Best Practices in Mobile UX Design For Successful App

Just a few short years ago, only the most successful companies could afford to create mobile apps to serve their customers. However, app stores are enjoying a significant increase in revenue each following year, which tells us mobile apps are becoming more and more popular. If you have not yet tried to make a mobile app, it might not be too late to jump in on the wagon and take advantage of a fast-growing market.

Adaptability is the hallmark of competence and intelligence, so companies that can accommodate changes are usually the ones that thrive. There are many different ways to measure success, but companies that can meet the demands of their customers and create new ones are the pioneers that pave the way for other advances. In the following article, we are going to talk about the best design practices for creating a successful app.

Design and User Experience

If you want to make an app, you are probably aware of the technical requirements, but the design and user experience are just as important. Since users are moving to mobile devices for many purposes, it is vital that app design is on par with the desktop experience.

  • Layout and colors. Choose a color palette with hues that do not clash. The layout of your application is not a feature you will want to change and adjust afterward because app users get used to it.
  • No matter how many features your app has, you have to keep a set of main actions easily accessible.
  • Websites are simpler to navigate within a browser than an app on a mobile device. Incorporating familiar navigation bars can help users when first getting to know your app.
  • Be careful when choosing your font type and size and try out different options. Other than for aesthetic purposes, it is crucial to find the optimal text layout for easier readability.
  • Ease of use. You can provide a textual help section, video guides, or implement an interactive demo guide when users start the app for the first time.
  • Spacing and padding. Mobile devices come in all sizes and screen resolutions, so you have to carefully test whether the spacing, padding, and margins work well for your app on different devices.
  • Scrolling on mobile. In trying to make an interface similar to the website, many developers forget the long scroll problem on mobile devices. Organize the content in your app in a way that enables users to find what they are looking for easily.

What to Consider Before Developing Your App?

If you want to make an app, be it for a business undertaking or a side project, you have to adhere to particular guidelines to make the most of it. Creating an application usually involves the same basic principles, but you have to consider the experience required to do it right. Release early – release often is the motto that many app developers stand by, so it is necessary to strive for constant improvement.

First impression

Considering that we, humans, are visual creatures, it only makes sense that the first impression is often correct. Since we don’t get more than one chance to make a first impression, the visual design of your app will be a crucial factor in how well your app is received. Having an intuitive design and a simple interface can help overcome the competition in the same app category.


There are different kinds of apps for various uses nowadays, but there are also applications that can integrate several purposes in one package. There is no difference in the success rates of apps that serve one intent or several, but there is a significant gap in areas like marketing said app. Sometimes extra features can come in handy, but it is much better to keep it clean and simple in the beginning and expand as you go.


Whether you want to hire an agency or assemble a team to develop the application yourself, your budget can make a difference in promoting and maintaining the app. If you have some app-dev knowledge, you might want to work with freelancers, but for long-term continuity, hiring an agency may be a better choice.


There is rarely a sphere where aesthetics don’t make a difference, and things are no different when developing an app. Rising app markets are currently in your favor if you stumbled upon an idea you want to turn into a mobile application. Make sure you follow mobile UX design practices when developing your app, and your application will easily stand out from the competition.

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