5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About BMW

With an extraordinary and entranced performance, the top-nautch price tag that targets the elite car segment buyers, BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) has set up its own significance and continuance from the rest of the luxury car manufactures that is out in the today’s market. This German multinational company which currently produces frill automobiles and motorcycles is highly dedicated to quality, it’s service and customer satisfaction.

The company was founded in 1916 and has its headquarters in Munich, and Bavaria. In this post, we have some new exciting facts to share with you about one of the kingpins of the automotive industry who with its round blue and white logo was able to carve its name into the minds of the every car enthusiast. Yes, the BMW,  the worlds 2nd most valuable car brand at an estimated value of 27 billion dollars. Here are the 5 interesting facts about BMW that you might not know.

Interesting facts about BMW

1. BMW Used To Manufacture Aircraft Engine

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BMW used to build airplane engines for the German air force in the World War 1st. During the war, there was the need for airplane engines, so a small company named ARAP Motors (which is now BMW) merged with airplane maker OTTO BURKE in order to fulfill the requirements.

2. The Treaty of Versailles Made BWM Get Into The Car Manufacturing

It was the treaty of Versailles that made the BMW realize for producing cars as their first production scheme. When Germany lost the first world war, it was banned from producing war planes or warplanes engines as mentioned in the treaty. Since BMW’s original business was the plane engine production, now was completely taken out thus resulting in the car manufacturing business which later on proved to be a right decision for the company.

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BWM 315 (Dixie 315) was the first car manufactured by the company. It was a hit at that time and remains to this date an icon.

3. The BWM’s Logo Story

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The BMW logo was the blend of the Rap motor logo and the national color of Bavaria. People generally understand that the logo depicts the spinning propeller but this common notion is completely false. When BWF was founded, Rapp motor was one of the main constituents and when BWF later turned into BMW in the year 1917, the Rapp motor logo was adopted along with the blue and white colors.

4. The Fastest Bike Record of 1937 set By BMW Motorcycle

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Apart from the car production, bike manufacturing was one of the lead production by the company and their fantasy for the best bike manufactures at that time came true in the 1937 motorbike race where their another iconic vehicle which was a aerodynamically deft and supercharged motorcycle that ran at a stunning speed of 173 miles (278.4km/hour). Well, quite amazing and insane figures for that time isn’t. The bike was not a good looking and comforting one, still, it is remembered as an epic invention of BMW.

5. Nasca m12 The Most expensive Vehicle Ever Produced By BMW

BMW NazcaM

Well, if you think that the BMW’s 7-series are the most expensive cars manufactured by the company then, this fact can blow your mind. The aura of the most expensive vehicle is with Nasca m12 from 1991 model, a truly futuristic car by BMW. The estimated value of this car is about 1.1 million dollars. The reason I say it is an estimated cost because this car has been surrounded by the mysteries that akin to that around the BatMobile. This car can easily compete for any other BMW vehicle with an advantage of 27 years of constant evolution in the technological advancements and with its V12 engine, this car can hit the up to 70 miles/hour speed within 4 seconds.

As far as its price is concerned, there is no official tag to be set on it but, rather collectors speculations are what set the Nasca’s price in 2011 and they claim that the price tag can reach up to 3millions mark. Also, due to its very less production (estimated about 3 cars only), its scarcity makes it even more desirable among its lovers.