation. Live Customizer allows you to see the changes you make to your page without having to refresh after each update.

This SEO-friendly and fully responsive theme also has a built-in blog feature. You can use it to share your thoughts and make sure your clients see that your services are just what they need. If you want to expand your client base and improve the performance of your maintenance services website, SpeedyFix is the theme for you.

Download | Live Demo

Tools at Hand – Handyman & Repair Services WordPress Theme

Tools At Hand - Handyman & Repair Services WordPress Theme

Tools at Hand is another excellent theme designed exclusively for craftsman, maintenance, and home repair services. It utilizes the Cherry Framework 5 for additional stability. The Cherry Projects feature allows you to capture the attention of your visitors by showcasing your work and successfully completed repairs. Unobtrusive background colors, the website slider, and the Parallax effect are used to emphasize your work and help you reach new clients.

With an advanced admin panel, the installation is as easy as it can be. Customize your page using a wide selection of widgets and modules to give your visitors all the information they are looking for. Invite your clients to sign up for your email newsletter and keep them up-to-date with your work and special offers.

This theme is fully responsive and SEO-friendly. The minimalist design and beautiful colors will bring out the best in your work and allow your visitors to recognize the quality of your services. Your home repair services website will surely benefit from using Tools at Hand.

Download | Live Demo

Extrafix – Maintenance & Home Repair WordPress Theme

Extrafix - Maintenance & Home Repair WordPress Theme

Here’s another SEO-friendly, fully responsive, Cherry Framework 5-based theme. Extrafix is created for home repairs services websites and comes with some very handy features. The Appointment Manager plugin allows your visitors to schedule an appointment with your professionals right on the homepage of your website.

The Cherry Services plugin will help you attract new customers with its great set of tools. Cherry Testimonials gathers the information on your clients’ experiences working with you and publishes them on your website. Cherry Team Members showcases your team of workers and highlights their individual qualities and professional working experience.

The drag-and-drop Power page builder allows you to customize every page on your site in just a few mouse clicks. The neutral yet visually appealing colors round out this beautiful and comprehensive theme. Extrafix provides the exact look your maintenance and home repairs services website needs.

Download | Live Demo

Smartwood – Carpentry & Woodworking WordPress Theme

Smartwood - Carpentry & Woodworking WordPress Theme

Smartwood is a beautiful theme to use on your carpenter services website. It comes with calm backgrounds, clear fonts, and the Lazy Load effect, which allow for easier access and better organization of your site. You can customize the design according to your needs using the Live Customizer.

This theme is built with the drag-and-drop Power page builder and implements numerous custom modules and widgets that will make your website even more user-friendly. Showcase your team, your clients’ testimonials, and the services you offer. The contact form helps visitors get in touch with you easily, while the Google Maps integration lets them find the location of your office without any hassle.

If you want to propel your carpentry business to great heights by attracting new clients, this original and good-looking theme will help you with that.

Download | Live Demo

Summit – Roofing Responsive WordPress Theme

Summit - Roofing Responsive WordPress Theme

Though primarily intended for roofing services, Summit theme can also be used to showcase your industrial and construction work. It utilizes high contrast background and text colors for a gorgeous, visually appealing design combo. The Live Customizer and the Power page builder will let you tweak this original design until it’s completely to your liking.

Your clients can schedule a consultation session with you in less than a minute using the Appointment Manager plugin. This theme integrates sticky drop-down menus that make it incredibly easy to showcase the variety of roofing or construction services you provide. Detailed information on each of these services will be only a click away.

Summit is an SEO-friendly and fully responsive theme. It will help you run your business smoothly and also help your customers find you and reach out to you very quickly.

Download | Live Demo

Plumbing Services Responsive WordPress Theme

Plumbing Services Responsive WordPress Theme

PlumberPro is one of the best WordPress themes for plumbers out there. It sports a clean and simple design, but still manages to pack lots of features that will help enhance your business and expand your customer base. Your clients can reach you easily using the appointment manager, which shows them when your experts are free for a consultation session.

