Top 3 Selfie Gadget for Selfie Lovers

Selfies! Still an internet slang but an important reminder of best spent moments. Here too, we have advancement in technology guiding the selfie phase. Not all of them are perfect. Some are blurry (you have your camera or hand-motion to blame for!), some are just not in place, or maybe with some faded expressions because you might be fishing for a virtual shutter button as the moment passes you by.

Selfie Image

There also had been equal work done by mobile phone manufacturers in providing you with best of what they can give, 5MP front camera, even 13MP if we talk about HTC, some even with a front facing flash! But still, for a better picture, let’s have a look upon what we have in market for this purpose.



Quite simple device, this is a plastic button that serves as a wireless shutter trigger for your phone’s camera. You click the button, it triggers the shutter. That’s it.

Control part: the app known as “Shutter Panorama”, is a must in case you are using this device. The app is free. “Halo” is for android smartphones, and the company made an iPhone version named as “Hisy”. Both, Halo and Hisy require the app to be installed as neither works with the default camera app that comes with the phone.

However, you won’t be getting many feature with the smartphone app, but you can shoot pictures from quite a distance. Place a device in a position you find comfortable and shoot! It is far better than setting the camera’s timer and running away for the shot! LOL!

This gadget is available for  1600INR.



Kodak PixPro SL25

The PixPro SL25 from Kodak is a camera lens that mounts on your phone, allowing for a higher and better resolution your phone’s camera can offer in normal circumstances. It communicates with your phone over Wi-Fi and shares the composed image on your phone’s screen. Once your click your snap with the shutter button on the PixPro the phone serves for sharing and editing purpose.

The only thing you can say in the back off for this is you need to carry a separate alternate device with you every tine, making it uneasy for some hurry situations.

Although, this isn’t a major drawback when we got to talk about the image quality, provided by PixPro’s 16 megapixel lens! Plus full HD videos at 1080p. This quality is okay for rear cameras, but none has the rebelled yet for the front one.

It also provide a zoom of 25 times! A real optical zoom, not the software magnified one which is in most of the phones.

The PixPro comes with fold-out arms that could attach with your phone. Thus, making the device as one. Not quite different from shooting a picture from your phone, but you won’t have to struggle to find the virtual camera button, you can rest your finger upon the button provide on the PixPro!

This is available for approx. 18500INR, a bump but it’s worth it.


Satechi Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod

Satechi Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod

The telescoping monopod from Satechi helps more than just yourself in the frame. Similar to Kodak unit, this monopod has spring loaded rubber pieces that grip the phone o its sides, holding it firmly in place. From there, one can simply extend the telescoping device out to its full three feet and get lots of buddies and surroundings into the shot.

This device uses Bluetooth to connect the shutter button on the grip of the pole to the phone, giving you the freedom from having your phone in your hands.

Satechi unit works great with phone’s default camera, but not the same with other camera apps.

You can buy this product for 3000INR.

There are many phones out there, providing you the features by binding up with software manipulations, but these physical devices are worth a try for!