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WiFi Password Hacking: Hack Wi-Fi easily using new WPA/WPA2 flaw

HASHCAT Wi-Fi PAssword hacking

The social and digital phenomenon has been perfecting itself as the internet progresses, and has been professionalized as all platforms increase their security. Your computer, email, and social media accounts must be using the best security approach available at this time but, are they really secure? There are always loopholes and vulnerabilities that make them easy to hack if you give an expert a try.

The same can be said for Wi-Fi security. You might have thought that using WPA2 Encryption for a Wi-Fi password will make it impossible to hack but that’s no longer true. A new flaw for Wi-Fi password hacking has been found that makes it easier for hackers to decipher the passwords of most routers. This attack was found accidentally while looking for new ways to attack the new WPA3 security standard.

Jens Steube, the developer of “Hashcat” decryption tool, has discovered this new WiFi hack. It works explicitly against WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi protocols with Pairwise Master Key Identifier (PMKID) based on roaming features. This innovative method allows attackers to get the Pre-shared Key (PSK) login passwords allowing them to even spy on Internet communications.

According to Jens, the previous WiFi hacking methods require attackers to wait for someone to log into a network and capture a full 4-way authentication handshake of EAPOL, which is a network port authentication protocol. But this new attack does not require a user to be on the target network to capture credentials meaning there is no need to capture a full EAPOL 4-way handshake. The new attack is made on the RSN IE (Robust Security Network Information Element) of a single EAPOL frame.

How to hack Wi-Fi password using PMKID?


1. You can use hcxdumptool (v4.2.0 or higher) to request the PMKID from the targeted access point and dump the received frame to a file.

$ ./hcxdumptool -o test.pcapng -i wlp39s0f3u4u5 –enable_status

2. Using the hcxpcaptool, the frame output can be converted into a hash format

$ ./hcxpcaptool -z test.16800 test.pcapng

3. Now you can use Hashcat (v4.2.0 or higher) tool to obtain the WPA PSK (Pre-Shared Key) password

$ ./hashcat -m 16800 test.16800 -a 3 -w 3 ‘?l?l?l?l?l?lt!’

This last step will give you the password of your targeted WIFI network but it may take some time depending on the length and complexity of the password.

At this time, we do not know for which vendors or for how many routers this technique will work, but we think it will work against all 802.11i/p/q/r networks with roaming functions enabled (most modern routers).

Steube said.

According to HashCat Forum the advantages of this technique are:

  • No more regular users required
  • No waiting for a complete 4-way handshake between the regular user and the AP
  • Eventual retransmissions of EAPOL frames doesn’t happen (which can lead to uncrackable results)
  • No more eventual invalid passwords sent by the regular user
  • No more lost EAPOL frames when the regular user or the AP is too far away from the attacker
  • No more special output format (pcap, hccapx, etc.) – final data will appear as regular hex encoded string

However, this new WiFi hack does not work against latest wireless security protocol WPA3, since the new protocol is “much harder to attack because of its modern key establishment protocol called “Simultaneous Authentication of Equals” (SAE).”

Since the new WiFi hack requires attackers to brute force the password, users are recommended to protect their WiFi network with a secure password that’s difficult to crack.

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GamingTech News

PUBG Mobile Lite Launched on Android | Official APK Download

pubg mobile lite apk

Following the huge success of PUBG on PC, since it’s launch, Tencent had released a Mobile Version of its massively successful game. Then Fortnite happened, took over the market by a storm and also happened to conquer the console market as well from the clutches of console exclusives. Now Tencent has launched a PUBG mobile lite version for mobile with low RAM.

What we know so far

Recently Epic Games has released a Mobile version of Fortnite with initial launches on iOS platform to cater the high-end requirements of the game. And now Epic is pushing to Android with launches in a few Samsung Galaxy devices; bypassing Google Play Store which could potentially cost $50 million a year for Google. While PUBG whose mobile version is currently playable/enjoyable on mid-high end devices, Tencent has launched a newer and Lite Version of PUBG mobile for low-end devices to rival the competition Forntite’s Android release could pose.


India, the big country as it is, has a huge population and also has millions of users with mobiles under the 10k-15k category. Which is why this launch seems to be more targeted towards the Asian audience where Budget Androids thrive to the core of the nation. To capture this massive audience, PUBG Mobile Lite is just icing on the cake. Having learned a lot from nearly 2 years of fixing bugs on PC and a stable Mobile version, the Lite version could easily attract the masses with its addictive gameplay.

About PUBG Mobile Lite

pubg mobile lite apk

The game is so Lite that it literally is of 30 MB. When asked about the game’s release in India, Tenecent replied: ” We are currently testing out the LITE version of PUBG Mobile and optimizing it for Indian networks and devices, post successful testing we will release it in India in the near future”. Currently, the game is available only in the Philippines, and after some field tests, it will be rolled out worldwide.