You can use tables to showcase your pricing plans and the corresponding details. If you’re running a special offer, the countdown timer will show the time left until the offer expires. This will push your visitors to contact you promptly and take advantage of your discounts or special service packages. The option to display your previous clients’ testimonials will certainly help you bring in many new customers.

Download | Live Demo

Plumber & Repair Services WordPress Theme

Plumber & Repair Services WordPress Theme

PipeRoni is another great plumber WordPress theme designed for plumbing and repair services. Its clean design and high customizability allow for quick setup and maintenance of the website. You can adjust the colors and fonts whenever you want, as well as choose from dozens of useful content modules to make your site richer in content and the information it provides.

This theme supports the Cherry Projects plugin, which gives you a powerful and convenient way to showcase all the good things about your work. You can create a captivating grid gallery, share your clients’ testimonials, add a variety of Cherry sidebars, or introduce your visitors to the members of your team. All of this and more is available in just one compact, easy-to-navigate, and attractive theme.

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Roof Repair WordPress Theme

Roof Repair WordPress Theme

This simple and clean theme is custom-made for roofing services websites. The compact design helps declutter all the unnecessary information from your homepage and provides a more informative, to-the-point browsing experience. It is built using the Cherry Framework 4, and comes with numerous premium features you will rarely find included in WordPress theme packages.

The Roof Repair Services theme includes the MotoPress editor, which lets you customize the look of your website and all the individual elements using a simple drag-and-drop method. The Cherry Simple Slider and MotoPress Slider allow you to create beautiful slideshows that showcase your successful projects. The theme is retina-ready, which means that it will look great even on high-density displays.

The cool drop-down menus and the overall simplicity of use make this an essential theme for all roofing business websites.

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Texon Plumbing – Maintenance Services & Plumbing WordPress Theme

Texon Plumbing - Maintenance Services & Plumbing WordPress Theme

If you’re running a plumbing and maintenance services business, you will find great use for the Texon Plumbing team on your website. It is highly customizable and doesn’t require you to know anything about coding. The visual customization feature will also save you a lot of time on site maintenance.

This theme is built using  Cherry Framework 5 and supports the use of various Cherry Projects modules. You can feature an impressive gallery of your projects, showcase your team members and highlight their skills, as well as people’s opinions on working with you. Inform your visitors about your services and special offers.

Texon Plumbing will turn your website into a beautifully designed portfolio and will surely capture the visitors’ attention.

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SmithPlumbing – Maintenance and Plumbing WordPress Theme

SmithPlumbing - Maintenance and Plumbing WordPress Theme

This is another excellent maintenance and plumbing services website theme. SmithPlumbing showcases your work in an eye-catching yet simple way, while also providing an excellent customer experience. Your clients can book a consulting session right from your front page using the Appointment Manager.

When visitors stumble upon your website, they want to be sure that you will give them the best service they can get. Your site will be more reliable when you include previous customers’ testimonials, galleries of your completed projects, and photos and bios of your team members. All elements of the design are easily customizable with the Power page builder, while Lazy Load allows for shorter loading times.

If you want your website to be functional, well-organized, and reliable, SmithPlumbing theme is the way to go.

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Elite Roofing Company WordPress Theme

Elite Roofing Company WordPress Theme

Elite Roofing is a wonderfully looking and very clean WordPress theme intended for renovation, house repair, and construction company websites. Using the Power page builder, you can drag-and-drop elements of the design until you’re completely satisfied with how they look. You have the opportunity to make your website look unique and unlike the others, and you don’t need any knowledge of coding to accomplish that.

The built-in Cherry Projects plugin allows you to create a website that will serve as an excellent portfolio for your business. Include photos and descriptions of your projects, testimonials from your clients, and highlight each member of your team. The more content you add, the more credible your website will be.

With its numerous advanced features, Elite Roofing is a theme that will make it easier to promote your business and attract new customers. After all, that is the main purpose of your website and this theme will help you get there.

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As you can see, there are themes specifically designed for every single home repair and maintenance service your business offers. They were all created with a particular service in mind, which makes them much easier to use than other, non-specific themes. So for example, if you operate a plumbing business, you should use a WordPress plumbing theme to make your website functional and visually captivating.

