Brother and Sister Booked For Crypto Frauds

Tina, and John Barksdale, two siblings and self-described blockchain entrepreneurs released Ormeus, a coinage they created and now are awaiting criminal fraud accusations over. The Securities and Exchange Board last week released a lawsuit charging the brothers with cheating their creditors of $124 million.

The Criminal Prosecutors revealed various allegations accusing John Barksdale, including embezzling, conspiracy to conduct tax fraud, and conspiracy to carry out financial crimes in an underlying criminal complaint released the very same day. There are two organizations alleging that in order to get buyers interested in a currency that wasn’t similarly as significant as they promised, the pair employed deceptive and plain illegal promotional strategies.

John and Tina Barksdale

What Did The Investigation States

Riky J, the man who put to investigate the ominous duo said that “when it comes to Ormeus Coin, the duo “operated similar to a normal traveling sales guy” “He sold falsehoods, grandiose declarations, including misstatements about cryptocurrencies, which culminated in hundreds of people worldwide being defrauded.”

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They stated that their firm was founded by “one of the greatest cryptocurrency processing enterprises on the globe,” and that it was bringing in around $5.4 to $8 million without breaking a sweat in processing earnings, as per government authorities. The duo allegedly promoted their coin as a “revolutionary electronic currency underpinned by a totally legitimate commercial crypto-mining enterprise.”

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Authorities break that majority of such reports are bogus. Investigators confirm that the Ormeus mining activities stopped production in 2019 because they were bleeding thousands and never even achieved monthly revenue of $1 million. It is reported that John Barksdale had $200 million in Bitcoin value stashed at the processing business, which he said was enough to ensure the token’s viability. According to the accusation, the coinage was really owned by a third party.

The charge accusing him states that Ormeus Global, a multi-level advertising organization, utilized deceptive and misleading promotion to induce unwary buyers to spill all their hard-earned cash on, mistruths, and falsifications about its worth.


Our Take

What individuals perceive the worth of Cryptocurrency should be is all that matters. It is unregulated by the authorities. There is nothing else like it. Even just a simple toy stuffed with rubber beads wouldn’t cut it. No true worth is being created here; simply a load of power driving video cards to generate statistics. If the market collapses – and it will happen, many investors will realize they’ve lost everything, whilst others think will still be wanting to get a piece of this and that.