The game currently features 40 man lobby, being parachuted down to a 2*2 km island, scout for resources to survive/ kill and be the last man standing. Such a small lobby would make the game more fast-paced and short timed. Currently, at 50,000 downloads, the game is rated 4 star on Play store with 3000+ reviews. To checkout, the game on Play Store click here.

PUBG Mobile Lite Apk

If you are impatient and can’t wait for it till they launch it in your country then you can download the APK and OBB file from here. Remember, you’ll have to use a VPN (virtual private network) and set its location to the Philippines to run the game on your budget Android device.


With that said, there’s a lot of room for improvement and a huge audience to address yet, but it seems the competition has just got tougher with Fortnite’s Android release. Only time will tell who’ll conquer the Android market with their addictive games. See you guys in the next one!

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GamingTech News

Discord is now selling PC Games! Potential Steam Alternative!

discord pc game marketplace

Discord as well all know it, is a free Gaming Chat Application that provides in-game communication services to it’s huge 150 million user-base. Recently Discord CEO announced that they are going to start selling games that are worth its user’s time.

The initial Roll-out

The initial services are being tested and the games are limited to 50,000 lucky Canadians (damn it Canada!). These users will be selected from the Discord platform’s Nitro subscribers at random. The lineup of games doesn’t include big boys like Fortnite or PUBG, but intends to start with Saints Row: The ThirdMetro: Last Light ReduxSuper Meat BoyHollow Knight, and Starbound.

To purchase the games, there are currently 2 ways. One is by paying $5 a month for Discord premium that will get you access to all the games/services, while the second being buying individual games from the store.

The games that are being added to the store are currently being curated by Discord’s staff, with a goal to create a local bookstore which has the best of the best content. The company also intends to bring “First on Discord”  titles that are exclusive for 90 days on Discord, along with a Universal Library.

Recently Discord’s CMO Eros Resmini spoke to the Verge

“Discord has become a home for many gamers who use it to connect with friends multiple times a day while some people seem to live on Discord”.

He also added,

“With 150 million registered users that’s a lot of building friendships while talking about and playing games together”.


Discord is currently not at the capacity to rival Steam yet, but with its quality products, ensure that the users have a great time building friendships and playing games. Discord users will be able to play along with friends who own the same games, regardless of where they purchased it. “Our goal with Discord is to bring players together — never to fragment or add friction to gaming with friends,”  says Resmini.

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GamingTech News

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160 Launch dates Leaked

nvidia 1180

There is no denying the fact that the Nvidia manufactures some of the best Graphics Card for PC. For quite a while, the internet is filled with the rumors about the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160. Most of these leaks are just rumors about the specifications of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1100 series. Some of these leaks might get true, while others not so much.

The leaks never quoted the Release Dates for the latest NVidia GPUs. That does not mean that no one has an idea about it. We do have the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160 Release Dates and would be going to share that with you.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160 Release Dates Leaked

Recently, the Nvidia sent emails to its partners (via WCCFtech) regarding the launch of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160. The mail states that the new Nvidia GeForce GTX series of GPU would be launched between August to October. Surprisingly, the mail mentions four new Graphics Cards, the GTX 1180, 1170, 11060 and 1180+. According to the reports, all the four GPUs would be for Desktop. This is not surprising though we might be able to see the Laptop versions of the GPUs soon after the launch.

Nvidia was overstocked with 10-series GPUs and the board partners are also making the transition from manufacturing GeForce 10-series to the new 11-series GPUs, the mail confirmed. This means that we can see a price drop on the Nvidia 10-series range after the launch.

Anyways, now let us take a look at the release date of the new Nvidia 11th Gen GPUs.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1100 Series release date

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 will launch on August 30.
  • The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180+ will launch on September 30.
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1170 will launch on September 30.
  • The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1160 will launch on October 30.

According to The Seeking Alpha:

“As Gigabyte’s non-GPU business is less volatile and accounted for 49 percent of total revenue in Q1 and, investors should be able to conclude that graphics card revenue dropped to the tune of 50 percent plus from Q1 to Q2.”

This suggests that the weak demand for bitcoin mining and Gaming has hit the Company hard on the face. According to the recent reports, the company faces a downtime by $6 million (which is approximately Rs. 41 crore and 9 lacs) in the second quarter of this year from around $10 million (which is approximately Rs. 68 crore and 49 lacs)in the first quarter which is insane.

Let us know what do you guys think about the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180, 1170, and 1160 in the comments section down below.

