Apple Earns More From Gaming Than Sony and Microsoft Together

Revenue-wise, Apple’s entertainment division is larger than that of Sony, Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, and Microsoft, all together. An article in the Wall Street Journal made a such conclusion. Coworkers in the United States looked through the publicized court records from the case involving Apple as well as Epic Games.

As per the data, App Store games contributed to Apple’s 2019 operational profit by $8.5 billion. But if the revenue is indeed this large, it will far outstrip the earnings of Sony, Microsoft, Activision, and  Nintendo, taken collectively. It is estimated that the corporations’ income dropped by about $2 billion over that time frame.


Apple’s Reaction to The Numbers

But Apple continued to dispute the sum, insisting it was excessive, even throughout the trial. Apple said in an exchange with the “Wall Street Journal” that although the total revenue from games was factored in, app store operating expenses were mostly ignored.

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The fact that the App Store makes the vast majority of its money from games is not particularly contentious. An expert estimates that the app store made approximately $15.9 billion in sales in 2019, with games making up about 69% of that total. With an expected operating income of $12.3 billion, the App Store accounts for about 20% of Apple’s overall earnings.