Android Bitcoin Mining Malware Found on Play store

Lookout researchers recently uncovered new malware on the Google Play store that leverages the infected device’s processor to mine Bitcoins. The malware, identified by Lookout as

Facebook servers are Vulnerable to DDos attack

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are ever increasing and the attackers are using novel and sophisticated ways to carry out their malicious acts. A new way

New Time machine by google maps

Google’s Street View cars buzz up and down the world’s roadways rather frequently. Usually, when Google gets new data from its road-going cameras, it takes

USB Flash Drives for Smartphones!

With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our life, even replacing the PC for some, the need for sufficient storage

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP

Starting today, Windows XP users will no longer get security patches and other technical support from Microsoft, unless they’re part of an exclusive group of