Transforming a Totaled Vehicle: Crashed Nissan Altima Awaits Makeover

The Nissan Altima is known for being a comfortable and affordable vehicle worldwide. Produced as a Japanese compact car in 1992, it quickly gained popularity amongst mid-size car buyers due to its sleek design, intriguing features, and modern interior.

As with most vehicles, buyers often have to conduct thorough research or dig deep to find a good auction deal on a Nissan Altima. We’re here to save you the trouble as we’ll study the different aspects of a Nissan Altima to determine its reliability while introducing you to the perfect platform to find the best totaled Nissan Altima cars out there.

How Long Does a Nissan Altima Last?

You have probably seen a Nissan Altima used as a taxi or an Uber. This is because Nissan vehicles are well-known for their reliable performance and durability, which makes them perfect for long-distance travel. 

To get the most out of your Nissan Altima, it’s essential to keep it safe, clean, and well-maintained. Always be as gentle as possible with the brakes and pedals, and make sure you stay on the lookout for any unusual sounds or smells that may require inspection.

Features of a Nissan Altima

As emphasized earlier, the Nissan Altima is known for its quality. This quality has only reached greater heights with six generations of advancements and improvements. 

Today, the Nissan Altima car comes in many styles and supports robust engine variations, including a V6 and a turbocharged four-cylinder. 

To better analyze this durable vehicle, let’s take a closer look at its parts and discuss their functionality.


The brakes can last up to 30,000 to 70,000 miles, depending on how you drive. If you find yourself frequently stuck in stop-and-go traffic, you’ll probably use the brakes constantly, exhausting their functionality.


Nissan vehicles are popular for their comfort. The seats support different body sizes, which makes them adjustable for different types of drivers and passengers. Moreover, they’re highly durable and can last years without breaking or wearing off.

Spark Plugs

As with most cars, the spark plugs of a Nissan Altima remain resilient for a long period of time. Comprised of platinum tips, they can effortlessly last up to 105,000 miles.


If maintained properly, the tires of a Nissan vehicle can easily last for 50,000 miles or between three to five years. 


Last but not least, safety is a top priority in any vehicle, and the Nissan Altima contains several tools and mechanics to offer an easy-to-control and secure driving experience. These include proficient anti-lock brakes, a stability control system, and modern safety airbags. This Nissan vehicle has gone on to score a solid four-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Pros and Cons of Buying a Repairable Nissan Altima

Even the best vehicles have their ups and downs, and in the case of salvage cars, you must know the benefits and drawbacks before you head out into the markets and place a bid. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of using a salvage Nissan Altima.


  • If you struggle with car management, especially fuel costs, you’ll be relieved to know that the Nissan Altima has an outstanding fuel economy with the newest model having up to 39 MPG.
  • With active body control and fast cornering, this is a stable vehicle that can be safely and effectively driven, no matter your driving qualifications and experience.


  • If you’re buying a car for entertainment purposes, the Nissan Altima isn’t ideal as it has a more basic interior. 
  • Though the interior is quite wide and airy, it’s not suitable for large families. It has a max of five seating spaces and not much room for luggage.

Where Can You Find the Best Deals on Totaled Nissan Cars?

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Though it might not be the most upgraded and futuristic vehicle in your garage, the Nissan Altima is a reliable and durable car that travels long distances and looks good while doing it. With ABB, you can find the best used Nissan vehicles for your travels at wholesale prices, saving you time and money.