Samsung Forbids ChatGPT on Phones and Appliances

In the wake of concerns about the risks of AI technology, major financial firms such as Goldman Sachs have imposed restrictions on their employees’ use of platforms like ChatGPT in recent months. Now, Samsung Electronics, a global leader in smartphone and memory chip manufacturing, has also announced a ban on the use of such platforms by staff in its mobile and appliances division. A representative for the company confirmed the ban to AFP, indicating that it is part of an effort to mitigate potential risks associated with AI.

Financial firms and tech giants alike have been grappling with the potential risks posed by generative AI platforms like ChatGPT. In recent months, major financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have restricted their employees from using such platforms. One of the leading producers of both memory chips and cellphones, Samsung Electronics, has recently followed suit.


According to a Samsung representative who spoke to AFP, the company has banned the use of ChatGPT-like platforms in its mobile and appliances division. However, an internal memo obtained by AFP suggests that Samsung is still exploring ways to use generative AI in a secure environment to enhance work efficiency and convenience for employees.

A memo from Samsung Electronics advises its staff in the mobile and appliances division to refrain from using ChatGPT-like platforms outside of a “security-safe environment” and to avoid uploading work-related information when logging in on personal computers. The memo also mentions instances of misuse of generative AI features by Samsung employees without providing further details.

Samsung's new Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold

According to an internal survey, over 60 percent of Samsung staff believe there are security risks associated with using such platforms on company devices. Samsung is reportedly working to find ways to use generative AI services in a secure environment to improve work efficiency and convenience for employees. It is unclear how the technology will develop or be controlled in the future as businesses continue to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of generative AI.

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