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Wire – a new app by Skype’s Co-Founder

Janus Friis, Co-Founder, Skype, rolled a new communication app “Wire”, which is available now for iOS, Android and Mac. The new app “Wire” contains in

Amazon prime delivery

Amazon ready with its army of “Robots”

Workers at used to walk to aisle in shifts to find out each item separately that customers ordered and prepared it for shipping. This

Xolo Opus 3

Xolo Opus 3: A selfie phone at Rs.8, 499

Another budget smartphone by Xolo, XoloOpus3 is in the market and in the race of selfie phones. The phone sports a 5 inch (720X1080p) IPS

Next target of hackers-Cars?

Hackers pounding into Smart Cars

Struggling over to the computer network, hackers proved that if given time, they will be able to pop the trunk and start the windshield wipers,

Kodak Smartphone Lens

Top 3 Selfie Gadget for Selfie Lovers

Selfies! Still an internet slang but an important reminder of best spent moments. Here too, we have advancement in technology guiding the selfie phase. Not

Remote controlled copter

World of Drones and copters! Goodbye Kites

Well, being quite frank, there’s no second option when you are offered a choice over the old traditional entertainment stuff with the new tech advanced