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Future TechTech News

Google Launches Blockchain ToolKit for Google Cloud Users

google cloud blockchain

Google, the computing giant starts on Blockchain technology for the Google cloud users. On 23rd July 2018, Google has announced the collaboration with “Digital Asset” regarding the blockchain solution. Digital Asset is a Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT startup which is led by Blythe Masters, the former executive of JPMorgan and it is working for regulating financial institutions. At the conference, it is told that how users can build DLT solutions on Google Cloud.

Google has also collaborated with BlockApps. The partnership with BlockApp engages STRATO. STRATO is a blockchain-as-a-service platform which is built on Ethereum protocol and it offers API integration to industries. This platform uses a traditional SQL database to query and report on the blockchain.

Google launched Cloud Event on 23rd July 2018 in San Francisco. It was a 3-day event on cloud technologies. Announced On 23rd July, Digital Asset will offer SDK (Software Development Kit) to the developers who are working on Google Cloud. The developers can test as well as create blockchain applications and they do not need to code for this work.

Blockchain Technology

In a blog post, Google has mentioned that the cloud clients will know different ways to use DLT frameworks through Blockchain Toolkit. The Head of Financial Services Platforms at Google Cloud Leonard Law told that Distributed ledger Technology can use in different industries. He said,

“DLT has great potential to benefit customers not just in the financial services industry, but across many industries, and we’re excited to bring these developer tools to Google Cloud.”

The CEO of Digital Asset Mr. Blythe Maters said

“We’re partnering with Google Cloud to provide developers with a full stack solution so they can unleash the potential for web-paced innovation in the blockchain. This will reduce the technical barriers to DLT application development by delivering our advanced distributed ledger platform and modelling language to Google Cloud.”

The Digital Asset Modelling Language or DAML is basically a contract language that will be available on Google Cloud and it enables users to write smart contracts like agreements. It also guards against distributing contracts so there is no chance to generate impulsive results.

Digital Asset thinks that due to this collaboration more and more developers will join their DAML platform-as-a-service (PaaS). DLT is easy to use the platform and developers can test it as well as explore it fully. Now it will be accessible on Google Cloud’s Orbitera application marketplace technologies. Digital Asset Modelling language will also come with a Software Development Kit which can help the users to create distributed applications.

Before Amazon, web services or AWS launched the blockchain templates for Ethereum and enterprise platform Hyperledger Fabric. Digital Asset was the initial contributor to Hyperledger Fabric. Another computing giant Microsoft brought Azure Blockchain Workbench. The announcement of Google on the blockchain Toolkit availability on Google Cloud brings this company in the same line with Amazon and Microsoft. Even recently Oracle has announced that end of this July it will bring a Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) blockchain product and on August Oracle will launch DLT applications.

After announcing the agreement between Digital Asset and Google, Amazon Web Services’ Blockchain Templates lets the users make and explore DLT applications without writing underline source code from scratch.

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Artificial intelligenceFuture TechTech News

Facebook’s Talking AI Bots can help you Explore the city


Artificial Intelligence or AI, in general, is an excellent thing in itself. We have already seen the implementation of the AI before in the assistants like the Amazon Echo, Google Now, Apple’s Siri and more. Now, even the Facebook is working on AI bots to make the navigation more comfortable for tourists.

Today, in this post, we’ll be covering how Facebook is teaching it’s AI Bots to navigate a city through natural language. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us jump straight into it.

Facebook Is Teaching AI Bots

Douwe Keila, Jason Weston, Harm de Vries, Kurt Shuster, Dhruv Batra and Devi Parikh, at Facebook’s AI research lab (FAIR), quoted that It is not enough for a virtual assistant to offer just the directions for the route in response to your voice or text. The AI Systems need to be a truly useful thing in everyone’s life. The AI should make those things possible which are currently impossible. That would be called as the complete comprehension of human language.

Keeping this in mind, Facebook has developed a new research task, which they call the Talk The Walk. The company is teaching AI Bots to navigate a city through language. A paper has been published on it by FAIR, and it said that the tourist Bots would be placed onto a random street corner. There would be a Guide Bot as well which will direct them to a spot on a 2D map.

Here’s how it works:

  • A pair of AI agents would have to communicate with each other in order to accomplish the shared goal of navigating to a specific location in the city.
  • The goal here is for tourists bot to navigate their way through a 360-degree image of the New York City neighborhoods quite similar to the Google Satellite.
  • All this is done with the assistance of guide bots who sees nothing but a 2D map of the New York City.
  • Facebook is taking help of a novel attention mechanism called MASC (Masked Attention for Spatial Convolution) to help the guide bot focus on the right place on the map
  • This, in turn, would produce the results that are more than twice as accurate as the test set.

The However, Keila, and Weston also said that the Talk The Walk is not a competition between the natural language and the synthetic interactions. But, an attempt to make results quantifiable related to the ultimate goal of creating machines which can actually talk effectively to the humans as well as to each other.