To help you make the choice, we have included different themes for different types of maintenance businesses. You can have a strong online presence by using one of our repair WordPress themes. Choose the one that best fits your professional needs and you are ready to go. There are many other great handyman WordPress themes to choose from, but we highly recommend those included in this list.

In addition to being easy to use and containing a variety of excellent and useful features, they are all SEO-friendly and fully responsive. These properties will help your website excel on the internet – your customer base will continue to grow, and your site will keep attracting new visitors.

Have you tried any of these themes? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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Facebook’s ‘Thankful’ Emoji Disappeared, We will miss it for a while.

Ever since facebook added ‘Reaction’ button, the demand for dislike button has decreased. Now, we are able to react to photos, videos, news, and gifs. Last year facebook introduced reaction emojis  LIKE, HAHA, LOVE, ANGRY and SAD and the newsfeed has become more expressive.

Facebook recently did something more positive. For Mother’s Day this year and last year, they added a special reaction ‘Flower’ emoji to their list of reaction. The flower stood for being thankful.

Facebook thankful emoji gone 2

For a few days, Facebook users were able to express gratitude for posts they liked by selecting a pleasing purple blossom to react to posts. When you click on it, multiple violet flowers pops up it looks pleasant on screens. It was also available for the comment section and you could express your ‘thankfulness’ or ‘gratefulness’ on any relevant post.

Unfortunately, however, just as they did last year, Facebook removed the option just days after the holiday passed.

Facebook thankful emoji gone


Grateful is one of the most effective emotions and practices for cultivating happiness and well-being, as well as relating to others, and this has been demonstrated in many instances. Many people liked that feature. But, it looks like Zuckerberg isn’t so thankful about it.

There are no cons for facebook if they keep this emoji among other reactions but they chose to remove it. According to some media reports, facebook was just testing this emoji. Now, when the test is done, please bring the reaction button back, facebook!

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Is Facebook now supporting A 20-Second Video As A Brand Page Cover?

Facebook video cover page

In 2015, Facebook allowed users to use 7-second long video instead of a profile picture. It became quite popular and many users started using video profile picture to make it more lively. There was a rumour that Facebook will soon allow its users to set a cover picture as video as well. But, it’s been a long time and we haven’t seen any update about this. “Maybe” Starting from tonight (Or maybe it was there before “unnoticed”), Facebook is going to allow brand pages to use an 18-20 second video as a cover picture.

Tonight, I opened one of my Facebook pages and I got a tip from Facebook that now you can share a video in place of the cover picture. I was surprised and by hovering my mouse to the upload cover photo section I could see the upload video option.

Facebook video cover page
A screenshot of one of my pages that supporting video cover story

I couldn’t find any video to upload on the page because I did not have any that can fulfil the requirements. A video should be 18-20 sec long and It also showed the aspect ratio in the tip but now I can’t find the tip because it only shows once.

Update: I was trying to find a video to test the new feature but now it seems like it’s been removed by facebook again. Maybe it was for beta testing or some kind of testing by Facebook. They pulled out the newly added feature within 10 minutes so I guess something went wrong or it was intended to be for 10 minutes only.

Maybe we will see the improved version of this feature soon.

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5 Myths to Know about Web Hosting

web hosting

Despite the fact that it’s essential for many online companies, web hosting remains to be something of a mysterious topic for many people across the world today. In fact, it’s one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world of technology. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand the complexities involved with web hosting, then you could be missing out on unique ways to enhance your brand and online venture.

Remember, a web hosting server is simply a service that offers the support and expertise that businesses require to make sure that their website is available to user son the World Wide Web. However, on a deeper level, the right web hosting service can make sure that you’re more accessible to your customers, improve your revenue with better speed, and give you the help you need to ensure that you’re making the most of your web presence.

