Ola launches electric scooter in India, at Rs. 99,999

The much-awaited electric scooter from Ola Electric was officially unveiled on August 15th.

India’s Independence Day was celebrated on August 15, which coincided with the introduction of the much-anticipated Ola Electric Scooter.

For the S1 entry-level model, the pricing starts at Rs 99,999; for the S1 Pro, which is more powerful and has a greater range, the price starts at Rs 1,29,999. The S1 Pro has the largest battery available on an electric scooter, according to Bhavish Aggarwal (founder of Ola), and is the most expensive variant.

After factoring in FAME II and specific state subsidies, the S1 Pro’s on-road pricing in Delhi is Rs 110,149, in Gujarat, it is Rs 109,999, in Maharashtra it is Rs 124,999, and in Rajasthan, it is Rs 119,136.

Blue, black, white, grey, and various hues of red and yellow will be among the color possibilities available for the scooter, which will be available in ten different colors.

On July 15, Ola Electric began accepting bookings for its electric scooters in exchange for a refundable deposit of Rs 499. A few days later, it reported that it had received more than 1 lakh reservations in the first 24 hours of operation.

Powered by an electric motor, the Ola scooter will be capable of reaching a peak speed of 115 kilometers per hour.

Other segment-leading innovations will be added to the scooter, including a big under-seat storage area, a digital instrument cluster, all-LED lighting, mobile phone connectivity, and a segment-first keyless experience that will be controlled by an app.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the company’s founder, previously stated that the record-breaking bookings were a significant step forward in the shift to electric transportation and that it was merely the beginning.

The Aggarwal-led company, which was split out from ride-hailing company Ola, is constructing a 500-acre plant in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri intending to produce 1 crore vehicles per year at full capacity — making it the world’s largest two-wheeler factory, according to reports.

Several media outlets stated in April that Ola Electric, in partnership with its partners, planned to invest $2 billion over the next five years to establish more than 1 lakh charging stations in 400 cities. The scarcity of charging facilities in India is now one of the most significant obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, Ola has claimed that it is working on establishing a ‘Hypercharger Network,’ which would comprise one lakh charging outlets spread over 400 cities, according to a press release. It is in keeping with Ola’s worldwide mission of pushing transportation towards a more sustainable, accessible, and connected future that the company is launching the electric scooter.