Let us know what do you think about this new Teaching AI Bots from Facebook in the comments section down below.

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SecurityTech News

21-Years Old Girl Hacked The Email Account of Selena Gomez

21-Years Old Girl Hacked The Email Account of Selena Gomez

Susan Antrach, a girl from New Jersey, USA has hacked the email account of a renowned pop star as well as actress Selena Gomez. The 21 years old Antrach stole Gomez personal photos from her email id and shared them online. Selena’s personal assistant is also another victim of this hacking incidence.

Susan Antrach of Ridgefield Park was Charged with 11 Felonies

Susan Antrach was charged last Thursday with different crimes including one felony count of using and accessing computer data or obtaining supporting documents without permission, five felony counts of identity theft and five felony counts of accessing computer data and using it to commit fraud or obtaining money, data or property.

A representative of the Los Angeles Police Department said

“She is going to surrender here in LA”

Susan will be called to Los Angeles Superior Court on 27 August. She faces 9 years and 8 months in a Los Angeles prison if convicted. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office told that the prosecutor is suggesting that the bail will be set at approximately 336,000 in US Currency. But Gomez or any of her representatives has not made any comment.

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office told in a press release that Susan took controlled over the email accounts of Selena Gomez and her associates many times in the middle of June 2105 and February 2016. At that time, Ridgefield women Susan stole different media files along with some photos of Gomez with her friends and leaked them to the internet.

Susan Atrach has hacked the email account of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was also a victim of a hacking in August 2017. At that time, some nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber were posted on her Instagram timeline. Those pictures were captured in 2015 when Gomez and Justin were on a vacation in Bora Bora. Due to this incidence, Selena went temporarily offline and when she came back the photos were already deleted.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Susan stole the Apple iCloud and Yahoo email account of Gomez and her PA by giving the answer of the “security question” and the answer is publicly available.

Not only Selena Gomez, in past many hackers were able to control the iCloud accounts of a number of actresses and singers including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, and Kate Upton, accessed their private media files and exposed those files online.

Due to these incidences, we can say celebrities do not protect their different online accounts properly. Hackers easily manage the answers to the security questions which are set by the celebrities to protect their online property. Hackers are obtaining those answers among the information which are shared on the internet.

What do You Learn From these Incidences?

These incidences taught us to take the security of our online accounts seriously. We should select unique and strong passwords for our all online accounts. Most of the sites offer 2-steps authentication option, you need to enable it. Usually, this option is associated with your mobile number so if the hacker tries to hack your account, you will get a notification on your mobile number and can easily stop to be hacked your email id.

You should not select easy to guess answers to the security questions. Select only those which are known by you only. Though the hacking is performed using some engineering tricks, you should click any apprehensive link or attachment which you receive through email and message. You should not share your personal or financial information with anybody without judging the person properly.

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Artificial intelligenceTech News

Google Brings Free Machine Learning Crash Course Jam Series to India

In May 2018, Google has made a collaboration with National Institution for Transforming India Aayog to bring Machine Learning Crash Course Study Jam Series to India on July 2018. MLCC is giving free AI (artificial intelligence) based training to the entrepreneurs as well as startups or any enthusiast who know the value of the solutions via exercises, instructional videos, and interactive visualizations. Google and NITI Aayog has announced their collaboration to improve the AI ecosystem in India through MLCC.

google ai MLCC machine learning course

Google and National Institution for Transforming India Aayog Plan to Start MLCC Study Jam Series in India to Improve ML Skills of Indian Developers

Previously this jam series free learning course has made for Google Engineers, and more than 18000 Google employees have attended it. Now everyone can attend this study, and with the help of this course, people can learn different machine learning activities. Chetan Krishnaswamy, the director of Public Policy of Google India, said in a blog post,

“MLCC covers numerous machine learning fundamentals, from basic concepts such as loss function and gradient descent, then building through more advanced theories like classification models and neural networks.”

MLCC will be conducted from July to November, and it will include various videos from Google ML experts and the basic concept of TensorFlow. Aside from these, participants will get a short text lesson to understand ML in detail. The Instructional Designers and engineers of Google also plan to give educational devices to the attendees to gain practical knowledge of Machine Learning. In a blog post Company mentioned,

“The programming exercises include the basics of TensorFlow — our open-source machine learning framework — and also features succinct videos from Google machine learning experts. Participants will be able to read short text lessons, and play with educational gadgets devised by Google’s instructional designers and engineers.”

The experts of Google have designed the MLCC Jam study series and the Local developer groups of Google, as well as other developer communities, will provide the training across India. There are no explicit criteria for the participants to get a chance for attending this course. Interested persons need to go the MLCC INDIA page where they will find a form. They need to fill up the form with the required information.

