The Advantages of Adding CCTV to Your Security System

As divisive as they may be, CCTV cameras have become an unavoidable essential in any business, large or small. CCTV security camera systems are being deployed in large numbers by both public and private organizations, prompting many to wonder why video monitoring is becoming so popular.

Although these devices are implemented as a deterrent to thieves and burglars. The mere awareness that cameras are deployed that may clearly display their face and look like they are watching them, might deter would-be criminals from committing damage.

CCTV cameras are a contentious topic these days, with privacy concerns usually present. This is why many businesses use or incorporate Streamvault products into their security systems for the latest CCTV technology and cyber-protection features.

Benefits of CCTV Security Systems

There are several advantages to placing this technology in a house or as a security system for business, both to protect persons inside and to serve as a monitoring device while the property or facility is unoccupied.

Avoiding Theft

Every business owner understands the need to protect themselves and their company from avoidable harm caused by both internal and external sources, such as employee theft and burglary. In these situations, having CCTV video reduces your blind spots, keeps an eye on personnel, and prevents theft or damage to property before it occurs.

Collecting Evidence

Although CCTV cameras deter most thieves, others take the risk and are captured on video. You may also use CCTV videos to gather evidence and extract leads. These recordings serve as strong evidence and aid in investigating crimes by revealing the culprits and their tactics.

Employee Security

Employee protection is just as critical as asset protection. CCTV fosters good conduct and helps avoid problems caused by staff aggression or intruders from the outside.


Protect Private Areas

Every firm has sections with unique or sensitive information that you don’t want everyone to see, such as locker rooms for banks, recipe lockers for chefs, and cash registers for other small businesses. The installation of surveillance cameras in such settings deters people from visiting these areas and protects their privacy. Trade secrets are a crucial aspect of the business; they distinguish them from their competitors, and having them revealed may be disastrous for any company, large or small.

Customer Service Monitoring

A happy customer is satisfied, and happy customers equal excellent business. Unfortunately, you will not be able to monitor your staff constantly. You can keep an eye on things remotely using a CCTV camera, and if that isn’t possible, you can examine recorded recordings to assess performance. This enables you to take the required steps and improve your service quality.

Liability Lawsuit Protection

CCTV footage might assist you in defending your point of view and help you avoid false accusations. Lawyers may urge their clientele to wait months before making claims in specific situations. This is done since most CCTV footage is only kept for a few months before being destroyed with the proof against them. So, having lifetime storage of surveillance video so that you may access it whenever necessary is good business.

Minimize Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a very real concern in the workplace, yet the law’s prohibitions are ineffective. CCTV cameras act as an ‘eye in the sky,’ spotting potential criminals before they blossom. It also provides a sense of security and safety to female employees.

Final Words

Aside from the obvious security advantages, there are also financial advantages. CCTV security systems are built to last a lifetime, so small companies may easily discover CCTV systems that meet their budget. Small company security cameras are a necessary evil that we cannot live without in today’s world.