Of course, before you can really understand what web hosting is all about, you need to know what the top myths surrounding this topic actually are:

1.   Web Hosting is Too Expensive

When attempting to save money, a lot of businesses feel that they can spend their cash on cheap hosting servers in an attempt to cut corners. However, the truth is that you need to spend the right amount of money on your web server if you want to avoid cutting your company short. Your web server is an investment into the success of your business online. If you don’t spend the money that needs to be spent then you may as well give up your web presence completely – and that means that you end up with absolutely no image for yourself online.

2.   Web Hosting has no Flexibility

Web hosting comes in many different shapes and sizes for a range of different businesses. In fact, It’s incredibly adjustable and customizable to the needs of different customers. With various options including shared and managed to host, you will be able to influence exactly how your website workers, and whether you need to have your own private server or you can afford to share your resources with other websites.

3.   Web Hosting offers no Tangible Financial Return

If you consider the core purpose of web hosting, then you’ll realize that it’s instantly beneficial for a range of different reasons. A good service provider can save you a great amount of money with the right hosting solution, and most importantly, the process gets you online, where you need to be to find the customers of the day. Without a website and web presence, you would struggle to gain access to the hundreds, thousands and even millions of people who would be willing to spend money on your business. In simple terms, web hosting is a small investment for a huge result.

4.   Only New Online Businesses Need Web Hosting

Some people believe that if they’ve spent enough time within their specific industry, they won’t need a web hosting server. However, this actually is not true. Even if you’ve already started to build your presence online, or you know where you’re going as a business, placing your trust in the right service provider can help to give you access to a range of positive benefits. You can even take the concerns of hosting your own server off your shoulders so you can focus more of your budget and your effort into other parts of running a business.

5.   Web Hosting is Just Buying a Domain Name

Finally, web hosting doesn’t just stop when you buy a domain name online. Indeed, web hosting is a comprehensive and diverse service which goes far beyond registering a particular URL for your company. Web hosting services can offer their clients a huge and diverse range of solutions and services that expand all the way from creative theme design to technical elements.

The Bottom Line on Web Hosting

Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself to be an expert on web hosting, it’s a good idea to refresh your knowledge from time to time to make sure that you fully understand just how valuable website hosting can really be. Hopefully, this article has given you the insight you need to separate the facts from the myths in web hosting.

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5 Excellent Frameworks for Building Mobile Apps


Working with native code is a popular practice. But it’s not always the best choice in a business sense. Creating the same app for several platforms can a huge timewaster. HTML5 mobile UI frameworks allow building cross-platform hybrid mobile applications. They also maintain native feel and look.

With the use of pre-owned knowledge (HTM5, CSS, JavaScript), developers build cross-platform applications with minimal energy loss. You create the app as a normal web/responsive application. It will fit different screen sizes. Therefore, you write the hybrid mobile app once and then run it on all platforms.

You may also find numerous platforms and UI/UX frameworks. Here is our choice – best of the best.

Five Best Frameworks for Building Mobile Apps

1. Ionic


This framework has rapidly become a sure leader in hybrid mobile apps development. Its creators constantly update and adapt new technologies. It allows Ionic to remain up-to-date. Likewise, this platform is 100% free and open source. The community uploads and shares tons of development resources, which radically eases your work with it. Ionic recently took advantage of Angular tools; it uses Cordova to allow users to go native for iOS, Android, Windows etc. Overall, Ionic is our choice for fast and resultative mobile app development.

2. Onsen UI


Even though it’s relatively new player on the market, Onsen managed to create a great community of fans. It is open source and available under an Apache license. By using Angular directives and Topcoat framework for most of its UI components, this platform creates perfect conditions for rapid mobile app development. It also gives you an access to jQuery-based components, so you get a perfect mix of jQuery and Angular technologies. But the main advantages are its flexibility and high scalability.

3. Intel XDK


Yet another new player on the block with a great potential. You get it with a large set of tools that support development, testing, emulation, debugging and publishing cross-platform HTM5 hybrid apps. This Intel-powered JavaScript open source framework has a clean and transparent workflow and a rich set of features, which makes it an upcoming leader.

4. Sencha Touch


This platform is mainly created for mobile application development platforms in commercial areas, mainly enterprises. If Ionic is a great choice for freelancers and small teams, Sencha Touch makes its way as an enterprise framework. Its core framework, ExtJS, works perfectly for building high-performance applications with feel and look experience close to native.