Also, Read: Google Launches a new Machine Learning Specialization Course

One thing people need to know that though it is a free course, everybody cannot get chance to participate MLCC Jam study series so only selected persons will get an email from Google. This Machine Learning Crash Course will be suitable for those people who know about machine learning and interested to know more about it as well as TensorFlow. Google team is also searching developers who can train people about MLCC in their region. Google and NITI Aayog want to develop the ML skills among the Indians.

Also, Read: Difference between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Apart from Machine Learning Crash Course Study Jam Series, Google and National Institution for Transforming India Aayog or NITI Aayog are working jointly to start artificial intelligence and machine learning for solving problems in agriculture, education, mobility, healthcare, finance, and transportation. These two companies launch a program called Launchpad Accelerator India to train Indian AI Startup.

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Tech News

Microsoft Windows Notepad App Finally Getting Its First Update

Windows 10 Notepad update Microsoft

You might already know that the Microsoft releases a new build every week for the developers, which they call Insider Preview. The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713 brings something exciting for the users. Well, it is not something big for sure, but definitely, something which would surprise most of you.

Microsoft Has Launched Updated Windows Notepad App

One thing that has been common since the era of Windows 10 is the Notepad. Though it seems like a very small or tiny utility which may not be useful at all for you, we never deny that it is one of the most powerful and valuable tools for the Programmers, Batch file creators and even writers for that matter.

Microsoft To Update Windows ‘Notepad App’ After Years, Teases New Features

So finally, the Redmond has listened to the users complaining about the boring and uninteresting interface of the Notepad app. They have brought many changes in the app for the users, making it much better than what it is. It is a while since we have seen Microsoft bringing some changes to its notepad app. But finally, it’s happening.

This Notepad App is very useful for typing random text, creating batch files or HTML pages, etc. Well, if you are among them who uses the Notepad app quite often, then this would be useful for you.

Now, have a look at the changes or improvements which the Microsoft has brought with this refreshed Notepad App

Improvements in the Notepad App

updated notepad version
Image Source: The Verge

Here is a list of improvements that the Microsoft has brought with this latest version of Notepad App:

  • Users can now finally zoom into text. For doing this, all they need to do is press the down or up arrow while using the mouse wheel.
  • Now one of the most requested features was to select a whole word and delete it. Microsoft is bringing this feature as well with the latest version of Notepad app. Users can now remove the previous word by pressing the ctrl+backspace key on their Keyboard.
  • The users can now find and replace a word as well which is quite useful at times.
  • The performance for large files is improved.
  • The status bar is situated at the top by default in this latest version of Notepad App.
  • And many more.

Now for everyone else who is not on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, don’t worry as you all will get this update quite soon with the Redstone 5 feature update. We don’t have any exact date for the same.

There are much more things that the Microsoft has added to this Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713 like:

  • Added the biometrics in a Remote desktop to offer more security.
  • Added Media Autoplay controls for the Internet Edge.
  • Dictionary function is added to the Edge PDF reader.
  • And more.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Microsoft’s Latest Update on Windows ‘Notepad App’ new features. Let us know what do you think about it in the comments section down.

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GamingTech News

Nvidia May Launch GeForce GTX 1180 GPU Next Month

nvidia 1180

If you are a Gamer, then the chances are that you always keep yourself up to date with the latest Graphics Cards. Well, if you have been following NVIDIA for a while now, then you must have realized that it is being a while now since the Nvidia launched its current generation of GPUs, 2 years to be more precise. Well, not a long ago, a rumored landed on the internet which suggests that the new Generations of NVIDIA GPUs would be named as GeForce GTX 11 Series.

Nvidia May Launch GeForce GTX 1180 Next Month

The Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang quoted that the next GeForce GPUs would be “a long time from now”. This can mean that the NVIDIA is unveiling their new generation of GPUs next month this year. So, today in this post, we would be covering on GeForce GTX 1180 of Nvidia and how it could be unveiled next month.

Nvidia May Bring GeForce GTX 1180 Next Month

Sources suggest that the NVIDIA is sending out invites for the Gamescom which is to be held on August 21st this year. This invite is followed by a Video in which a Product Manager of Lenovo talks about the  GeForce GTX 11 Series of Nvidia. This can be a trace that the NVIDIA is planning to launch the next generation of GPUs at this event. In the Video, the Product manager of Lenovo quoted “but time to market with NVIDIA 11 Series up to 1180 down the road,”. This means that the GTX 1180 can be the first GPU of this new generation which the company would unveil at the Gamescom event.

An Image also landed on the internet which claims to be of an alleged Nvidia engineering sample for the GeForce GTX 1180. You can take a look at that image here.

