NASA to Launch SLS Rocket This Month

This month, the American Space agency will make a big leap ahead as it prepares the Satellite Propulsion Mechanism for its first flight marking the beginning of the Artemis age in the cosmos. NASA officials told journalists during a press briefing Tuesday that the critical checks on the Space Launching System (SLS) had been conducted and that the spacecraft is now prepared for liftoff.

In a statement, NASA’s Artemis mission coordinator Charlie Blackwell-Thompson stated-

“We are indeed in excellent condition and prepared to resume.” It will be a fantastic spectacle to witness the Artemis spacecraft leave the [Vehicle Assembly Building] and make its way outdoors marking its very first journey, she said. “It’s gonna be simply a great, glorious sight.”

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The Liftoff Will Take Place From Kennedy Space Center

It weighs 5.75 million kilograms and will take off from NASA’s Spacecraft Manufacturing Facility at 5:00 p.m. EDT on March 17 fitting the Orion spacecraft onboard. The American Space Agency’s  Crawler-Transporter 2 will require anything from 6 to 12 hrs. to traverse the 4-mile (6.4-kilometer) voyage to Launching Platform 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, traveling at very little than 1 mile an hour.

It would be necessary to undertake a damp dressing practice as soon as the spacecraft arrives at the launching pad in order to pack liquid fuel and execute the practice sequence before combustion. The damp costume will take place on April 3rd as planned.

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On the other hand, NASA estimates that loading SLS using liquefied h2 and o2 propulsion systems would take more than seven hours, compared to about 2.5 hours for loading the Space Craft, which utilized comparable materials. According to Blackwell’s explanation, “It’s a huge old platform,” and the top platforms of SLS need fueling, thus the fueling procedure for this launcher should be delayed. This is mainly due to two primary causes.

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After the damp practice run, the cylinders will be emptied as well as the spacecraft would be returned to the Spacecraft Manufacturing Facility for more testing and adjustments. There is no fixed timeline for the inaugural SLS flight, however, in Feb, the space agency gave an update that stated a timeframe that begins on May 7 & ends on May 21, however, no official announcement has been made.

Known as Artemis 1, this will be the debut expedition of a fresh orbital exploration program called Artemis that would ultimately bring people back to the Moon. There is a possibility that Artemis 1 could materialize in June or July. A deployment schedule would be announced after the damp suit is completed.


This would be great tidings for SLS, which has been stalled for a long time. Artemis 1 is an unmanned Orion trip to space 40,000 miles further than Moon and back Home, having no intention of landing on the moon’s ground at any point. An all-human team will be aboard Artemis 2, which is set to launch in May 2024. If Artemis 3 is successful, two Nasa scientists male and a female set foot on the lunar surface in 2025.