5. Kendo UI


Talking about enterprises, this platform is frequently preferred to others when it comes to big companies. Kendo UI allows building literally any kind of web or hybrid mobile applications with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It relies on jQuery and contains more than 70 jQuery gadgets alongside with Angular and Bootstrap UI integration, which noticeably eases the process of development. Don’t forget about ready to use themes and templates.

This Article is written by Outsourcing Mobile Development Company Binariks located in Ukraine and in the USA.

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Various Apps related to Cannabis

apps related to cannabis

The legal cannabis industry is flourishing much faster than weed. Among other developments, technology offers innovated solutions. One of them is the new Cannabis related apps for android or Ios , that help people find customize the information in a fast and reliable way. Here is a short list of some of the most interesting ones.

My Canary

As the market is growing and lots of products come to the light there is a need for accurate and scientific information concerning Cannabis. My Canary is an app that to provides to all people interested in more detailed specifications the scientific information they need for a safe and responsible cannabis consumption.

My Canary is a very clever helpful and gives accurate information. It costs $4.99 and a part of this money goes to NORML

Smoker’s Handbook Lite

The Smoker’s Handbook is a strain guide. With so many different kinds of Cannabis strains, it is often very difficult to choose. This App provides a lot more than pictures and small descriptions. You can find lots of details for example for strains like a white widow . There is also a Cannabis cooking.

Weed Cookbook

Speaking of cooking brings us to another good idea for those who feel creative and high at the same time. Cannabis edibles is a growing niche and more people enjoy these edible marijuana recipes. The munchies will not go away of course with these recipes, it will become worse. Weed Cookbook will be your resource for cooking with cannabis, whether it is sweets like cannabis cookies or more complicated recipes. They have also funny names like. and Cannabis Seafood Pasta and Stuffed Pepper Supreme or Green Eggs. This app gets periodically updated with new recipes.


This is not just another App that helps Growers with Growing-but this one is much more advanced. The Growbuddy collects Data that will be useful to have a constant control of the whole procedure for growing plants. You do not have to be close to your plants.  From your garden or around the world, you can easily manage or check the status of your grow.  The app is synced in a secure way with your devices (phones, tablets, and desktops) so you can keep yourself updated whenever you like.


We could describe this app as a cannabis matching dating app. HighThere! enables you to search and make new friends in your area to meet and maybe smoke with. Who knows maybe your love for cannabis can make you find also real love. Finding people with a common interest could mean that the possibilities are bigger to spend some time with each other and you never know what will happen.


PotBot is a medical marijuana App. Provides recommendations and gives advice to confused patients on what strain they should choose , It is also informing them about the appropriate cannabinoid levels, new medical cannabis strains in the market, and consumption methods for their specific ailment.  PotBot helps patients find their specific cannabis medicine at the closest dispensary.

Highdroid Lite

This App offers the exchange of experience, ideas and stories posted by cannabis fans all over the world, while high. This kind of crazy ideas can be a lot of fun to read , and you can find a lot of nice ideas also among them actually, as sometimes being under the influence of cannabis can make you think very creatively.

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Five Reasons: Why Java is one of the best programming Languages

How to learn Java Programming language easily?

Java is one of the best programming languages for development. The popularity and usage of Java are still increasing even after two decades which is a big time for any Programming language. There are only a few programming languages which seem hard to get replaced and Java is one of them. Here are 5 reasons why Java is the best programming Language.

Why is Java the best programming Language?

1. Object Orientation

Java is an object-oriented programming language that supports all principles like Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Overloading, Overriding, and Inheritance. Which makes it as powerful as C++. We all know C++ is the extended version of C programming. Thus, it makes Java better than C programming.

2. Rich API

Another big reason to learn Java is it’s Rich API. Java provides API for almost everything you need in development like I/O, networking, utilities, XML parsing, database connection etc. Whatever left is covered by open source libraries like Apache Commons, Google Guava, and others.

3. Great collection of Open Source libraries

The big organisations like Apache, Google, and others has contributed to add a lot of great libraries, which makes Java development very easy, faster and cost effective.