GeForce GTX

If you notice the image closely, you would be able to see a lot of Micron’s GDDR6 memory modules installed. This means that the new GTX 1180 Graphics Card would have GDDR6 memory, this would be the first Graphics Card with this memory. The Micron has also increased the production of GDDR6 Memory. The new GDDR6 memory can be a huge upgrade with better bandwidth capabilities.

With this new GTX1180 Graphics Card, users would be able to play games at 4K resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate. Is not that crazy? Just in case you do not already know, companies like Acer and ASUS has already started releasing 4K gaming monitors which have 144Hz refresh rates, HDR, and the G-Sync support of Nvidia. These monitors would need a Graphics Card like the upcoming GTX1180 of Nvidia.

The new GTX 1180 is expected to have 3,584 CUDA cores, a clock speed in somewhere between 1.6 and 1.8GHz, and up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory. The card is expected to be easily available for buying since the cryptocurrency demand has crashed.

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Tech News

Reliance To Buy Radisys For $74 Million To Accelerate 5G in India


Reliance Industries Limited, the largest private sector company in India, has signed an agreement to buy Radisys Corp. at the value of 1.72USD per share. This agreement is subject to regulatory as well as statutory approvals and NOD of the shareholders of Radisys.

When we are talking about the advisor teams of RIL and Radisys, Ernest & Young is offering tax advisory as well as diligence services at the same time Covington & Burling LLP support RIL as legal advisor.

On the other hand, Baker and Mckenzie LLP provide legal advisory support to Radisys, and Raymond James & Associates Inc. is the financial advisor of this company.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has Acquired 100% Share of Radisys for 74 Million USD (Around 506 Core in Indian Money)

Radisys Corporation, is a Nasdaq-listed company incorporated in Oregon, the U.S.A. and it is the leader of open telecom solutions provider. The headquarter of this company is situated in Hillsboro, Oregon and it hired around 600 employees, and people can find their sales and support teams globally. Even Radisys manages an engineering team in Bengaluru.

RIL buys Radisys

According to Akash Ambani, the director of Reliance Jio

“Reliance and Jio have been disrupting legacy business models and establishing new global benchmarks. Radisys’ top-class management and engineering team offer Reliance rapid innovation and solution development expertise globally, which complements our work towards software-centric disaggregated networks and platforms, enhancing the value to customers across consumer and enterprise segments.”

He also Added,

“This acquisition further accelerates Jio’s global innovation and technology leadership in the areas of 5G, IOT, and open source architecture adoption.”

Radisys offers helpful support by selling disruptive open-centric software, hardware and service capabilities to the service providers as well as telecom equipment vendors. With the help of their support people can scale up their products/services to next-generation network topologies.

According to Brian Bronson CEO of Radisys,

“The backing and support of India-based global conglomerate Reliance, will accelerate our strategy and the scale required by our customers to further deploy our full suite of products and services. The Radisys team will continue to work independently on driving its future growth, innovation, and expansion. The addition of Reliance’s visionary leadership and strong market position will enhance Radisys’ ability to develop and integrate large-scale, disruptive, open-centric end-to-end solutions.”

Two months before, Reliance Industries Limited made a deal to combine a Music App with its jioMusic. It was a cash-and-stock agreement to make 1USD Billion stake in which RIL will own 75% stake.

We can tell that RIL is giving a tough competition to Airtel, Vodafone, and other leading telecom services and with the different acquisitions they strengthen their entity in the telecom network. It is also working to expand its technology as well as content divisions.

The Mukesh Ambani owned company has invested 2,50,000 cores in business, and it sold domestic corporate bonds that made 2500 cores. Recently this telecom arm entered into Korean credit market to get 1 Billion USD or approximate 7000 cores. This step can be an addition to the borrowing source of RIL.

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SecurityTech News

Google allows third-party developers Full Access to Users’ Email

gmail major updates

When it comes to electronic mails, no one can beat the reliability and features of the Google’s Gmail. There are over 4 billion users of Gmail around the globe and 4 million ain’t a joke, Right? Well, nothing is perfect, and the same goes for the Google’s Email Service, the Gmail. Users have been criticizing the Gmail services for quite a while now. Most of these criticizations involve invasive practices from the company.

Google No Longer Reads Your Mails

We haven’t heard anything from Google on this from a while now. But the company finally listened to these criticizations and took a step ahead to protect its goodwill. What is the step Google took? You might ask. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to cover n this post. So without any further, we do, let’s jump right into it.

If you remember last year, the Google promised the users that they wouldn’t be reading the emails of Gmail users. Well, a report from Wall Streat Journal suggest that the company is still allowing third-party developers full access to the user’s emails. Everyone wants to have the privacy and security and since there are a lot of important jobs that need communication and one of the most common platforms for sharing important documentation and communication is email.

