Latest Car Technologies That Are Transforming The Driving Experience

The latest statistics shared by Statista reveal that by 2030, one in ten cars on the road will be fully automated, according to a report on TechRepublic. The global market for self-driving vehicles is increasing, propelling a race to develop the best automotive technologies. Consequently, automakers and technology companies have formed partnerships to deliver comfortable, safe, and more fuel-efficient vehicles than ever.

Even more interesting is that you don’t have to invest in luxury cars to enjoy comfort, connectivity, and automated parking. Budget-friendly cars now come equipped with hi-tech inventions for drivers like driver override systems, connected mobile apps, and active window displays.

Below are other latest car technologies transforming the driving experience.

Blind-spot view monitor

The issue of blind spots while driving is almost inevitable. However, the invention of the blind-spot monitoring tech is proving effective in reducing rear-end collisions. Advanced blind-spot monitoring systems use sensors on either side of the vehicle to display the traffic in adjacent lanes.

When the sensors detect a car, object, or pedestrian, they alert you via visual or audible warning. These warnings help you prevent a possible collision with other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians when changing lanes.

Adaptive cruise control

The adaptive cruise control system adds a layer of safety and convenience by automatically adjusting your car’s speed. That way, you can maintain a safe driving distance between the vehicle in front of you to avoid collisions.

While this safety feature works efficiently in cars with automatic transmission, it’s available in cars that use a manual transmission. So, before purchasing an automobile, take time to understand how different car transmissions work and how they work with adaptive cruise control.

As the name suggests, the automatic transmission doesn’t rely on human intervention like manual transmissions. Instead, it uses built-in processors, actuators, and sensors to operate the clutch based on the vehicle’s current speed.

Smart parking assist technology

Parallel parking is challenging; even the most experienced drivers avoid situations or places that require them to parallel park their cars. But, with the availability of smart parking assist systems in most cars, drivers can parallel park vehicles without much hassle. All you need to do is activate the system by pressing a button.

The car will then maneuver to the available parking space using tech innovations similar to those available in collision avoidance systems. It’s worth noting that the park assist technology uses cameras, sensors, and other computer systems to ensure drivers parallel park vehicles without hitting objects or people.

Automobile technology has advanced significantly over the years, making vehicles comfortable, safer, and more fuel-efficient. Some hi-tech inventions in cars include automated parking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, and augmented reality heads-up display. Today’s cars also come integrated with biometric entry, connected mobile apps, and telematics.