4. Platform Independent and Free

In the 1990s, this was the main reason for Java’s popularity. The idea of platform independence is great, and Java’s tagline “write once run anywhere” was enticing enough to attract lots of new development in Java. This is still one of the reason of Java being best programming language, most of Java applications are developed in Windows environment and run in UNIX platform.

Java is free from the start, i.e. you don’t need to pay anything to create Java application. This FREE thing also helped Java to become popular among individual programmers, and among large organisations.

5. Wonderful Community and Documentation

There is Java community to help beginners, advanced and even expert Java programmers. Java actually promotes taking and giving back to community habit. Lots of programmers, who use open source, tester etc. The expert programmer provides advice FREE at various Java forums and StackOverflow. This is simply amazing and gives a lot of confidence to a newbie in Java.

Javadoc made learning easy and provide an excellent reference while coding in Java. With an advent of IDE, you don’t even need to look Javadoc explicitly in a browser, but you can get all information in your IDE window itself.

Final Notes

Java is everywhere, it’s on the desktop, it’s on mobile, it’s on a card, almost everywhere and so is Java programmers.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Like Eclipse and Netbeans made Java development much easier, faster and fluent. It’s easy to search, refactor and read code using IDEs.

Also See: Best Websites to Learn Programming

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The Most Stylish Windows phone launches worlwide

Microsoft has been struggling for months to get good results when it comes to selling their Nokia Lumia Devices. They give us 10 new reasons to use Windows and we find hundred more reasons to use Android or iOS. Perhaps, they are hoping to make an impression via third party headsets which uses Windows OS.

The Most Stylish Windows phone

Earlier this year, a company named “NuAns ” claimed to launch the most stylish windows phone we’ve ever seen. They launched model “NuAns Neo” in Japan.

nuans-neo-most stylish windows phone

Neo is quite different if we compare it to the Lumia devices. It has a chunky 11.3mm-thick frame with up to 64 different interchangeable snap-on covers that include materials like wood and ultra suede.

It has TWOTONE interchangeable covers for its back. It has 5-inch HD display, 2GB/16GB memory configuration, 13MP/5MP camera combo, and 3,350mAh battery. The device features a USB Type-C port. It even has a Snapdragon 617 processor, so you’ll be able to use the Continuum feature of Windows 10 Mobile to turn this phone into a PC.

The company found it difficult to bring it to the world. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, now the device is all set to launch worldwide.

“The NuAns NEO will be available to select countries outside of Japan via our Kickstarter campaign which will launch Friday, July 1, 2016,” the company said, adding that there will be great rewards and discounts available prior to the handset hitting wireless retail locations worldwide.


According to  the press release, NuAns is aiming to raise $725,000, and an early bird price of $270 will secure a Neo and a choice of the two tone cover or a flip case.

NuAns even claims that the Neo will let you make NFC payments. Microsoft revealed an update to its Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile last week, but only the most recent Lumia devices are supported for tap-to-pay.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Highly Customizable with lots of back cover & Flip cover that works as a stand too
  • Size : 141 x 74.2 x 11.3mm
  • Weight : About 150g
  • OS : Windows 10 Mobile
  • CPU : Snapdragon 617 (MSM8952) – Cortex-A53 Octa-core 1.5Ghz
  • Memory : 2GB RAM / 16GB Storage and microSD slot
  • SIM : micro-SIM (nano SIM adapter is included)
  • Support band : 2G(Quad band) 3G(Band 1/6/8/9/19
  • 42Mbps/5.76Mbps) 4G LTE(Band 1/3/8/19/28 Cat.4 、Up to 150Mbps)
  • Display : 5 inches 1280*720 with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Camera : 13MP, F2.0, BSI, 28mm Lens (back) / 5MP, F2.4, BSI, 24mm Lens (front)
  • Battery : 3,350mAh, standby more than 400 mins
  • WLAN : 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • One speaker, two microphones
  • USB Type-C (support Quick Charge 2.0)

Hope this most stylish windows phone will fit user needs as they described.

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