Though there are a lot of social media networks available nowadays, the most of the business-related work is still preferred to be done via email. Well, the company finally listened to the users and came to a decision. Now, the company only allows vetted third-parties to grab such information.

According to the reports, the employees of these companies collectively read millions of emails. The  Director, Security, Trust, and Privacy at the Google Cloud, Suzanne Frey quoted:

“It includes an automated and manual review of the developer, assessment of the app’s privacy policy and homepage to ensure it is a legitimate app, and in-app testing to ensure the app works as it says it does,”

This means that the user’s email goes through a multi-step process to ensure the safety and user’s privacy before it goes to the non-Google applications. This multi-step process ensures that the mail is only passed to the non-Google apps if it meets their policies, and suspend them if it doesn’t.

Also, before letting any Non-Google App access your data, the company shows a list of permissions that the app is requesting. Regarding this, the Giant Google said that:

“We strongly encourage you to review the permissions screen before granting access to any non-Google application.”

If you wish to take a look at all the apps that have access to your Gmail account, can do so by going right here. Make sure no apps are accessing your critical stuff for no reason. Just disable all the unnecessary permissions so that way you can be sure that your data is safe and protected.

Share your thoughts on the same in the comments section down below.

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Mumbai Police Using PUBG Game To Spread Road Safety Awareness

mumbai police pubg tweet

Mumbai Police is known to be one of the best police out there when it comes to tweets. The twitter handler of Mumbai Police is quite famous for tweeting some of the so-called “Thug Life” and creative tweets. This time too the Mumbai Police has tweeted something similar to promote the road safety.

As we all know, the PUBG Game is getting much popularity these days. Almost everyone is enjoying playing this awesome game on their mobile devices and PCs. Many actions are going on in the game, the player has to kill the enemy team. There are a lot of weapons available to choose from. The players wear the helmet in order to protect themselves. Well, this is the thing, which the Mumbai Police has used in order to promote road safety.

Mumbai Police Uses PUBG to Promote Helmet Necessity For Riders

In order to encourage the use of helmet among the youth, the Mumbai Police has tweeted the following tweet:

As you can see, the Mumbai Police has used the popular game PUBG which is developed by Tencent and PUBG Corporation for Mobile Devices. The Police also embedded a photo of the famous PUBG Character who is wearing a helmet. Talking about the PUBG, just in case you don’t already know this game has taken less than a week to become one of the fastest games to achieve this performance. This is amazing, isn’t it?

You can see all your social media networks fed with this game. Some are sharing their level and scores, while others are sharing the Video Gameplay of the game. The PUBG is also nominated for the “Best Breakthrough Hit” and “Best Community Building Game” at the 2018 Google Play Awards. The PUBG s the only game nominated for these awards so far.

Talking about the developer, Tencent, the company recently hit the milestone of RMB21.7 billion revenues which is excellent. The popularity of this game has boomed so much that nowadays even the Twitter Handler of services like Mumbai Police are using it to promote safety among the citizens.

All and all, this is a significant step took by the twitter handler of the Mumbai Police. Because if they would have simply tweeted that “One should always wear the helmet, it is very much important for safety” then it would not have hit this much retweets and likes. But they have made it creative by using the PUBG Image and tweeting “Care so much for your head in your virtual life and not in reality? Not the best game plan! No area may be safe without a helmet, so you must wear one #SafetyFirst #WearAHelmet” which looks much more creative.

We hope that the people would take this as a no joke and would wear the helmet for their security. Let us know your thoughts on this tweet in the comments section down below.

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WPA3 Wi-Fi Security Protocol Is Here and It’s Harder to Hack

WPA3 Wifi security

The Wi-Fi Alliance has recently announced a new standard for securing the Wi-Fi connections, which they call as WPA3 (The updated version of WPA2 Encryption protocol). Today, in this post, we would be covering everything that you need to know about this new Wi-Fi security standard. So without any further, we do, let’s jump straight into it, should we?

The New WPA3 Wi-Fi Security

The new WPA 3 Wi-Fi routers would come with enhanced security for the data which flows between your Smartphone, Computer and other smart home devices and the Internet. The Wi-Fi Alliance in partnership with the various tech companies has brought up the WPA 3 security. The Protocol has been finalized on Monday.

Now, if we go out, we will find the availability of Wi-Fi networks everywhere. Some of which are secured with the WPA 2 PSK while others might be secured with the WPS which are easier to hack. The most common Wi-Fi attacks which are also known as an offline dictionary-based attack. This allows the hackers to guess your Wi-Fi’s password easily. But, with the WPA 3 Wi-Fi, the security is much better, and it is quite hard to hack.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified this new security standard for Wi-Fi, and now it is up to the Wi-Fi Routers manufacturers whether they want to offer this new protocol with a System Update or not. The WPA 3 will replace the WPA 2 standard which is the most common standard for Security right now. It was introduced back in 2004. It has been a long time since WPA 2, we can expect some great enhancement and better security with this upgraded standard for Wi-Fi Security.

