The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your SAP Consultant

Modern business landscape features an extremely favorable, yet challenging environment; success requires all the company’s systems to work efficiently and non-stop to meet the market demands. The demands of such kind can be addressed with the help of ERP systems like SAP, which foster qualitative changes to the company workflow and as a result, amplify the profits.

What is SAP, and how should it be introduced into the company’s structure? Let’s explore the details.

What Is SAP?

SAP is a globally acknowledged ERP solution provider, which establishes a comprehensive and centralized business infrastructure with across-department transparency and data-sharing. Not only does it streamline the business operational processes and costs, but ше also provides a platform for developing and deploying their applications.

SAP ERP is an ecosystem of 64 modules targeting specific business functions. The modules are divided into two categories:

  • Functional, the ones that target specific aspects of business performance (finance, human resources, supply chain, warehouse management, etc.).
  • Technical, the modules that provide the non-stop performance of functional modules.

SAP is one of the solutions that makes the difference. It allows businesses to bring all the departments into one unified system, with the transparency and automation of all the activities across the board. Moreover, all the management ‘levers’ are right at the tips of the fingers.

SAP implementation provides three major improvements:

  • Automation – SAP automates manual input of data, minimizing errors and duplicated data.
  • Scalability – SAP offers a flexible structure, adjusting to the market and seasonal demand.
  • Data integrity – instead of scattered applications and a long chain of data sharing, one platform provides access to all the necessary data.

The first acquaintance with the SAP system always starts with SAP consulting company consultants, who guide clients into all the details, characteristics, and features based on businesses’ demands and needs. Therefore, the choice of one is halfway to success.

How to Choose a SAP Consultant?

The choice of an SAP consultant is based on two main approaches: professional evaluation and personal perception. It is important to understand that an SAP consultant represents the whole team and company, mediating between businesses and developers. The consultant analyses the business performance and offers relevant solutions.

Professional evaluation

1. Knowledge

Knowledgeability is simply a ‘must-have’ characteristic. The consultant will not manage the whole cooperation without properly understanding SAP products and the relevant business area. Moreover, all the information should be presented in rather simple words to help the clients understand the system and all the connections.

2. Experience

Experience is the biggest business value; SAP consultants make no exception.

The more experienced the consultant is, the more valuable their insights regarding SAP implementation, and specific modules for implementation. It may seem like ageism, yet, the cost of mistakes is too high.

3. Profile

Before contacting SAP Consultant services, it is important to study their website and all the cases of their work. This will help you understand whether the company and its representatives possess relevant skills and knowledge in a particular business area.

4. Certification

SAP consultants and their companies are required to have certificates that validate their skills regarding SAP implementation. For instance, LeverX, a global SAP implementation company, is an SAP Gold Partner and SAP Global Strategic Supplier, which makes it a trustworthy and reliable ‘partner-in-crime’. Here you can find all the information regarding their services and offers.

5. Transparent pricing model

One of the important things to consider is the money. The implementation of IT solutions can’t be cheap (if it is, doable-check the company), but it is important to clarify the cost of the services, not to have hidden and unaffordable payments in the end. Thus, after agreeing on the volume of services, ensure set-in-stone pricing to be on the safe side.

Personal perception

Personal perception is not the most decisive aspect, yet it is worth the attention.

1. Ability to listen

SAP consultants are there to help, and one of the fundamental skills for it is listening.

Make sure the consultants hear your requests and offer relevant products, providing the reasons for such a choice. If they are only interested in selling the product, further cooperation will be rather unproductive.

2. Overall atmosphere

SAP integration can take up to six to twelve months, depending on the structure, modules, and complexity of the implementation. Thus, it is important to choose the team you feel comfortable with, as it is the key to constructive cooperation and communication.

The Final Thoughts

SAP software is a leading ERP solution that initiates a new level of business functioning. It streamlines the performance of internal resources and reorganizes the workflow, thus maximizing the company’s output and productivity. The right consultancy company will analyze the business needs and, based on its expertise, offer the best solutions for addressing them.

Make sure you contact professionals like LeverX, as their proven knowledge will bring your company to its best possible performance.