How to Use Google Bard In India?

The big G is at it again! Google has made its AI chatbot Bard available to over 180 countries, competing with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. No more waitlists are needed for access to this rival chatbot. And to sweeten the deal, Google has added a few new features to make Bard stand out from the crowd. Watch out, OpenAI!

It seems like Google is eager to take over the AI chatbot game, and the opening up of Bard to more than 180 countries is a strategic move toward that goal. By removing the waitlist and adding new features, they are making it easier for people to try out Bard and provide feedback, which will likely help them improve the chatbot even further. It will be interesting to see how Bard performs against other AI chatbots in the market, particularly ChatGPT, which is currently dominating the landscape.

Google Bard

“As we’ve said from the beginning, large language models are still a nascent technology with known limitations. So as we further expand, we’ll continue to maintain our high standards for quality and local nuances while also ensuring we adhere to our AI Principles”

Google’s move to add support for Japanese and Korean and 40 more languages to Bard is a significant step towards expanding its reach and making it more accessible to users worldwide. The switch to the latest PaLM2 language model has brought many improvements to the AI chatbot’s capabilities, including more advanced reasoning skills, mathematical abilities, and coding capabilities.

How to use Bard in India for free

  1. Go to Bard’s official website at
  2. Type in your question or statement in the chat window that appears on the screen.
  3. Press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard, or click on the blue ‘send’ button to the right of the chat window.
  4. Bard will process your input and generate a response.

Google Bard

When Bard first emerged, it was a coveted gem, only available to those lucky enough to make it off the waitlist. However, the search giant has now opened up access to this AI chatbot in over 180 countries and territories, with even more regions expected to follow.

While Bard’s increased accessibility is a win for many, it’s important to remember that this chatbot is still in its beta phase. Like other generative AI-based chatbots, it may experience occasional hiccups, such as making mistakes or ‘hallucinating’. Therefore, while it’s exciting to see the expansion of Bard’s reach, users should remain aware of its limitations as well.