While there is nothing much problem with the existing WPA 2 security, the researchers recently found a new flaw which is known as KRACK. This flaw let the hackers on the same Wi-Fi Network access other users Internet Traffic without entering any password. Many manufacturers fixed this issue with a software update. However, the Wi-Fi Alliance requires all new routers to be tested for the problem. This will take some time. Are you interested in getting the WPA 3 on your Router?

When Will I get it?

Some Giant Players like the Cisco has supported this introduction of the WPA 3 Security Standards. The company said that they would soon be rolling out their new products with this security and are also planning to roll out updates for their existing products. The WPA 3 is expected to step into the market later this year.

Regarding the security standard, the Wifi Alliance said that the WPA 3 would bring significant upgrades to wireless security protecting all levels of the customers from consumer to government. This security will work fine even if the user’s password ain’t hard to guess. Although one should always choose a password which is harder to guess. This way they the user can step up their game of security.

So that’s it guys, this was everything we know about the WPA 3 Wi-Fi so far, let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section down below.

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Microsoft and WhatsApp may be working on a new app for Windows 10

whatsapp winodws uwp app windows 10

WhatsApp the popular messaging service with billion hits on google play alone is suspected to be working with the tech giant Microsoft to deliver a proper desktop app for its humungous messaging service.

The Facebook-owned messaging service is one of the few development companies which provide regular update to their app based on windows phone platform by Microsoft, but a recent report by Windows Central suggests that the messaging app is actually designing a proper desktop version of their service, recently which were supported by many media houses by a concept of UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version of WhatsApp.

Furthermore, a description of the project in Windows Central proposes chances of WhatsApp and Microsoft working very closely on this project. Though WhatsApp already has a desktop app it is basically a browser which opens the WhatsApp web service while declining some of the important features including video call and voice call. The UWP project will make sure that these important features don’t miss out as well as users could work in a much more user-friendly manner even on their personal Desktops.

Though the Page which contained the information about it was removed within few hours, the page contained information about the partnership between the two giants Microsoft and WhatsApp to create a UWP version of our popular WhatsApp with support of Windows 10 latest features, it also included sentences on project being a successful start and also applauding of Windows team for optimizing the platform by WhatsApp Dev. Team.

Though this concept is exciting and every one of us would like to know more about it we might not be able to see this app anyway soon also the possibility lies that this app never sees any light and end in development stages, so we will have to wait for either Microsoft or WhatsApp to make an official announcement on it.

On other hands this partnership is not surprising WhatsApp being the one of the most popular messaging services internationally, Microsoft would have wanted it on their UWP.

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NVIDIA’s AI robot can learn by simply observing humans

nvidia AI robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all about the recreation of human intelligence or our thought process, natural skills and inscribing them into machines, so-called robots. The recreated skills maybe speaking different languages, listening, reacting and more. This can be done by the machine by analysis of the ongoing situation and react accordingly using sensors or any human input. For robots to perform a task in the real world, the task must be communicated to it clearly to achieve the desired result and also the robot must perform the task robustly according to the changes in the real world.

Relating to Artificial Intelligence,  NVIDIA has demonstrated a robot, that learns and completes tasks just by observing real-world demonstrations. They claim this development to be ‘first of its kind’. A team led by Stan Birchfield and Jonathan Tremblay has demonstrated about a system of synthetically trained neural networks that contained in a human-readable program for Human-Readable plans from real-world demonstrations to perform tasks associated with perception, program generation and program execution using a graphics card.

For perception, they used image-centric domain randomization leveraging convolutional pose machines, which can be applied to any camera without any assumptions about camera pose. For program generation and execution, they used fully connected networks which are simple but efficient. And this work drew inspiration from ‘one shot imitation learning’, which is commonly applied in different tasks, in isolation.

In their research paper, they state:

“For robots to perform useful tasks in real-world settings, it must be easy to communicate the task to the robot; this includes both the desired result and any hints as to the best means to achieve that result.

With demonstrations, a user can communicate a task to the robot and provide clues as to how to best perform the task.”

Powered By TITAN X

NVIDIA AI robot is powered by the firm’s own TITAN X graphics card, using which programme generation and execution are done. The TITAN X graphics card is powered by PASCAL to achieve more performance than those of previous graphics cards. The features of this graphics card are that it uses 3584 NVIDIA cores running at 1.5 GHz for a total performance of around 11 TFLOPS. These result in high performance in gaming technologies and breakthrough VR experiences.

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