Apple CarPlay

Automotive Technology Trends We’ll See in 2022

The automotive industry has seen remarkable developments over the last few years, supported by different types of advanced technologies. We’ve seen more electric vehicles, increased

tech for drivers

Best Tech for New Drivers in 2022

Driving is like any other activity in that it gets safer with practice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), new drivers

Top 5 Features of BUGATTI CHIRON

Top 5 Amazing Features of BUGATTI CHIRON Car

Driving thrills creates enthusiasm and enhances the sensation and stimulation inside us especially when driven at a tremendous speed. For a few people, it is

Hackers Attack Self-Driving Cars

Hackers Attack Self-Driving Cars

After attacks on computers in modern cars, hackers are now making a grab for self-driving vehicles. Autonomous cars can be rendered useless with relatively little

x hacking into a car

Exposition about how to hack a car!

The latest Fiat Chrysler auto hack uncovered the vulnerabilities and the degree to which unreliable IoT can be unsafe. The hacking of remote gadgets joined